ARGO Online Pet Quest for Noblian Guide

ARGO Online Pet Quest for Noblian Guide by Birgid

Ok, lately more and more people were asking about pets. How to obtain them and where to get quests. So i decided to create a new char and write a guide about it (especialy ‘cos my main char Priest was on lvl 21 and still didn’t have a pet).

So first of all pet =/= summon. If you play Priest or Paladin, you can have two companions.
You can obtain a pet at lvl 15.
Pet quest is yellow.
You have to complete all lvl 15 green quest chain to get the pet quest.
You have to complete all lvl 15 yellow quest chain to get the last one, wich gives you the pet.
Please remember that if you are too high level, quest marks will not appear on your map. Thats why it might be hard to find all quests for ppl who didn’t obtain their pet following the usual order. (like it was with my Priest)

Below I present you screenshots with all quests for lvl 15, along with NPCs location marked on the map.

And here you have lists with all green (Event) and yellow (Request) quests needed.

That’s all. If you have any question, feel free to ask, i’ll try to help. Big thanks to AkiTsugi and all the ppl who helped me with bosses ^_^’.
Sorry for my bad english O_o.

Have fun and good luck! ^_^’

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