Dark Orbit P.E.T. 10 FAQ

Dark Orbit P.E.T. 10 FAQ by Anthe

Prices and Upgrades

The P.E.T can be purchased from the PET/Gears section in the Hangar.
If you have no PET it will be the only thing available to purchase.
Once the PET is purchased you will have access to the other items.
The P.E.T costs 50,000 Uridium to purchase and it has the basic statistics of:

· 1 gear slot
· 1 weapon slot
· 2 generator slot
· 2 AI protocol slot
· Base HP value (at level 1 – 50,000 HP)

It also comes with 10,000 units of fuel as an added bonus.

As the P.E.T. levels up it will grow in size, similar to the drones.
This grants the P.E.T. more slots for weapons, protocols, etc.
Each level will also give the P.E.T. a little bonus.

It’s hitpoints can also be higher if you purchase the hitpoint upgrade.
This upgrade can be found in the P.E.T./Gear section in the shop, after each level gained.

To purchase the extra slots you must go to the P.E.T. tab in the Equipment section.
You will see that the slots are locked, shown by a padlock icon.

You can just simply click the padlock to confirm to buy it.
Each level unlocks certain amount of slots, for certain amount of price.

The P.E.T. can also be destroyed by other players, when destroyed you will have to repair it.
You can also destroy your own P.E.T, but it’s not advisable, as you lose honor.
This can be done on the Space Map cost of 250 U.
Simply click the repair to allow you P.E.T to come back online.
P.E.T will come back with a tiny bit of HP before fully repairing.

Hanger Options

You can see the level of your P.E.T 10 and change the name from the Equipment area.

Changing the name, simply click on the “Rename”, new window will pop up.

Type the name you want, within the rules of course as they can be changed.
Each name change will cost you 3.000 U, so make sure you have the name you want.

Your P.E.T also has two configuration just like you ship.
You can set each config up exactly like you do with your ship, changing configs here:

You may want to see an overview of your P.E.T 10, simple, just click on overview.
Choose the P.E.T 10 and you’ll see the following information about your P.E.T 10.

As you can see the maximum Hitpoints you can have is 150.000.

Gear Usage

Below will show you how all your Gears will work on the P.E.T
Some Gears you may never use, some you will, it’s all up to you.

This shows all the Gears equip to the P.E.T except the Repair gear, this will come later.

Passive Mode:

This is simply putting your P.E.T into rest mode, it will not do anything but follow in this mode.

Guard Mode:

Your P.E.T will stay on guard to attack anything that attacks you, from players and NPCs.
It will also help you shoot players/NPC even if they aren’t shooting you.
It works in every map, including Galaxy Gates.
It uses what ever ammo you have selected, except rockets.


Sick of looking for boxes and cargo, well this gear will do that for you.
Depending on your gear level your P.E.T will wonder off pretty far and gain you plenty rewards.
If your too busy killing lots of NPCs, like in galaxy gate and you want the cargo, but your worried you’re going to die, simply select Auto-looter, and P.E.T will save you dying in some cases to collect the cargo.

Auto-Resource collector:

This will simply collect Promerium, Enduridum, Terbium that lay on the maps.

Enemy Locator:

Needing to find a Boss NPC for a quest, wondering around for hours?
Simply click this and tell your P.E.T to find the NPC you want.
It will direct you like show in the in picture below.

It will direct to the green flashing circle on the mini-map to the NPC.
Depending on your gear level, it will show the NPC far away.

Resource Locator:

This works pretty much the same as the enemy locator.
But you can select from the 3 resources on the maps: Promerium, Enduridum and Terbium.
This is also very good for quests, sometimes you just can’t find any, find it in no time with P.E.T

As you can see I’ve selected the Promerium, its sending me the way to it.
It will direct to the green flashing circle on the mini-map to the NPC.
Depending on your gear level, it will show the NPC far away.


