Canaan Online Mage Guide

Canaan Online Mage Guide by Zohano


1. About mage
1.1 What’s mage?
1.2 Pros/Cons of mage
2. How to make my mage?
2.1 Stats

1.1 What’s mage?

Mage is a class classifying only into DD (Damage Dealers), due too smallest defense and of all of classes. Mages have biggest attack of all of classes (i think), but this depends on your build. They can follow ice patch or fire patch. If u want to exp slower, froze, have lower damage you can select ice patch. If u want exp fast, have bigger damage and burn your enemies you can select fire patch. There are 4 common builds for mages (2 using be most players).  About pets – later. I think this guide with help you in getting into canaan world in the form of a magican. Let’s start with stats :D

1.2 Pros/Cons of mage

Mage Pros:
– can debuff after lvl 29 (when get skill on lvl 30)
– highest damage when fire patch and 4int build
– high mp
– can attack every target
– can use magic spells with multiple target
– if fire patch more than 50% to magic critical
– can smash one target with most powerful spells
Mage Cons:
– low hp
– low phy def
– must have pet (tank) in front him to survive with warriors

2.1 Stats
1. FULL INT/FIRE PATH (best build)
You smash everyone with biggest damage in the game, very high mana and more than 50% to magic critical.
Low magic defense, bit smaller magic critical than 3INT+1SPR/FIRE PATH and some misses…

2. 3INT+1SPR/FIRE PATH (not recomended)
Better chance to magic critical, more magical defense.
Smaller damage, smaller mana and some misses…

3. 2INT+2SPR/ICE PATH (pvp with mages and priests)
Medium magic critical, medium mana, medium/high magic defense and freezes.
Medium damge, slow exp, small damage of skills and some misses…
4.3INT+1DEX/FIRE PATH (don’t need dex in eq or pets)
High damage, high magic critical, high mana and miss only rangers.
Bit slower exp, smaller INT form pet or EQ :(

Builds to trash :D
FULL INT/ICE PATH – good joke :D
3INT:1SPR/ICE PATH – next joke…
2INT:2SPR/FIRE PATH – duel without freeze?!?!?!
3INT:1DEX/ICE PATH – not PVP build -> why ICE!?

!!! Misses when EQ without +DEX or pet FULL DEX TRAINING.

Mage FAQs and Hints by Ontopryan

What are the basics of being a Mages?

Primary attribute – Int
as we may notice, Mages are int type so they need items and statistics that corresponds to their attribute.

What Pets for Mages?
definitely we will hunt and catch and train for pets that has a primary attributes of Int for our hero is an Int type.
I will not list down all the pets that so far I know because it will just ruin your basic game knowledge.
(I.E. – Cerbs and Frogs)

What Items?
Look for any item that have an Int boost plus gems that corresponds to Mages.
How to obtain Int items? Go to NPC’s and just look around.

How can i make my pet strong?
By training it. means by fighting and completing quests.

What stat build for my Pet?
Again, mages are Int type that needs an Int type of pet. so bursting your pets Int stats
will definitely be beneficial and basic.

What talent build do i have to take?
there are 2 elements that mages can use, fire and ice.
on my own playing style, i go for fire because it has an additional damage.

How to open talents?
It will notify you on the toolbar that you have gained a talent points.
But you cannot use it not until you buy a Book of talenst.

Do i have to do quest or just fight random monsters?
Fighting monsters that has an advantage level over you will boost up your Exp gain.
But having a QUEST while fighting monster will hand you Exp, Golds and treasures.

What gameplay, strat to gain more gold and Exp?
You can choose, part time quest gives you Exp and golds.
Cash quest gives you Gold but no Exp.
Daily quest gives you both.

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