Cosmic Break How to Earn UC Guide

Cosmic Break How to Earn UC Guide by Midona

Well I don’t pretend to have the best way to earn UC, but it still a good and easy way, and by far less boring than grinding step 3. What do you need from the FLY starting set (when you choose FLY after creating your account) :
1 blaster
1 UC x2 alpha ticket (don’t try x3, it cost 5K for one hour (10 star coin))
And it’s all.But to be efficient, I would advise you to earn 2 others blasters or shotguns.

Now you’re ready to start. What to do now ? Well. Boss quest. No no, don’t go in your shop to buy a Ouka, and forget Haku mission.

You’ve to do Fractalus mission in Easy mode (2 treasures). Don’t try to solo it, there is no point. Too much HP and annoying attacks. Maybe it’s possible, but it will be a waste of time. Here is the only downside of the way : you need a team. But this team don’t need to be really strong, as you’re able to do something like 1/2 HP of the boss and all the mobs before until you’ll start to have time problems. Just remember to start with 4 others mates always, because there is often a leaver.

For the two treasure, the best are in aera 3 and 9, as they are close to the blue gate.

Some tips about Fractalus. The problem with blaster : you’re early out of ammo. That why I advise you to bring 2 bot with a pair of blaster. Once you’re out of ammo, just suicidate yourself and take the other bot using them.
When Fractalus do the beam rain, he launch sometimes guided shots (they are blue). Avoid them, they do BIG damages.
When he have a shield, generators appears on platforms around him (in Easy mode). Kill them all, or you wont be able to touch him.
The laser shouldn’t be a problem if you use FLY bots (it will be often a suicide-ammo reset).

What bot to use ? Well, AIR bots. No discuss, no debate. Other types, even if they have some advantages, are not good enough to move on the flying platforms. Or just do another boss quest. Aquila and Crimrose are really well suited for that, especially Aquila with his Blaster like core.

Once you’re used to do this mission, you’ll take about 20 min with a random team. As a ticket is still efficient if it expire during the mission, you’ll usually profit of it 3 times, sometimes 4 times.
Note : Some maths. A ticket is usable during his normal time (for example 1h for Alpha ticket) + the time you spend for a last mission once it expired during it. So a 1K UC ticket is usable 1h+time-to-finish-the-mission, a 3K UC, 3h+, etc. So if you want to profit well of them, buy ONLY 1h ticket. For those who don’t catch it, you’ll do around 10 mission with 3 1K ticket, and around 7 missions with a 3k ticket, don’t forget the waiting time bewteen missions counts !

The results ? 12K UC/hour, ton of XP for yours bot (21K divided in your commando bots/hour if you buy Xp ticket) and tons of materials (way much more than arena, garapon or Step 3).

One last thing : don’t buy ticket in your first missions. Don’t forget you’re not sure to finish them. And a failed mission : 0 uc/xp/mat (but after the first you’ll fail it once in a day, due to yours teammates).

This work as well with the CS chan boss. The rewards are a little lower, but the mission is duotable easily.

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