This can be very handy is them sticky situtions where your far from base and need to sell cargo.
Maybe your in a galaxy gate and need to sell it to gain more credits.
Simply select cargo-trader and the sell cargo screen will pop up, sell them as normal.

Your P.E.T will become unavailable for a certain time depending on your gear level:
Level 1: 300 seconds
Level 2: 120 seconds
Level 3: 30 seconds

Kamakarzi Detonator:

Your P.E.T dying, they let it go out with a bang!
Select this option and when it gets low HP it will run to the select player (locked player) and explode.
The enemy won’t know what hit them.
Depending on your gear level it will do different amount of damage.

P.E.T Repair:

Has your P.E.T died, don’t worry you don’t need to call out the VET.
Equip your P.E.T repair gear and it will show up as a select-able option.

As you can see, my P.E.T is now repairing back to normal.
Depending on your Gear Level you can gain more HP per second.

Protocol & Gears Overview

Below is all the collective information on the the Gears/Protocols.


P.E.T 10 Level Pictures.

Level 1 – 3

Level 4-7

Level 8-9

Level 10


P.E.T 10 Fuel

The P.E.T needs fuel to fly around and be active.
The higher the level of your P.E.T or the more equip items, the more fuel it will consume.
The formula for the fuel consumption of the PET is:
1 + ( [PET Level] * 2 ) + ( [Ai Protocols equipped] * 2 ) + ( [Gears equipped] * 4)

The P.E.T will automatically hide away if it runs out of fuel, but it is needed to fly.

You can buy fuel in the gear section of the shop.
You can select, 10, 100, 1000 or choose maximum fuel allowed.
You can use the – / + signs to increase/decrease the amounts also.
If you just wish to purchase a set amount you can enter the number you wish to buy.

Set price for 0.25 uridium, but you can only buy a minimum of 1 uridium worth.
Since you can’t spend 0.25 uridium.

P.E.T 10 Basics

Here will show the very basic commands/functions of the P.E.T
First shows how to open and set your P.E.T on the map.

Simple click the “play” button to active your P.E.T, if you wanting to hide it press the square button that appears after it.

This picture shows all the basic information you need to know about the P.E.T
The top right area shows the HP, Shields, fuel remaining and experience of the P.E.T.
Next to the launch/dock button you have the purchase fuel button.
If your P.E.T. runs out of fuel you can purchase with this button, it will direct you to the shop.

The drop down menu will display which “mode” the P.E.T. is currently in.
The modes that a P.E.T. can enter are dictated by which gears you have purchased and equipped to your P.E.T.
Only one mode can be active at any one time.

Questions and Answers 

Will my work in galaxy gates ?
Yes, each action of the P.E.T gears works.

Can I use the P.E.T. in the Jackpot Battle?
No, at present they will be disabled.

Do boosters affect the P.E.T.?
No, the P.E.T. does not react to boosters.

Can I deactive the P.E.T. in a fight?
No, you will have to wait until the fight is over.

Does the EMP affect the P.E.T.?
Yes, if the PET is in range of the EMP then it will disengage.

Does the Skill Tree affect the P.E.T.?
No, only AI protocols can improve aspects of the P.E.T.

Can I kill my own P.E.T.?
Yes, just click it and shoot it, losing honor…if you wish to be mean

How much Experience will a P.E.T kill give me?
150.000 Experience & 150 Honor.

Do I need the P.E.T active for it to gain experience?
Yes, it must be active.

How can I gain experience for it ?
You can gain experience from anything you kill.
You can gain them from quests, galaxy gates, player kills, NPCs.

When I log out will my P.E.T logout ?
Yes, both of you will.

If I cloak, will my P.E.T?
No you P.E.T will always be visible.

How do I change the speed of my P.E.T?
You cannot, it will stay the same speed of your ship.

How long does the cargo trade take ?
It depends on the level of the gear.

Is the P.E.T repair a one time use, but it says 60 days?
Yes, it’s only one time use, but if you don’t use it, it will last 60 days.

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