4Story Online Assassin Guide

4Story Online Assassin Guide by Danko Rancic
Before you decide not to read this guide, please just read this first passage, tnx ;) If you don’t feel like reading a lot about everything just check out the red-colored BOTTOM LINES. They will give you a generalized idea of what that part was about. If you want to learn more about the stuff you read in the bottom lines, just scroll up and read the detailed text about it. Or, if you wanna build a character from scratch, just read the entire text as it comes.
I just hope this build guide helps someone build an assassin character in the way that will be fun to play and powerful all at the same time. I’m hardly an expert at this, and im only lvl22,but still i might be able to help you get an idea of what it’s like playing an assassin and get you started easily :) So let’s begin:


– If you want to make any use of this post, you’ll have to choose an Assassin (:P)


– They are obviously the best choice for assassins because of their natural strength and vitality. Assassins rely on strength, vitality and dexterity, while wisdom, mentality and intelligence hardly do them any good. Werebeasts focus on str, vit and dex, making them ideal candidates for assassins. High damage, high physical defense– yes, they make the perfect dmg-based assassins and are almost as good for any other type of assassin
Human – They are rated “better than normal” for assassins on the official site. They may have a high mentality, but they also have good physical skills (str, vit & dex). If you’re deciding on a speed-based assassin, or you just don’t want to be a werebeast (for any reason), humans are almost as good. After all, you see a lot of human assassins, just like werebeast archers, so they are a very good choice for assassins, too.
Fairy – Well, the fairy focus in mental skills probably doesn’t seem like much for assassins. And it probably isn’t. I mean ,after all, fairies are rated “worst” for assassins on the site. Why? Because they lack strength, which affects your phys attack and damage, and is the ONLY WAY for an assassin to actually DEAL DAMAGE. Most, if not all assassin skills are dependant on your phys attack rating (which is affected by dexterity), and as such you would be a weak attacker (and let’s remember that assassins should be the BEST ATTACKERS of all classes in this game). There is a bright side to a fairy assassin, though. Their natural high magical defense could be used well with light leather armor to grant you A LOT HIGHER magical defense rating THAN ANY OTHER ASSASSIN. I wouldn’t recommend a fairy for an assassin, but I’m not saying that it wouldn’t work well if you reach the high levels. It might also be useful in PvP against wizards, priests and maybe summoners. I wouldn’t choose it, but if your mind is set, don’t let me discourage you ;)
Bottom line–    Werebeasts have the best melee dmg and best phycisal def, great  for dmg-types, no disadvantages
                             Humans have the best ranged dmg, make for good speed-types and  support
                             Fairies have a high magical def, but low physical def and low phys melee dmg and low phys ranged dmg
NOTE: Assassins automatically gain the most str, dex and vit when they level up, but your race also affects your attributes
(ex. a werebeast assassin would get a high dex bonus from both race and class, maxing their phys def, while a fairy assassin would get a race bonus to wis and a class bonus to dex, making their phys and mag def balanced, but much lower than a werebeast assassin’s phys def)
Well that fairy text was longer than I planned, but nvm xD. Moving on
Weapons… if you are an assassin you basically have a simple, twofold choice: Chakrams or Swords
When you start the game you’ll have to use swords for the first several levels (I’m not sure how many levels, sorry– it was a long time ago for me ;)). The unnamed wanderer (or, probably, some other person in Craxion) will unlock your chakram skill and give you a basic chakram. DO NOT SELL OR DROP the chakram, or your swords. Try them both out and see which better suits your style of playing. Keep the one you like better, and sell the other. That is the best weapon advice i can give, but I will tell you a bit about both choices.

