Aida Arenas PvP Tier List

Aida Arenas PvP Tier List by DOGLOBSTER

PeePoo, why make a tier list??
I believe that this list will help GamerKraft address many of the current imbalance issues in the game. It also can assist new players in their character creation decisions by giving some basic knowledge of how their character will fare in the PvP arenas.
There’s not enough info/this list sucks/it’s wrong
I can’t stand writing for long periods of time. Also, there may be some oversights I make. Any arguments contrary to my opinions will be taken into consideration. This is merely my experience with the PvP system (which is quite extensive).I’ll flesh things out as time goes on.
Glad and Fighter are both S-rank… who has the edge?
Tough call, friend. Both are hands-down the top two best PvP classes, but if they were pitted against each other head to head by two very capable players, I would give the very slight edge to the Gladiator. Glads are more versatile in Arena battles due to their long range. They slightly edge out fighters in team battle, too, due to their stuns. For instance, the gladiator special and get-up attacks simply stun, leaving their opponent open for a launch. Many more fighter moves are downs that don’t allow for combo continuations. Paired with the Glad’s strong dash attack (best in the game – also stuns), one hit from a gladiator suffices to initiate a very long and damaging juggle. Fighters, as I note in the tier list, can only launch with the uppercut skill, which has short range, or the 2 hit charge attack (which is slow, and also has short range).
• Long default strike range
• Second best jump attack
• Best combo chains
• Easy juggles
• Second highest average damage
• Very high HP
• Fantastic dash attack
• Best stuns
• Best jump attack
• Highest average damage (but lower combo potential)
• Short default strike range
• More difficult juggles
• Certain skills have very long range (Won-ho)
• Excellent get-up attack
• Float strikes are very finicky (D,D,S and uppercut)
• Mid range default strike
• Attack debuff is useful
• Third best jump strike
• Good combo potential. Lower than glad, higher than fighter
• Damage lower than gladiator and fighter
• Can deal fantastic damage from a low level
• Slow skills
• Steep learning curve
• Range dependent
• Best dash in the game
• Note: there aren’t many priestesses in PvP. I’m making conclusions based on my comparatively few experiences with them. It just may so be that no one has really figured out how to use this class to it’s potential, which seems to be quite high.
• Long range
• Potential for very long juggles
• Easy to initiate and maintain juggles
• Very low damage output (this is the main reason clerics are in this tier. Their combos and skills are quite good, but they simply do too little damage. Clerics need a buff)

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