Cosmic Break Land Units Guide

Cosmic Break Land Units Guide by Vsin

A rather basic guide to the Land units, and all around doesn’t deal heavily with stats (I say “big” and “small” instead of actual numbers).


Jikun Hu
Gimmick: Core, Legs

Ever wondered why that Jikun is warping like crazy? It’s the core weapon. The core acts as a 1-hit melee weapon with a rather long range, and limited ammo. When used, you teleport to the target, hit with the core, then continue the combo from there. It’s also a great option for nailing Air targets, though your tracking is about as good as a handgun…meaning yes you’ll probably miss.

The other gimmick is the legs. While Garapon/Shop Jikuns allow you to use the legs on somebody else, the starter Jikun has them permanently welded onto the torso. Essentially, these legs have a 6-hit (3 click) melee combo, and a falling aerial. The last hit is a flying kick that sends you a pretty good distance away and kicks through targets. The main bonuses of this weapon are the “will hit once” chance, and the hitstun from multiple consecutive kicks. The main problem is that the damage is pretty bad compared to everything else. The falling aerial is a kick straight down through the air, and the landing creates a small shockwave. IMO this is probably one of the best ways to actually hit something, as the hitstun from the shockwave pins the target down, and the shockwave has a wide enough coverage to hit frequently. However, the kick forces you to the ground, and the move doesn’t happen in combo extensions.

Jikun Long
Gimmick: Core, Legs

It’s Jikun Hu, with one change: the last hit in the Leg ground combo kicks your opponent upwards as opposed to kicking through the target. The last hit is probably only useful if you’re trying to move the target. Otherwise, you’re just making life harder on yourself by moving the target out of melee range. The only change with the core is that the Dragon image is now dark purple.

In terms of stats, she trades a bit of Str and Tec for a bit more Wlk, Air and TGH. Or maybe that’s just the difference swapping a sword for a gun makes.

Zero Saber
Gimmick: Zero Step, Stats

The Zero Step is a hitstun tackle that does zero damage and has lots of ammo. The range isn’t nearly as long as the Jikun Core though. Overall, this guy is more or less a customization base, as he has a better upgrade capacity than most other Smalls. Also, his stats are surprisingly high: STR, TEC and WLK are all above 15, with AIR still staying in the double digits. Pretty much the most all-rounded guy you could get.

Zero Saber Girl
Gimmick: Zero Step, Stats, Size

Zero Saber, only it’s a girl and you can’t change the parts. The bonus of being a girl though is that your size gets cut drastically, and in her case she’s smaller than a Winberrel yet almost as fast as a flying Crimrose.

Gimmick: Kick, Low Cost

Her leg kick is 2-click-2-hit: a very weak rush forward and through the target, then knockback. If you do it in the air, it only does the rush part and doesn’t even connect to other melee weapons. Very short combo, but the knockback is quite useful for kicking stuff away from you.

LazFlamme herself though is more for the low cost than anything. She’s like the land version of Crimrose when compared to everyone else. The base cost is MUCH lower than most other Lands out there, and her capacity is pretty decent. Also, her health is much lower than the rest of the Lands, so that knockback kick actually does help instead of hinder; personally I’d recommend using her at midrange.

LazFlamme LOUD
Gimmick: Kick, Low Cost

Same as LazFlamme, only her kick is changed. The backwards kick does more damage and is kinda weird to use. You can use it on its own (3 hit 3 click combo) as a solid knockback. Note that on its own, the first kick knocks back, the second kick whiffs and then the third kick hits, but all the hits have knockback. In terms of combo extensions though, the kick will only function if the initial weapon triggers the “not-bell” hit. For example, you can’t combo the Jikun LG or Lance into the kick, but you can combo the Spear and Halberd. The reason why is because the legs are on the back: the “bell” hit doesn’t turn the user around.

Hound Dog
Gimmick: Tongpha

If you ask me, the guy is all-around average for straight melee: a good amount of health, good TGH and good STR, though the TEC is kinda poor. The gimmick here is the arms and their built in melee weapons. The arms have a 4-hit 2-click combo and do a pretty solid amount of damage. The extra hits really help with tracking: I’ve managed to nail flying Airs because of those extra hits. Probably the only drawback is that they drain a substantial amount of cost, especially considering that you’ll probably want to stick something in the hands too.