Swords – By “swords” i mean a One-handed sword and a Left-handed sword. Both of these weapons are very fast, but deal little damage compared to chakrams. For assassinations and skills without a cast time, these are probably a better choice. Also for anyone who prefers to play with a fast playing style, or just prefers the look of sword animations (if you do prefer the sword animations, you probably haven’t seen the ones for chakrams xD). There is a downside beside the low damage. You have TWO weapons so you have to upgrade both of them :( That means more scrolls and more items (because some will break), which translates as more game money. That’s if you don’t use cash shop. Or if you do use cash shop, more upg scrolls, potions of fortune and/or “protection from upgrading”. Which means more real money (so Zemi would probably like you all to use the swords ;)).
Chakrams – Chakrams are very cool looking, especially for Craxions (lucky bastards ;)). They also deal a lot more damage than the swords. The drawback is that they are slow. Still, for people who like a high damage output more than a fast flurry of strikes that swords offer, they are a good choice. Also, i say “chakrams” and “they” because there is one in every hand. But, it is treated like a two-handed weapon. That means that you equip one chakram to your main hand, and you automatically have chakrams in both. That is important for upgrading because one item means less money. (Plus they look cool :D)
Bottom line–    Swords – faster attacks, faster no-cast-time abilities, less dmg, two one-handed weapons, more expensive to upgrade
                            Chakrams – better dmg, slower attacks, slower no-cast-time abilities, treated as one two-handed weapon, cheaper to upgrade, about ten times cooler-looking xD
So this is just to give you an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each. The best way to decide is to actually try both out and see which one suits you better, just like I said in the beginning.
That was it for melee weapons. Melee weaps are your primary method of dealing damage and the only way surviving. Always make sure that you have the best possible melee weapon(s) for your level.
Assassins can also use ranged weapons – bows and crossbows. They deal a lot less dmg than your melees because assassins have a high str, not dex. Human assassins will deal best ranged damage because of their naturally high dex. Ranged weapons will be more like an extra dmg method and a support weapon. Your swords or chakrams will always remain your primary weapon. Now, bows or crossbows?
Bow – a bow deals less dmg than a crossbow of the same level, but allows you to fire it at a faster rate. I think that in the same time that you fire one shot with a crossbow you can fire two shots with a bow. A bow is useful for assassins when you’re attacking a melee opponent. You can get quite a few shots at him before he comes up close and personal, dealing a nice little extra dmg before he comes close, making it easier to finish him up with your melee skills.
Crossbow – crossbows obviously deal more dmg, but take longer to reload, so their rate of fire is worse than the rate of fire of bows. They are good for provoking a single enemy or a boss. You hit them with one shot, then run into cover and use your Poison Spray, so when the provoked enemy comes, you will defeat him with ease. The point is that you only fire one “provoking” shot, so you should use a crossbow to maximize the dmg of that one shot.

Bottom line–
    A bow is good for PvP and melee creeps
                            A crossbow is your best friend when doing difficult repeats
I recommend having one of each and changing them according to the situation. Of course, you will choose the one you like better and use it most of the time. But you should always have the other one ready to go in your bag.

