Cosmic Break Union Guide

Cosmic Break Union Guide by subzero1112

like what the title says im here to talk to you about the details on the 3 unions and help you decide on what union to

BRD:Bladine the union of courage
Valor in combat takes nerves of steel.
Do you have the courage to stand against evil and protect the weak?

Union formed by supporters of the Ark of Courage, Bladine.
Members of this Union believe in justice and value friendship and comradery above all else. Their loyalty to their allies is unsurpassed.

this union stands true to its description “members of this union believe in justice and value frindship” because this union
is the friendliest within itself among the other 2 unions
plus you have a badass knight as your ark!

DOS:Dostrex the union of strength
Power is the only path to true justice.
Strike down your enemies with your awesome strength!

Union formed by supporters of the Ark of Strength, Dostrex.
Members tend to believe in their own power over everything else, but they are also valiant warriors who will never pick fights with those weaker than themselves

yeah you heard it right, this is the union of strength
all who think they are strong may join all else may weep and cry.
this union gets the most hates though for some reason I never really know
but then theres offensive epoch which they excel at very well.
Problem? PS? not really.

WIZ:Wizdom the union of (you guessed it!) wisdom
Knowledge is what really matters on the battlefield.
Heroes equipped with true wisdom are undefeatable!

Union formed by supporters of the Ark of Wisdom, Wizdom.
Members believe in using strategy and tactics to achieve superiority on the battlefield. Their knowledge is revered throughout the universe, and they have superb leadership skills.

move on over wussies cause this is where the big leagues are!
although there real style of play is very contrary to their description, as in they don’t use advanced tactics
to defeat their opponents they instead use the all so popular rush and theres nothing more fun than
goin in with your teammates to the opponents base and beating the crap out of the campers.

its up to you to make the choice on what union you want to join.

but the most important thing, is always be a sport, even if other people want to be asses
you, yourself shouldnt be. Smile

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