ARGO Online The Adventure System Guide

ARGO Online The Adventure System Guide by Terzetto
Hello everyone!Most of you have already noticed that the adventure leveling rate changed as you progressed further into the game… this is absolutely right, and fully intended.
Until you reach Adventure Level D-10, leveling is completely linear. You receive points for completing quests, killing mobs, and exploring the world around you and discovering new areas.
Those points, in turn, fill up your blue EXP bar, and when it is full, you rank up.

Seems simple, right?

Well… it is! At least until you reach Adventure Level D-10, that’s when things get a little bit different. It’s a bit complicated, so make sure you read this next part carefully.

At D-10, you’re no longer considered to be a rookie in the world of ARGO! At this time you usually move on to the new continent (Naihill), and begin your journey in the typical gameplay of ARGO: endless PvP! ^^

This is why you gain Adventure Points for killing other players, especially those from the opposing faction.
The developers wish for a more intense, complete gameplay to ARGO, so by this point simply doing quests won’t be enough! Get out there, fight, and earn those new skills (like the one at S-1 which grants +10 to all stats)!

Important: To reach the next level in the adventure steps, you need to meet two requirements (at least): The minimum character level, and the point level. For example, the needed steps for Adventure Level S-1 are Character Level 31, and 69,200 Adventure Points.

Let’s move on to the interesting part now – Skill Points! How do you get them?

There is an internal ranking system which will compare all players and pick out the players who have earned the most new adventure points. The ones who did a good job during this day will get a skill point!

This explains why some players have already received their new skill points, and why others have not. But don’t worry, there are more ways to earn your point~

Teamplay is also a big thing with these rankings! If you want your new skill point, try helping out all of your friends, guildmates and other users who need your help.
The reason for this is to keep users from becoming badly imbalanced due to some players playing massive amounts that others simply can’t match.
Help out your fellow players, and your faction will grow as a whole! The result? You can earn your next skill point faster, and here’s how!~

Let’s move on to the last example: To get the skill point at S1 – The system will assign a random number between 100 and 1000, this signifies the amount of players that need to reach the required character level (the system makes this number based on total player success, not just your own faction!)
This number will remain until the next maintenance (until the next week).
You won’t get your skill point until the required random number of players reaches the character level required for the adventure level you wish to get your skill point for!

And there it is! Now you know how the system works~

Keep in mind… not only can you gain Adventure Points through PvP, but you can also lose them. Don’t pick a fight that you can’t win!

Naturally, we will pass along any information we gain from the developers about the PvP system as soon as we can.

Other Adventure Point features include:

Adventure Shop: Items that are bought in the Adventure Shop will deduct from your adventure points at a rate of 1:1.

Guilds: You can donate Adventure Points to your guild to try and increase their rank!

Last but not least, enjoy your stay in ARGO! :3

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