Congratulations! You now know which weapons to choose! …omg. I just sounded like a game tutorial. “Congratulations! You have just learned how to select units in this game!” and all you did was click on your base or something.
Anyway, let’s move on.
Well… Light and Heavy leather don’t make much sense to me. I suppose that heavy was supposed to have better physical def, while light was supposed to have better magical def, but they are mostly the same (light is even better sometimes). So you just choose whichever you like better. I wear heavy armor, ‘cuz I just think it looks cooler. The durability is the same (for the default armors that you can buy in Lonbarei or Kuznetz). Just wear the best piece of armor that you find and you’ll be ok.
I had some strategic ideas about armor. Like light armor is good for fairy assassins because it adds to both phys and mag defense, while heavy is for human and werebeast assassins to max-out your phys defense. But since they are the same just wear the best you find or whichever you like better ^_^
At lvl16, they have the same phys def, and light has slightly better mag def
At lvl25 heavy has slightly higher phys def,  but their mag def is now the same (wtf?)
At lvl34, they are completely the same…
Bottom Line– Wear whichever you want – it hardly makes a difference
You have two ring slots, two earring slots and one necklace slot. Rings, earrings and necklaces are better known as accessories. They usually increase your HP, MP, or attributes. Assassins hardly need more MP than they have, so what you should be looking for is: str, dex, vit and maybe HP. Str is for your phys melee dmg, dex is for your phys attack and defense rating, and vit is for extra HP. Choose whatever suits you best.
This earring is shaped like a DeFugel chakram :)
Bottom Line– When selecting accessories (and blue or orange items) look for bonuses in str, dex, vit, maybe HP, phys attack rating, phys defense rating and phys critical rate
Like all classes, assassins have three skill trees
Assassination Tree
I know it isn’t the first tree, but it is the shortest and the most important for any assassin (hence the name). All skills in this tree are a must. They are the bread and butter of any assassin.
Hide – keeps you invisible as long as you have enough mana and don’t use any attack skills. Not only is it NECESSARY for 3 of the 4 assassination skills to be used, it is EXTREMELY USEFUL. You can use it to sneak through a high-lvl hunting ground, or to get an item from the middle of a hunting ground for your quest without getting into trouble (or killed). It allows you to use the assassination skills which seriously damage bosses or other players and completely obliterate your average creeps. And it is useful for getting away if you spot a hostile (4 levels stronger :() player from the other kingdom xD (has a cast time, so make some distance between you and the opponent before using it to run away)
Surprise Attack – great stunning attack, required to complete the assassination chain. If combined with the other two disabling assassin skills, it could allow you to kill tough opponents (bosses or other players in PvP) without taking much damage (or any at all). The stun time increases by only 0.5sec with every level (unlike spray sand and poke eyes which increase by 1sec/lvl), but you need to invest skill points in it because of the assassination chain. Can only be used if you’re hidden.
Result of Surprise Attack – The third link in the assassination chain. When you get this skill at lvl 16 it will become your strongest dmg-dealing attack and will stay so until lvl22 or 24 when you get One Hit One Kill. Can only be used after hitting with Surprise Attack
Heartless Blade – The final link of the assassination chain. The second most powerful single target dmg attack available. You can only use it after hitting with Result of Surprise Attack. This ends the AC, and if the opponent is still alive opens up a lot of possibilities (see Tactics). Has a cast time (:(), but it is your best attack, so you must take it.
One Hit One Kill – NOT part of the ASSASSINATION CHAIN. It can be used independently, or after the assassination chain for extra dmg. Has a (small) cast time, but it’s high dmg makes up for it. Your third best dmg skill. Also a must.
That’s it for this tree. ALL of these skills are good. They are your best skills as an assassin. All of these skills must be maxed. Don’t regret placing skill points in this tree, ‘cuz it is your best weapon.
Battle Tree
You’ll need most of these skills to survive. They are your basic combat abilities, but don’t underestimate them– if used correctly they can bring almost any opponent (of your lvl+2 or lower lol) to his knees
Blow of Silence – basic dmg skill. Adds some dmg, uses little mana, good cooldown. It’s better than a regular attack, so it’s better to use in the break between two powerful skills or chains. Always put SP in this ability.
Counterattack of Darkness – great dmg when you first get it. Later it becomes a great bonus. I say “bonus”. Why? ‘Cuz it can only be used when you dodge (when an opponent misses you). So you fight with your other abilities, and when he misses… BAM Counterattack of Darkness! It deals more dmg than Blow of Silence and it’s always good to slide in an extra attack against an enemy before continuing your assault with your regular skills. Like most other assassin skills, it uses little MP. (Indeed, an assassin will almost never run out of mana unless you use Hide)
Poison Spray – 20% splash dmg to all around you for 12sec. Small cast time, and exceptionally useful. Range is 2m so only opponents close to you get damaged, but assassins fight with melee anyway so that’s not a problem. Useful as extra continuous dmg on your current target, plus it damages the other annoying guys who come to attack you from behind while you’re killing something. So when you switch to attack them, they are already a bit damaged. Good for repeats, and for taking care of large mobs when helping someone weaker with quests.
Contaminated Blade – This skill is just like poison spray, except it isn’t cast on self but on an enemy. That enemy and all around him (0-2m) take 20% splash dmg for 12 secs. 0.3 cast time is just a bit bigger than Poison Spray’s 0.2, but its ok. It is very useful for inflicting continuous dmg. Also good for repeats and mobs.
Stormy Blow – I don’t have this yet (‘cuz I’m only lvl22), but i will most likely take it. It’s the third and final assassin AoE. You are able to fire it anywhere on the ground in an 8m radius around yourself. All enemies around that spot take 40% splash dmg. The problem is it’s instant, not continuous. I’ll take it for now and see if it’s worth it. It’s probably useful when someone mobs creeps, ‘cuz it deals nice dmg, but it is probably more useful as an extra dmg method when you see a good opportunity. If you have two skill points to spend, you can spend them here. You can always use an oblivion potion to take the SP back and put them in another skill.