Mighty Bunker
Gimmick: Pilebunker

Oddly, he’s listed as “Mighty Byne”, but if you look at the parts they all say “Mighty Bunker”. Anyways, this guy has insane amounts of TGH, and the health to match. I’ve seen many of these guys just wade into the powerspot and plough through everything while the TGH reduction makes even a Saggitary Maxis 1 railgun hit like wet tissue. Unfortunately, he’s a bit slower than the rest of the Land pack, so once you’re in there you’re prolly not getting out.

The Pilebunker arms deal a hefty amount of damage, but the hitbox is a touch small and a bit far away from the core. There’s a small windup, but for the most part it’s not a huge problem. When the Pilebunker hits, it also produces knockback. They also come with built in shields, which block the shoulders front and back (note: not the center), and the sides. You can thus protect yourself by dashing sideways towards the enemy, then whipping forwards again to attack. This also keeps you from getting stunned while in a pack of enemies, as shots from the front hit your target, and shots from the side hit your Pilebunkers.

Mighty Bunker LB
Gimmick: Pilebunker

Why is he still listed as Mighty Byne T_T The only difference here is the arm, which features a stronger melee, built in shotgun, no shield and no customization option. The melee gets 5 extra damage, 10 extra range and 20 less ammo. The shotgun is a 5-shot “X” spread. There is also a “blank” Pilebunker arm, which removes the melee and does nothing else (cost reduced). The shieldless arm…IMO it stinks because the shotgun has hardly any ammo, range or damage, the Pilebunker is marginally stronger and marginally longer ranged for HALF ammo and you don’t get the shield. Plus, you lose the ability to stick something more useful on that arm. Personally, I’d take the other arms any other day, though the blank arm might be useful for cost cutting, especially considering that you rarely get two Pilebunker hits because of their knockback.

Red Squealer
Gimmick: Core

The core weapon works like this: you stop for a few seconds to “charge”, then you fly off at really high speed, and then you stop completely while you dump the boost cartridge. Note that if you activate this in the air, or if you fly off a cliff, the Squealer will fall straight to the ground while continuing forward. Since this counts as normal dashing, you can “hop out” of the boost by using melee, though you cannot fire weapons. The arms have a punch that comes in two parts: the punch and the shockwave. The punch itself hits like wet tissue, but he shockwave does quite a bit of damage. It’s slow as a combo opener, but very fast as an extension. Also, unlike other “hand weapons” you cannot punch with a gun in your hand.

Ace Braver
Gimmick: Chest Vulcan, Tiny, Low Cost

ACE BRAVERRRR!!! Yes, it’s my Ace Braver battlecry XD

The chest gun isn’t actually called Chest Vulcan, but it looks more or less like one. In terms of function, it’s a Machinegun with half the ammo, but you can core upgrade it if you want to. When upgraded, you end up with it being a double machinegun, and truthfully since he’s not actually that strong at melee, I personally advise using him at midrange. The Ace Braver arms are kinda like mini Spears, have merely OK damage (granted, AB’s stats are pretty bad) and can be used with the hands loaded.

Misty Hollow
Gimmick: Mist

Her mist core ability has low ammo, short activation time, and a long interval, but it makes Misty completely invulnerable to anything ranged. That means all variants on projectiles, blast radii, etc. However, she’s still very much vulnerable to melee weapons, and those will knock her out of the mist. As such, many people recommend using her at midrange, to take advantage of the mist invulnerability while not being close enough to take a sword to the face.

I would take caution however: you can’t chain the mist perfectly consecutively. Try to keep track of how much time you have left on the mist (it’s about 5 seconds) or you’ll find yourself up a creek without a paddle (…which admittedly would probably save you…)

Misty Hollow SIN
Gimmick: Mist, Scythe

This Misty has less Mist ammo but the Mist has a longer duration. Pick what you want pretty much. (I have no idea why I was told the Scythe is any different…)

Gimmick: Garm Tackle

The Garm Tackle is a charge attack where he flies forward and rams into the target, knocking the target back. When combined with his Arms’ built in “handguns”, he can run circles around a target while shooting, knock the target back, keep shooting, repeat. Quite fun for hit-and-run, and I’m pretty sure the default Machinegun wonderbit shows that he was meant for that range. Note that he can’t hold anything in the default Hatigarm arms.

