ARGO Online Auction House Guide

ARGO Online Auction House Guide by xXxShadowxXx

Auction House = AH

I. Where is the AH?

The AH is located in Kelloare for Floresslah players and in Inisium for Noblians. In addition there is an AH for Floresslah (Fortunai) and Noblian (Lenasentia) in the Naihill continent.

II. What can you do in the AH?

In the AH u can buy at an auction, instant buy and sell items from your inventory.

There is no charge in order to buy at an auction and instant buy, but you have to pay 100 gold fee in order to sell items.


Auction Points = AP

If you open the AH you get this window:

– On the very left upper corner you can see your AP with the options to trade or re-trade them to gold
Participation shows in how many auctions you are currently bidding
Sell shows how many items you are currently selling
– Under these two there is the Register Sale button with which you can sell your items
– On the very left down corner are options to change the selection in the middle

– The upper menu bar with Home and Sell shows you which items are currently being sold in the AH
My Auction shows your auctions as well as the auctions you are currently bidding on. Furthermore all items you bought or sold are listed there
( In Process shows the auctions which are currently running whereas Finish shows the finished ones)
– The Recommendation button shows you items which fit to your class and level

IV Changing from gold in AP

The AP are essential to “work” in the AH. Without AP you cant create an auction, as well as biding on items. The exchange is pretty easy.


As you can see in the picture, you press on the Exchange button and type in the amount of gold you want to exchange.

Then confirm two times and you have succesfully changed your gold into AP.

If you want to change your AP back to gold just mark “My Auction Points”

V Selling items in the AH

To sell an item in the AH just press the “Register Sale” button:


It will open a new window:

– On the left side you can see the items in your bag

– On the middle you will find the tools to make a sale:


– The upper empty window is for your item. Just drag it from your bag on the left of the window.
– The “Auction Start Price” prices the starting price
– The button “Market Price” shows all items which are equal with your item and already in AH. So you have a complete picture over the current situation in the AH
– “Buy Now Price” prices the instant buy
– “Auction Time” sets the auction time (min 24 hours – max 48 hours)

– On the right side you will find your items which are in an auction

VI Buying items

Buying items is very simple. Click on “Home” or “Sell” and u will see a list with all items in the AH. Besides every item is a button with “Bid” and “Instant”
– Bid means to bid on an item
– Instant means to buy instantly buy the item

To receive the items you bought or those that weren’t bought from anyone back to your inventory you have to press the “Accept Product” button under “My Auction” (on the upper right corner)

Don’t forget to change the needed amount of AP from gold or you won’t be able to buy and sell things

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