ARGO Online Stats and Attributes Guide

ARGO Online Stats and Attributes Guide by YukiNezumi

This is probably one of the most complicated or least understandable MMORPGs when it comes to stats and attributes. I have made a begin but there is many stats I still do not understand.

Edit: Added spirit information on weaponry

-General Information-

[Title Screen]
Muscular Strength = Strength
Strength = Stamina

[Suggested Shorthands]
Hitpoints – HP
Manapoints – MP
Warpoints -WP
Experience Points – XP or EXP

Strength – STR
Stamina – STM or Stam
Mental Power – Mental
Agility – AGI
Intelligence – INT

Physical Attack Power – P.Att
Physical Accuracy Rate – P.Acc
Physical Critical Attack Rate – P.CAR or P.Crit
Physical Defense Power – P.Def
Physical Evasion Rate – P.Eva
Blocking Rate – BR

Nature Attack Power – N.Att
Nature Accuracy Rate – N.Acc
Nature Critical Attack Rate – N.CAR or N.Crit
Nature Defense Power – N.Def
Nature Evasion Rate – N.Eva
Skill Evasion Rate – S.Eva

-Attributes on Character Overview-

P.Car +0,01
N.Car +0,01

HP +10

[Mental +1]
(influence seems to vary somewhat, possibly due to rounding)
N.Def +1
S.Eva +0,01
N.Car +0,02

[Agility +1]
P.Acc +0,12
P.Eva +0,03
N.Acc +0,12
N.Eva +0,03

[Intelligence +1]
MP +10

[Block Rate]
Influence by shield (but not tested yet)

-Attributes on Weaponry-

[Physical Critical Hit +1]
P.Car +0,04

[Nature Critical Hit +1]
N.Car +0,04

[Physical Dodge+1]
P.Eva +0,04

[Natural Dodge+1]
N.Eva +0,04

[Physical Resistance+1]
P.Def +1

[Natural Resistance+1]
N.Def +1

Int +1


-Class Specific-

(tested at level 20,21 and 22 with multiple attribute numbers)
Base P.Att = 90% of (Strength + Agility) (rounded down)
Base N.Att = 120% of (Intelligence) (rounded down)

(tested at level 6)
Base P.Att = Strength + (Agility / 2) (rounded down) (thanks to AkiTsugi)


1. Relationship between Physical Attack Power on Nature-based weapons (N.Att weapons influence P.Att)?
2. Relationship between Nature Attack Power on Physical-based weapons (Does P.Att weapons influence N.Att)?
3. Physical and Nature Attack Power on other classes (and perhaps levels)?
4. Relationship between ‘Maximize the Critical Hit Rate x%’ on weapons and P.Car and N.Car?

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