Hatigarm Machine
Gimmick: Garm Tackle

This guy’s Garm Tackle is a 2-click 2-hit combo, and while it looks like the Devine Blade the first hit of the combo is virtually identical to the Jikun core: flies forward and rams into the target, though unlike the regular Hatigarm it doesn’t have knockback. If used in the air, he spins towards the ground at a shallow angle. The second hit of the ground combo (note: does not work in the air) is like a vertical Slashblade. Also, his guns get changed from “handguns” to low-ammo “machineguns” and his STR and TEC get a boost in exchange for some FLY loss (please don’t tell me you want FLY on your Land >_<).

Shino Exroad
Gimmick: Ex-drive, “Wheelies”, Ignores Water

I don’t know why I called it wheelies, but I don’t know the proper term for roller skates >_

The Ex-drive is a 3-hit “combo”. Note that it’s not really a combo, since all of the moves are fly-by: she goes straight through the target. The combo consists of a slalom, then 2 sets of spins. Despite the way the slalom looks, I haven’t noticed it ever help dodge stuff. If you want a proper combo, you need to use your knife, which is 3-click 4-hit: 1 swipe, doubleswipe, then spin out (extension). Unfortunately, the arm knife is a knife, so while it’s fast it also has no range. For me, I’d run around shooting, make a quick fly-by, the continue shooting.

Also, both Shinos have one really weird gimmick: she can run while in the water (slot skill), and she’s tall enough to shoot out of it. I haven’t really experimented enough with her, but I think the gimmick as a whole mostly revolves around being able to move in the water while your opponents (also in the water) can’t.

Shino Exroad ALPHA
Gimmick: Ex-drive, Wheelies, Ignores Water

The Ex-drive is a 3-click combo consisting of the wheelie, then a spin and ends with a knockback kick. The wheelie is a pretty standard charging attack, so nothing bad. The spin moves forward while doing several hits (I think it’s 4). The knockback kick is like the slightly better version of a LazFlamme combo extension since you don’t need to face backwards. However, the interval between the wheelie and the spin is long enough for someone to sneak out of the combo, and the spin itself tends to only get one hit…which the target then sneaks out of. You could use the 2-click 3-hit knife as the opener for the kick, but the knife has really poor range.

All in all, I’d call her LazFlamme Large, since she’s much better for midrange attacks then quickly punting people who get too close.

Gimmick: K-Lance and K-Shield

Lance and shield for a tough knight: all his stats except FLY are really good. The K-Lance is a Spear mixed with an Assault Rifle (3-shot burst) with scarce ammo, and the melee combo is an attack followed by 3 fast shots, done twice. If you have no “melee ammo”, it skips the shots and just jabs twice. The dash attack is a *many* hit (couldn’t count, but I’m pretty sure it’s multi hit because of the drill and staggeringly variable damage) attack that knocks the target back, and the aerial is two fast jabs. The K-Shield acts like the Viper Shield, only it has far more coverage and doesn’t let you jump. Despite not letting you jump though, if your melee attacks track into the air, you still move off the ground.

Lancerlot J
Gimmick: K-Rapier and K-Halberd

It’s Lancerlot with a bit more TGH and a bit less TEC, and has a K-Rapier and K-Halberd instead of the Lance and Shield. The K-Rapier has a very fast 3-click 5-hit combo (poke, slash, triple poke) and comes with a built-in handgun. The K-Halberd…is both surprisingly fast and ludicrously slow. If you use the stationary/walking combo, it makes a rather fast thrust, then two swipes. If you use the dash/aerial combo, his first hit has a MASSIVE windup (and by massive, I mean probably slower than a Saggitary 2’s railgun charge) before the next two hits. For the most part, you’ll open up with the rapier and then extend one hit of the halberd, but if you find yourself just walking, the halberd combo does quite a bit more damage.

Gimmick: Arms (yes, both of em)

That weapon arm is wacky as heck. The ranged weapon is listed as a “handgun”, but it’s actually a 5-spread shotgun. The melee is 3-click 4-hit: 2 wide sword swipes, then a lance stab, then a slow hammer finish. The sword has insane range: I’d list it as just under boomerang range. However, that part of the combo is entirely ineffective in melee range. As such, unlike other guys where I might suggest sticking a gun or shield into the empty arm, for this guy I’d strongly suggest a melee weapon.