Spray Sand
– 5sec disarm. Disarm is like stun, so this is useful. Only 70% success rate at first, but it increases by 5%/lvl and disarm time increases 1sec/lvl. This Skill is great. It is one of the skills that I couldn’t imagine playing without. It is the first part of a two link chain, which is very useful.
Blow of Bleeding – deals normal attack dmg plus inflicts continuous dmg for 8 secs. Not the largest amount of dmg, but it’s always cool to have something eating away at your opponent slowly while you’re slashing him with your chakrams (or maybe swords :P). Works wonders when used with Poison Spray and Contaminated Blade.
Kicking – I’ve been training taekwondo for 4 and a half years now. For those of you who don’t know, taekwondo focuses on a lot of different kicks. That being said, you probably realize why this is my favorite skill :D It deals normal attack dmg plus decreases your target’s phys def for 9 secs, making it take more dmg from all of your attacks. The catch is it can only be used after hitting with Spray Sand. Yes, this is the second (and final) link of the Spray Sand chain. If you’re taking Spray Sand, (and I highly highly recommend that you do) take this too. It’s a good follow-up.
Ring of Death – I called One Hit One Kill and Heartless Blade the third and second best dmg attacks an assassin has. This is THE BEST. When developed to lvl3 it deals OVER 1000 DMG. The catch is you die if you don’t use a Panacea of Purification in 10 or less minutes after using this skill. You get a lot of those from Goddess’ Tears at higher lvls so don’t worry. Still, it’s an attack which you use if you’re about to die, as a trump card, or as a finishing move. You don’t use it on a regular basis like Blow of Silence. The 0.2sec cast time is nothing compared to the sheer amount of dmg you deal. This is a lifesaver. Your most powerful available skill. (Not for the faint-hearted :P)
Bloodsucking – Steal HP equal to your dmg at lvl1. At lvl 2, 3 and 4 you steal more than your dmg. Useful as a healing method. I’m certainly taking it when i reach lvl26. HP pots have a cooldown, and counterflow of energy only helps a little, so this is probably your best choice.
Will of Deathblow – adds to your phys attack rating. It’s good. Attack rating is just good. You should take this as it is one of the few buffs we assassins have, and it is required to unlock the other two. Good duration/cooldown ratio. You can use it again even before it ends
Energy of darkness – a small bonus to dmg. Doesn’t seem like much, but extra dmg is extra dmg. It probably becomes less useful as your level gets higher ‘cuz it adds a small fixed amount of dmg, not a percentage (ex. if you’re high lvl and you deal 250 dmg with your regular attacks a +9 doesn’t mean much, while a +6% would make some difference… maybe). And also it’s duration is 8m and it’s cooldown is 16m. Yeah… that sucks. So at high levels you can just use oblivion potions to unlearn the skill, but leave one level on it so you can learn Cold Calculation. That’s what I’ll do.
Cold Calculation – the third and final assassin buff. It increases your phys critical rate. Need I say more? Take it. Those are a few skill points you won’t regret spending.
Oblivious Language – at first i thought this skill was a killer, but it would be useless most of the time, and it takes two skill points per level. It is absolutely useless when hunting and in PvP it’s use is limited. Archers would just run and shoot until it was over. Warriors have enough health to survive until it’s over, and their regular attack still hurts. However, it would be the death of any priest, wizard and probably summoner that you decided to go against one on one. So if you have a priest or wizard friend about your level that you want to beat in a duel, by all means take this skill, but don’t expect to find much use for it in any other situation.
Survival Tree
Well, the long Battle tree is over. All that remains is the Survival tree. Pay attention. These skills may not deal damage to mobs or have the ability to obliterate a single opponent, but they will help you in more ways than one.
Killer’s Intuition – Reveals all hidden opponents around you as long as you are alive. If you die, you have to cast it again. The downside is that this also reveals hidden opponents to nearby players from your kingdom. That’s great in territory war, but if you’re dueling someone from your kingdom, you will reveal your own invisibility to your opponent (I had to learn this the hard way :( the guy was nice enough to tell me what happened, though after he mopped the floor with me xD). Anyway, you have this skill for free at lvl1. It’s your choice how to use it or if to use it at all.
