ARGO Online Helpful Commands and Tips

ARGO Online Helpful Commands and Tips by RaginSupport

/partyinvite [name] to invite a player in your party when he’s not in sight

Press “K” and use the “Action” button on the right side to find some social actions your character can do, such as many different dances..

Party member will be displayed on the map with a number.

Use the blue “M” beneath your skills on the right side to open a “Quick Menu” there you’ll find “Move Channel” at the bottom of it. You can use this for changing your current quest-area channel if your map is to full
If you can’t find your friends even though you should see them, check if you’re on the same channel!

When you experience problems with your Production Quests, (the orange ones) that items you collect doesn’t count, you should try to relogg.

In case your quests don’t show up after a relogg you can find them using “H”

If you earned a titel ingame (like “Kelloare Citizen” or “Young Floresslah Warrior”) you can display it infront of your Name by using “J”. Beneath “Obtaining list of titles” you can activate it.

With ALT+X you can hide your Interface for better screenshots

Beneath your HP and MP you’ll find WP, WP are WAR POINTS and they act like a kind of shield for PvP

all guilds are fix on lvl 5 (for the moment).
different guild member grades like vice guild master will be available at character lvl 50, it’s supposed for high lvl content.

Guildnames should be max 11 characters long, and can not handle spaces yet!

Use ” F ” to sit / restore your HP and MP.
Press ” T ” to change the view into the TPS mode.
Press ” C ” button to open the Status information.
Press ” N ” to open a minimap and ” M ” to see whole map.
Press ” Z ” to use jetpack ( you can only use it if you have done the necessary things like equiping Novice Dash Backpack and charging it with Basic Training Core )

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