Canaan Online Costume List

Canaan Online Costume List by [GM]Naralae

Below is a list of possible costumes you can purchase from the Canaan Online Item Shop. Whenever you equip any of these costumes, all stats will be increased by 30 points.

Fat Duck
April Showers Coat
Mystic of the Dragon
Mystery Sorcerer
Crimson Great Knight
Silver Great Knight
Polar Bear
Maiden Bear
Dragon Master of Shadow
Dragon Mistress of Shadow
Winter Outfit (Male)
Winter Outfit (Female)
Bunny Girl
Black Advocator
Dragon Master of Light
Dragon Mistress of Light
Dark Gothic Dress
Little Devil (Male)
Little Devil (Female)
Delicate Gothic Dress
Silver Duke
Little Angel
Little Student (Male)
Little Sudent (Female)
Chinese Doll
Chinese Ancestor
Great Archer
Great Warrior
Great Mage
Great Priest
Fancy Suit
Fancy Dress
Autumn Costume (Female)
Autumn Costume (Male)
Little Sunflower (Male)
Little Sunflower (Female)
Ancient Elf Lord
Ancient Elf Lady
Elf Lord
Elf Lady
Polar Bear
Golden Warrior
French Maid
Wind Spirit
Fallen Angel
Golden Warrior
French Maid
Wind Spirit
Fallen Angel
Little Princess
The Slayer
Pirate Captain
The Duke
Brazil Football Kit
Argentina Football Kit
England Football Kit
Italy Football Kit
France Football Kit
Germany Football Kit
Portugal Football Kit
Spanish Football Kit
Little Sorceress
Sun King

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