Cold Eyes – basically has a 70% chance to make all the creeps around you pretend that you aren’t there and return to their places. Not very useful for me. Maybe you guys find a better way to use it than me. Anyway, put at least one skill point in this skill, ‘cuz the next skill is just great
Escape – If you have been stunned, disarmed, blinded, frozen or in another way prevented to move USE THIS SKILL. Only 50% success rate at lvl1, but 50% is better than standing like a lemon for 5+ secs while the other guy(s) beat the crap out of you. Take this skill.
Ambush – spend a little MP to become invisible for an unlimited amount of time… as long as you don’t move or do anything. This might be useful if you know that someone (like a player from the other kingdom xD) will pass through somewhere (like near his dead body when he revives xD xD), so you can wait hidden without using up a bunch of MP pots. But, seriously, how often will you be in a similar situation?
Slow Fall – it isn’t as useful as it is cool-looking :D You could use it to jump of a certain watch tower in a certain DeFugel training camp during a duel and the other guy might just follow you, and, in doing so, fall and die. I actually got TWO guys to die like that lol (no, neither of them was me :)) Just look out if you use it at the start of the fall, you will still probably fall and die ‘cuz it lasts only 5sec
Teleport – It used to be Breathe underwater and I liked it ok. This isn’t particularly useful when hunting, but it’s cool in PvP. It teleports you to a target 16m or less away from you. Also, you take a little less dmg from ranged creeps if you teleport straight into them instead of running. Also, a trick i saw a certain assassin friend of mine do, but haven’t tried out yet. As the cast time bar is filling up use Spray Sand ;)
Silent Race – even if Slow Fall and Teleport don’t seem like much to you, take them. ‘Cuz they are requirements for this baby. Increases your movement speed by 30% for 14sec (at lvl1). Great for running away or chasing an enemy that is running away from you. It can be used on the move so you can just hold ‘W’ and press your quickbar shortcut for Silent Race, and bam! Your char will switch to overdrive. Increases speed by 50% at final lvl. Very useful, so make sure to max it out
Poke Eyes – darkness on 1 enemy for 5sec. Darkness is a bit different from disarm and stun, but, effectively, the enemy is a sitting duck for 5 secs. Only 70% success rate, just like Spray sand, but it also increases by 5% and 1sec every level. It is only slightly worse than spray sand ‘cuz it has a small 0.2 cast time. But another disabling skill is always welcome, and it unlocks Fear of Darkness, it’s more powerful version.
Fear of Darkness – same as Poke Eyes (same effect, success rate, duration, cast time and reuse time), except you can use it anywhere on the ground in an 8m radius. All enemies around that spot have a 70% chance to suffer darkness for 5 sec. Once again, an extra disabling skill is always good, if you have the SP to spend.
Counterflow of Energy – this is quite handy. If your MP is higher than your HP, some MP will become HP. Be careful not to use it if your health is higher, or some of it will turn into mana, Don’t use it when you’re very low on health ‘cuz it has a cast time and it can be interrupted. It is useful, but only if you Use it ON TIME
First Aid – heals your HP for some amount. The amount isn’t much, even at higher levels (or so I’ve been told). So at lvl22 when you can first get this skill, it might be useful, but later it definitely wouldn’t. It’s probably not worth spending SP on… well maybe if you’re a fairy assassin with little natural HP
Bottom Line– Skills that I consider best and well worth taking (if you like another skill, fine by me- take it if it helps you :)):
    –Assassination Tree – all skills. ASSASSINation- need I say more?
    –Battle Tree
      -Counterattack of Darkness
      -Poison Spray
      -Contaminated Blade
      -Spray Sand
      -Kicking (could be taekwondo talking xD)
      -Ring of Death
      -Bloodsucking (probably)
    –Survival Tree
      -Teleport (it’s just plain cool :D)
      -Silent Race
      -Poke Eyes
      -Fear of Darkness
      -Counterflow of Energy (sort of)
So that’s it for skills. Now all that’s left for me to show are some basic combos and some tricks I learned to survive more easily. ;)
-Continuous damage – combine Poison Spray, Contaminated Blade and Blow of Bleeding
                                  -to secure a nice amount of damage inflicted to a creep while you deal with another one
                                  -to get something to eat up an opponent while you attack him, making for a nice dmg bonus
                                  -if you decide to use continuous dmg, do that before anything else (maybe use Spray Sand>Kicking first)

