Canaan Online Beginner’s Guide

Canaan Online Beginner’s Guide by Monsieursushi

Welcome to my Beginner’s Guide to Canaan. This will just go over the basic things that I find are asked very often in World Chat as well as a few things I think should be made clear to others to help improve gameplay and promote a healthy community.
Assuming you’ve read the basic guide already provided by gPotato I’ll assume you already know the controls of the game.
Table of Contents
Classes of Canaan
World Chat Etiquette
Interacting with Others
Recommended Pets

Classes of Canaan
Which one will you pick?
I’m not familiar with every class as I have my own person preferences although I can at least give you a brief overview of what each roles of the classes are and what talent trees lead to what play-style.
Any corrections or input for this section would be much appreciated and accordingly credited.
World Chat Etiqutte
This’ll be short. In my brief time playing I’ve witnessed some people using quite offensive language in the world chat and abusing the fact that there are currently no ingame GMs. This has to stop; not in an oppressive way, just asking for this behaviour to stop in world chat. This game appeals to younger audiences therefore we must be considerate and not throw curses and insults around like nothing. If you’re in a mature guild, fine; if you’re talking to party members you’re friends with, fine. But world chat of all places is a place for everyone and I’m sure that if you were in front of 10 year olds in real life you wouldn’t feel good about having an swearing contest with someone else right in front of them. Ignoring cultural differences and arguments about how children of that age may be fine with it, keep it within the social circles you’re comfortable with, not everyone needs or wants to know.
tl;dr version
This game is targetted for younger audiences as well as everybody else; you wouldn’t swear in front of little kids in real life so don’t do it when they want to enjoy a game. Keep it to your parties, guilds or with people you know won’t be offended; you wouldn’t want to be reported now, would you?


Interacting with Others
Covering the interaction menu.

Some people are unsure of how to do certain things like pet trading and the likes. A few of these things can be explained easily by the interaction menu. I’ll go over this step by step.

1) Firstly, you’ll have to be near or next to the person you want to interact with.
2) Click on their character and you’ll get a box with their name, level and job.
3) Click on the new box that has come up and you’ll get the interaction menu.
I’ll now explain each option on the menu.
Team Invitation – Use this to invite the person into a party; partying will help improve your questing experience.
Add to Friends – Add the person to your friendslist so you can keep track on if they’re online or not.
Private Message – Open a chat box exclusive to you and that person so you don’t miss anything.
Player Trading – Trade items and gold between players; items that have “System Gift” on them are untradable.
Challenge – Challenge the person to a 1-on-1 duel.
Block – Block the person if you find them annoying or offensive. Usually known as “Ignore List”.
Pet Trade – Trade appraised pets and gold, so far this is the only way you can do this, as well as by opening a stall.
Check – Check the person’s equipment.
Close – Close the menu.
There are a few pros of using ingame interaction like trading in person while making a sale to nullify auction house costs and optimize profits. Some of these things are self explanatory if you’re a seasoned MMO’er but it’s best to be safe than sorry. (^^;; )
Recommended Pets
The Benefits 

Alright, this section is also under the impression you followed all the quests ingame and now know how to capture pets. This is to help new players who question which pets they can get and use up until level 30-40.

Note: All captured pets start off at level 1. There are a few ways you can catch them up in levels. The first option is to go backwards and exp on monsters relative to the pet’s level; in short, levelling the pet as if you were levelling yourself. The second option — and more expensive — is to use pet orbs to power level them; you can get these in the parcels you get every 5 levels and generally you’ll have to pay/ask a high level person to do it for you.

If you are levelling your pet by grinding please note that the optimum range for exping pets is five levels higher or lower than the pet and the limit as far as I know is ten levels higher or lower than the pet.

These suggestions are going by memory; any corrections would be welcomed and credited. All of these pets can be found in the Karugarner map.

Warriors: Plain Pig (DEF+Full CON Training) – Windmill Lion (POSS+Full STR Training)
Archers: Plain Pig (DEF+Full CON Training) – Rackety Cactus (POSS+Full DEX Training)
Mages: Plain Pig (DEF+Full CON Training) – Cerberus (POSS+Full INT Training)
Priests: Plain Pig (DEF+Full CON Training) – Land Dolphin (POSS+Full SPR Training)

Pets for attack mode are all preference.
Mages, Priests and Archers may want another Plain Pig to tank for them while fighting as they have high HP and decent strength to boot; Warriors who tank may want a Cerberus in the back to do mage damage for them. Dolphins are a pet that can support heal so that’s a bonus, also. Though dependant on builds it’ll affect what you want to join you in the front lines so I’ll leave it to you to decide.

Please also note that there may be better pets then I have suggested to you; but they have what’s called a Carrier Level this means you have to be of a certain level to use them. Carrier levels go from 20, 40, etc.

Frequently asked questions.

Q. I caught a pet and it’s not there, why’s that?
A. When you catch a pet successfully it turns into a soul orb and ends up in your inventory. You have to appraise the orb with a book from the pet merchant to actually have it in your pet inventory.

Q. My pet has less love hearts then it did before, why?
A. You’ve probably had it die a few times in battle. Keep it from dying a while and it should raise again.
Q. How do I change my pet’s name?
A. Press P to bring up the pet menu, click on the ATTR button of the pet and then the green pen and paper button.
Q. Where do I find rough cloth/iron/leather/etc.?
A. You have to get these from the collection resources and have a collection tool.
Q. Where do I get a collection tool?
A. The Grocery Merchant.
Q. Where do I find the collection area?
A. Click the button called “Find” on the top right corner of your screen, click the tab Others then the sub-list Collection Resources. It’ll autowalk you there if it’s possible.
Q. I can’t find the collection area I want on the map, why?
A. Because different areas have different types of collection areas. Higher level areas have higher level areas but you’ll get junk as well.

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