Canaan Online Warrior Guide

Canaan Online Warrior Guide by Whipp

Warriors are probably the most balanced class in the game, so they can be whatever they want to be.
The builds you make are entirely dependent on what you want to be in a party.
I am going to present 3 possible builds in order for you to play the game you want to play.Tank
Tanks are classes solely defensive, to take tons of damage for the team.
Though there is not a taunt future, this can still come in handy.
Point Spread:
+3 Constitution
+1 Spirit

The first is so you have ultimate defence against melee attack, the second is so you will be able to defend magic attacks as well, even though enemies are less likely to use this.

Your pets should be put behind you and should be made damage dealers, as you will take the damage and they can do mass amounts of damage.

“DDs” are damage dealers. They are strictly to cause mass amounts of damage, but they are not able to take much damage.
Point Spread:
+3 Strength
+1 Dex

The strength is so you can hit high with melee, the dexterity is to prevent you from missing constantly.

Your pets should be put in front and should have large amounts of defense so they take the damage while you maul away.

Balanced warriors are so that you will be able to solo well, and do practically anything in a party.
Point Spread:
+1 Strength
+2 Consitution, or + 1 Con & +1 Int
+1 Dex

A good balanced pet with high defense and strength would be the best for this build. The pet should be placed behind you.

Strength is so you can hit decent hits, consitution (or int) is for defense against enemy attacks, and dexterity is to prevent you from missing at higher levels.

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