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Aida Arenas Tips and Tricks by spazyspaz


Aida Arena is a MMO Brawler oriented aroudn PvP. In PvP you will have three main game modes. There are Hustler, Arena, and Team Battle modes. These modes all vary in goals, but in the end, regardless of the mode the final goal is to beat the living $h1t outta your enemies.

Hustler Mode
This is a interesting PvP mode in which you go through series of rooms fighting the other players, moving along with the map. Every time you attack you score points. Every time you score a kill you score points. Dieing causes you lose points. After you play through the stage, the player/team with the most points win. Team mode is available. Gameplay/point do not change from individual to team hustler. This mode is friendly to ninjas, fighters, and gladiators.

Arena mode
This is the bread and butter PvP and is possibly the most common mode used. In Arena mode, there are two main pvp styles you can do. The first is Team Arena, and the second is Individual Arena. In both arena modes, all players are out at once battling it out. There are three main stages in this mode.
Dragons Lair Stage
This stage is inside the fiery volcano with pathways convenient for you to navigate. There are several rocks between northern adn southern platforms that you can jump across. Falling off the stage will have you burned alive and die. Using the risky jumps on the rocks to lure enemies to their death is viable with certain classes. This is a VERY priestess friendly stage. Dont vainly chase a priestess to fall into her trap and get hit into lava
Aria Stage
A beautiful ball room(?) that features elegant stairs and beautiful scenery. This is the smallest arena stage in arena mode. This map is fighter and gladiator friendly. There is not a lot to worry about besides being trapped by two players on the stair ways.
Floating Isle Stage *need name*
A flying island with cannons on it. This features one central platform with the left side rising up with a bridge to an elevated area, and the right side featuring a floating scout tower. The bottom side leads to a very small isle that is VERY gladiator friendly. The central area being large and having room to work with makes the central area friendly to ninjas and fighters. The small path ways to the tower and small isle are priestess friendly. This map has areas that favor each in its own way. Friendly map to all classes.

Individual Arena — In this mode, its every man for himself in a five minute arena in which you will respawn. In this pvp mode scoring is identicle to Hustler, with you scoring points for inflicing harm through attacks and spells and scoring points for killing players. You still lose points for dieing. This mode is about looking out for yourself and trying to inflict as much brutal damage without dieing. This is the best pvp mode for gladiators to fight on. This mode is gladiator and priestess friendly because of the size of the maps along with the mechanics to these two classes.

Team Arena — In this mode, you have epic showdowns with a 2 minute time limit. Its full team and full team all at once. The matches are best out of 3 (or 5.) This mode will test your team work, tactics, and your sheer will power as you get ganged on constantly and reverse it around. In this mode, your individual class will have less outcome than it would in any other pvp type. Each round ends when all the players on another team are slain or if the timer runs out. However, based on your class your job is still vital. Gladiators protect your priest/cleric.

Team Battle mode — In team battle, you brawl it out in a series of 1v1 matches to run the other team out of players. Each brawl lasts 1:30 or until someone is defeated. For example, in 3v3 team battle, both teams have 1 player come out first. They battle it out. Red team player wins. That player now fights the next blue player. If he loses, the next red person comes out. If he wins, he’s already up against the last blue team member. If the timer runs out, neither team scores a point for the round, and both players in the draw sit out as if they had been beaten. This mode is friendly to Fighters and Gladiators.

General Tips – Classes and overall


— Unequip your gear for pvp. It will not affect your stats as much as you think. A +500 hp chest only gave me 48 hp. So under those premises, gear has a 90% reduction factor in pvp.
— PvP generates rep points. This is the ONLY way to buy potions for story mode
— PvP generates very slow gold. You will not be able to repair through this cost, so dont use gear in pvp.
— PvP grats players a huge benefit to health and magic.
— Combo your attacks for maximum chains. 3 combo attacks a move to knock enemy into air and 3 abilites/3 combo attacks will brutalize enemies.
— Block is not useless. Use it to counter high damage moves. You can not block any of a priestesses ranged spells.


You have a powerful combo chain and a mountain of health. In point based matches, maximize the amount of hits you get over maximizing damage. You can score the most points without actually scoring kills. Kills are just icing on the cake for you in these modes. Actively assault Ninja’s and Clerics. You can assault fighters but be careful of their damage. Dont let him out manuever you and your longer reach will prevail. Be very careful not to chase a priestess into her trap as her full spell chain will rip you apart like theres no tommorrow, while she will run away afterwards leaving you to chase again.