The empty arm itself is rather long compared to most other arms. I haven’t done proper number crunching on it, but I’d say that it adds about 40 extra range to any melee weapon you stick in em. Thus, stick a melee weapon in there to compensate for the weapon arm’s deadzone, and because the arm itself buffs the weapon you’re holding.

Domiclown Jo
Gimmick: Arms

Ok, so the regular arms are covered in Domiclown. The weapon arm is considerably different though. The melee combo is 1-click 2-hit and consists of very wide swipes that do hit at melee range. The stun value is a bit low, but it’s OK since you still get the two hits as a combo extension. The ranged option is amazing. With one click, Jo will throw 4 cards out a short distance, they’ll stop, and then one after the other they fly towards your target. The interval between throws is equal to that of a Handgun. This actually ends up creating a gun more akin to a Machinegun, only with 100+ more range.

Blazed Baron
Gimmick: Getting Burnt

More weird robots. This guy’s core skill is to slam into the ground and conjure a fire pillar under himself. Yes, that means that he does damage to himself, then burns himself. However, while burnt, his normally weak (17 power) Blaze Rod weapon gets an extra fire component to it: normally it’s 3-click 3-hit, but the extra fire turns it into 3-click 6-hit. Plus, you do get the bonus of 40 FLY while burnt. Blazed Baron’s sacrificial core is also compensated by his really high default health: 535. Of course, since fire makes it really difficult to control your robot (and burns through your health), you’ll end up staying at midrange most of the time and then burn-rushing into melee range for a quick swipe.

Gimmick: Head Ram

This guy has a ton of STR and not much TEC, with merely OK HP and quite a bit of TGH. This causes his beetlegun (it’s just a fancy handgun) to be a pitiful sidearm, and thus he relies mostly on melee for damage. The head ram is similar to Red Squealer’s core, only it does quite a bit of damage and doesn’t forcibly get ploughed into the ground. One thing to keep in mind though: the head has a 3-second interval after it finishes during which you can’t use any melee at all. As such, even though his stats seem to indicate he’s best at close range, the head ability makes him more useful at midrange.

Gimmick: HP, STR and TGH

This guy is massive: the outline is larger than even Mighty Bunker. I would also like to note that his default TEC is a whopping ONE. Uno. Ichi. This makes using ranged weapons with this guy little more than an option for when you’re not in melee range. Don’t expect to do any worthwhile damage with guns.

I’ve thought about it several times, and quite frankly I can’t find any actual good stuff about this guy. His arms are miles away from the center of his body, so “stab” type attacks fail miserably since melee tracking is based on the center of your core, not the weapon itself. He has more HP and TGH than Mighty Bunker, but since he doesn’t have those built in shields, and since TGH still gets you stunned if 3+ people shoot you, trying to close the distance gets you chopped to bits. Speaking of which, this guy can’t close the distance anyways because he’s as slow as his size indicates. And his HP advantage over every other bot isn’t nearly enough to compensate the fact that he attracts fire like an electromagnet, and any shield you throw on this guy doesn’t even come close to covering his body (Viper just covers his hand, K-Shield only covers half the body).

Gimmick: Sacrifice, Crimson Veil

Ohhh, so THAT’S where the name of the movie came from. Her Sacrifice sword is built into her left arm, and has a 6-click 7-hit combo for both ground and airborne. The combo has a very short interval, but it moves you slower than I’d like, making her kinda vulnerable when mid-combo. That short interval also causes TGH correction to stack like mad, so even though your first hit is really strong, the last few hits can end up being single digits. By the way, she starts with Sacrifice “sheathed” so if you want to use it you must spend extra time during her “drawing” animation to pull it out…every time you spawn Ivis. You can be stunned out of that animation (yeah…experience…shaddap) but Sacrifice is instantly drawn so the interruption doesn’t force you to re-draw. Something extra to note is this: you can put a weapon into her left hand, but the instant you pull out Sacrifice that weapon counts as broken until you die. This can be useful if you pick a particularly cheap weapon (maybe 3-slotted Cutter? +1 WLK, 15 cost), stick it in the left hand, and thus get all slot and weapon bonuses without being forced to use said weapon.