-Make an order
– have an order in which you usually use your attack skills on creeps. Get used to it- you’re gonna be using it a lot.
-Counterattack of Darkness – Always keep an eye out to see if you can use it for some extra dmg
-Spray Sand>Kicking – use this! it’s useful!
-Assassination Chain – this is your greatest weapon, but uses up a lot of mana. be careful

-Disabling Tactics
– use Surprise Attack, then Result, then a skill that deals dmg, then Spray Sand, then Kicking, then a skill that deals dmg, then Poke Eyes, and then go all out with everything you got
                        -The point is to keep launching one disabling skill after another so your opponent can’t do   a thing
                        -Be careful, these attacks don’t always hit successfully
                        -You can continue this chain if you have Fear of Darkness
-Annihalation Tactic – Hide>Surprise atk>R of Surprise atk>Heartless Blade>Spray Sand>Kicking >Blow of Bleeding>Poke Eyes>One Hit One Kill
                              -If he/she is still alive use Ring of Death right after One Hit One Kill. (Even if you aren’t in danger, you would end up looking a bit dumb after executing 9 successful attacks and the other guy/gal was still standing xD)

– some repeats will be difficult to do alone. If you can’t find a party, here’s what you’ll do. Pick creeps off one by one. Assassins are the best when it comes to 1 on 1. They are good in mobs only for weaker creeps (ex. when you are lvl 19 the creeps on the 19 repeats are tough to kill, but when you’re lvl 21 you can mob them). So, for melee creeps use a bow and shoot the creep until he comes up close and then finish him off. For ranged creeps, use a crossbow to shoot them once then turn around and run into cover (behind a house, tree…). The ranged creep will come to you so you can destroy him in melee, where you are stronger (when you get skilled enough at this shoot and run thing, you won’t have to worry about them shooting you, ‘cuz their range is 16m, while yours is 20 ;))
-Buffs – if you learned some buffs, don’t forget to buff up before a fight

-Ring of Death – if you’re 1 on 1 with an enemy, and it starts looking bad, don’t hesitate to use Ring of Death

-Counterflow of Energy – if your HP pots are still cooling down, and you are being overwhelmed, don’t wait too long. Just when your HP gets under 1/4 use Counterflow. Better safe than sorry! It has a cast time and it can be interrupted. Don’t wait ’till you’re very low on health! When Counterflow has taken effect, use Silent Race and run for a safe zone. You can always return and finish the quest, but returning to your body as a ghost is a drag.

-Disabled! – if you have been stunned, disarmed, blinded, frozen or whatever, DON’T FORGET TO USE ESCAPE!!

-Running away from creeps –
 -if you haven’t been spotted by any creeps, and you want to go through a creep-infested area   without a fight, use Hide and get going. When your mana gets under 1/4 use a mana pot.
 -If you have been spotted by a creep, try Poke Eyes on him. If successful, Hide and get   going. If not, kill him without drawing attention of others, Hide and get going.
 -If you have been spotted by multiple creeps, use Fear of Darkness. If successful on all of them (good luck), Hide and   get going. If not (which will be more often), use Silent Race and run like hell!

-Running away from stronger players from the other kingdom – use Silent Race to make some distance between you. Hide as soon as Silent Race ends! get of the road and hide someplace safe for a while xD
                       -If the player from the other kingdom is an Archer, you’re out of luck! He/she is faster   than you. you won’t be able to make distance

-Looking tough
Wear your collar up like this, and look mysteriously into the distance…
And, more importantly use the coolest blade you get your hands on. If you like living in belief that your blade is cool, you might not want to look at the next picture…
The destructive power of ten lvl1 left-handed swords and the vengeful power of utter darkness merged into a single slick form…   +8 Mara Biram
You know you want it…
but you’re not the Phantom…
That’s it. I’ve done all I can to help you. The rest is up to you. Good luck! :)

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