Cosmic Break Nicole Malice Guide

Cosmic Break Nicole Malice Guide by Suguri

Not going to get too elaborate, just enough for you to figure out what you should be doing with her.

Things unique to Malice

  • Soul Rod – Inflicts shell damage, bots that are hit have part of their wonder bit gauge stolen (ONLY way for Malice to charge her bit) and are given Bad Booster (boost gauge empties quickly; same status effect given by Amateus’ Solar Buster). The rod can lock onto up to four targets at once and has great homing, making it great as anti-air and anti-hopper.
  • Mode Change – Changes her equipped weapon (if any) in her AM into her Soul Rod. Using this again changes it back, which may be preferred when your bit is charged and/or in use.
  • Necromancy – Summons her Deadeye Bit, affectionately(?) referred to as “Mister Jazz Hands” by the NPC Malice. The bit is in three parts, composed of both hands and the body. The body fires homing fireballs that deal blast damage and cause burning. At range, the hands fire off shadow missiles that deal blast damage and cause Bad Booster, and up close they’ll shove bots that get too close for melee damage with high knockback. All of Deadeye’s attacks have 43 force. Necromancy can be used without a full wonder bit gauge.Cartridges of interest
  • Guard carts – Being a support, Malice gets all four of them. At the very least I recommend sword and blast. The best counter to Malice is melee, so prioritize sword.
  • Tough Wonder Bit – Significantly increases Deadeye’s survivability. This is good for two reasons; he won’t get blown up in a matter of seconds, and he’ll be durable enough to meatshield you from the sides and behind.
  • Float Dash – Utilizes Malice’s astoundingly high fly for quick evasive maneuvering. Note that it lasts for under a second with Deadeye active.
  • Short Boost – Alternative to Float Dash, but hopping is nerfed horribly by Bad Booster, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re not planning on hopping with the bit out.
  • Sway – Only movement cart that doesn’t use boost, but with Malice’s low wlk you’ll need to do some heavy tuning to take advantage of it.
  • Boost Run – Do not get this. If you have boost run, you’ll be limited to regular walking when Deadeye is active, and you do not want that.Stats, and their relevance
  • Str: Odds are you aren’t using Malice for melee, but if you want Deadeye to have decent duration and damage you’ll need to keep this close to tec.
  • Tec: Bumps up the damage of your rod and guns, which is always a good thing. If you don’t increase str with it though, keep in mind that Deadeye’s damage and duration are going to suffer.
  • Fly: Malice’s best stat, with her BD’s fly being only one lower than Seraph’s. You’ll be using flight and/or float dash/short boost as your primary source of movement.
  • Wlk: Because Malice’s flight-related movement methods are gimped horribly by Deadeye, you still need a respectable amount of wlk to not be a free kill with the bit active.
  • Tgh: Aside from the usual, if tgh applies to bits like it apparently does with shields, you may want this to increase deadeye’s survivability more.
  • In short, you’ll want at least the first four of the five stats at decent amounts. Good luck pumping everything with her capacity.

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