So why are people crying about Ivis? Crimson Veil. By default it comes with 3 charges, and each time you Core Upgrade you increase the charges by 3 (to a total max of 2 upgrades or 9 charges). Crimson Veil does two things: massively increase the range of Sacrifice and makes Ivis completely ignore any stun or “pushback” effect. The range increase is pretty obvious: you get massive “bloody brushstrokes” that extend the range of your attacks, and the jump part of the combo gets a 360 AoE effect. The anti-stun allows you to use your godly range until you die. To put it in perspective: Ark of Fate Haku’s tornado knockback effect does nothing to a Crimson Veiled Ivis. You should still be careful though, because her standard defenses are pretty weak, with low-ish Health and very little TGH (for the correction effect).

Gimmick: Sword, Raisen

Ouka feels like the lesson learned from making Ivis: very powerful, yet surprisingly balanced. To start with, her sword is “supposed to be” a 5-click-5-hit combo. However, if you delay clicking, she’ll automatically perform a “Sakura Blitz” which is a delayed area slash. Timed right, this becomes a 5-click-10-hit combo! (very quick video here showing that: And her damage per slice is pretty much on par with Ivis, with range comparable to Crimson Veil! So what’s the downside? First of all, that automatic blitz can be annoying at times since if you don’t keep track of your clicks, you can end up one step too far in the wrong direction. Secondly, her aerial is a single slash going straight down followed by a blitz and then extendable with 4 extra ground slashes meaning that she can’t hit AIRs with any level of consistency.

Her ranged is like a Handgun, but the projectile is a ton faster and a ton larger. All in all it’s a great option for her, especially since it’s the only thing she can do to consistently damage airs.

Using her core weapon, you sheath your sword and go into “Raisen Mode”. In this mode, your only weapon that works is the 12 ammo Ouka Raisen that can’t get ammo or damage upgrades. First, you click once and go into a “battou stance”. Then, click again after a small pause and you rush forward through all mechs while slashing and stunning any enemies you hit, and then a bunch of blitzes follow behind you. If your rush range was stunted (eg: running into a wall), then the blitzes that would have gone through that obstacle will stack on top of you instead. The opening stun is pretty damn useful for minimizing the dangers of enemy melee. Unfortunately, this move suffers horribly from two things: built-in delays and poor accuracy. The delay at the start (when you’re in the stance) is bad because you can’t use this move when shot at all. The delay at the end (waiting for the blitzes to arrive) is extra bad because chances are you’re getting shot with no way to retaliate.

One extra issue is that she has three subweapons: Sword, Raisen and Core. Which becomes an issue since you’ll have to get used to swapping out weapons if you enjoy using the Raisen. Another extra issue is that only her Boosters and Legs can be swapped out. Though in the case of her legs, I doubt you’ll do that since they feature a Booster slot and the stats are better than Lazflamme (comparable since it too has a booster slot). The problem is that you’re more or less stuck with the above listed weapons, unless you find a booster weapon you like (how do you get that shuriken thing anyways?)

Ouka Dayu
Gimmick: Umbrella, Raisen

Wait, this is a promotion? I thought promotions mean you were better off than you were before.

The base stats are completely identical to start with, though I don’t know if promoting at Lv 9/10 makes a difference. And now for the slew of problems. Her ranged option is very similar, with a higher rate of fire a lower damage per shot. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the change in projectile size makes this rather hard to hit with, and the stacking TGH correction makes it hit like wet tissue. Her melee is 3 clicks maximum, and is n clicks for n+1 hits. The extra hit is Dayu leaping back with a tornado shot, meaning she retreats and does a long-ranged attack at the same time. Also, unlike Ouka, Dayu can actually hit air! Unfortunately, her melee is also rather feeble; it does less damage than a Shortsword.

So, we’re left with her Raisen. Which is functionally identical to Ouka’s Raisen, only she doesn’t need to mode swap in order to use it. Well, this doesn’t really help since due to being functionally identical and having all her weapons being really bad anyways. It’s like Ouka, only without the Sword/Shockwave mode. You can Core Boost it, but that only increases her ammo by 2/4 and quite frankly you shouldn’t get through the first 12 ammo even in extended battles.

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