Having the highest combo attack damage and the highest damage skills, you can inflict serious harm. You need to use jump attacks liberally to get into close range. Use your counter attack to get the edge and use your superior damage to make your opponents rage about your class. Be careful of Ninjas. Their fast attacks can interrupt your combo if done properly. Actively assault anyone except a gladiator. The gladiator is a challange for you to fight. Be VERY active to assault priestesses. You can kill a priest in 1 full combo if you play all of your cards right and score deathblows. Don’t fall into the priestess’s traps or she will make you regret assaulting her. Fight in wide open areas that you can manipulate getting to the side of the opponent before opening your asault.

You are the most easily killed class in the entire friggin game. Avoid melee contact unless you have a trap set. Avoid fighters at every cost, they rape you in 3 seconds. Your efforts in pvp are best focused on Arena mode, especially team arena or 1v1 play in arena mode *For the larger map.* Use your teleport to get out of close range. Use your unbreakable attack and the Wont Fall that Easy spell your class learns help beat people off. At level 10, your full damage chain is Stone Pillar – Arcane Blast – Fireball – Frost bolt. This will easily inflict enough damage to teach someone to chase you. You need to manipulate terrain more than any other class. Avoid dead ends. If your a risk taker, you can teleport up close to catch someone off guard and open with a 3 combo + stone pillar + spell barrage. Just be careful with this tactic.

Cleric Reroll a new class until you get buffed… Your seriously useless in every pvp mode. I am accepting any knowledgable cleric who knows this class to put down a section for Cleric. Share the knowledge!

You are not in bright orange outfits yelling out loud every move right before you do it. You have speed on your side and useing it if you and an enemy hit each other at the same time, you will recover faster and get in the attack first for a chain. You are great at hunting down priestesses like the fighter. You are decent against the fighter, but be careful of his high chain damage. Be very wary of the gladiator. Their mountain of health and long chains are tough for you to fight. Avoid fighting the gladiator unless your confident you can beat him. Be sneaky and use long whittling chains to win.

Gladiator > Fighter = Ninja > Priestesss > Gladiator is a fair tendancy to how the classes tend to play out in 1v1 combat. Clerics you sadly aren’t viable.


Events a special events set up by the GM’s. To date the only event has been defend the village. In this event, your goal is to defend the village from an onslaught of monsters. These monsters are far tougher, being up to 20x tougher than they are on nightmare in the campaign. This mode features 10 seals as well. These seals are giant floating crystals giving supplies or doing something to allow these monsters to attack Rarecreed. In order to stop the invasion, all ten seals must be broken. The invaders aren’t THAT stupid and have 4 of their best agents at each seal.

–Score points by using combo attacks
–Score bonus points by having a long combo chain
–Score bonus points by landing a killing blow on a monster
–Score bonus points by landing a killing blow on a unsealed boss monster
–Score bonus points by landing a killing blow on a seal boss monster *These are very tough compared to the other bosses.*
–Score points by unsealing the seals *Priestesses only.*
–To win, all 10 seals must be unsealed.
–The top 5 people in the event all win prizes *Or top 3.*

General Tips

–Unequip all your gear before entering. You stats are as if in pvp *although you can use food and potions in it ilke story mode*.
–Stock up on friend chicken and scramble eggs. They will carry you.
–If your a class that can score very high combos off hitting mass mobs, do so.
–If your a fail gladiator that loves abusing like Utopia round up 30 mobs and do you ability that hits everything 40 times for instant 100 combo and atleast 90 bonus points from combos. If every gladiator has no pride in their skill and did this easy mode farming, all gladiators will be doubling everyone elses score easily.
–Priestesses are the only class that can unseal the seals . If your not a priestess, you ignore the seals and kill the bosses by the seals or distract them until a priestess can unseal them.
–Priestesses best source of points is from unsealing seals. To unseal them, you must get in melee *combo attack* range and use any ranged spells like fireball. This will blast magic into its core destroying it. This is the ONLY way to destory seals.
–Clerics are loved to heal anyone low, but theres never enough of you to make any impact.
–The further in we get, the tougher the monsters get.
–Non boss monsters will chase whoever agro’s them first, meaning 1 person can agro up to 40 mobs and just run all the way back and have them all chase him like theres no tommorrow and then get them grouped up and unleash major combo. Otherwise, running in circles for friends to kill them works just as well.

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