Shaiya Dual Lapis Guide

Shaiya Dual Lapis Guide by hypnos34

I’ve received comments, questions, ****, moans, groans, gripes, and complaints all of which surround the Dual lapis.

What should the price be on the new Duals?

Do I have to relapis all my gear with new Dual lapis?

How hard is it to link a new Dual lapis?

These are the questions that come before template / stat discussions followed by “my build is better than yours because I have Duals and you don’t”. From the information I have gathered the new Duals will open many new doors for a plethora of class builds. In this guide I want to familiarize you with what the new Duals are and how they affect the marketplace and touch on some deeper potential duals have in store.

1. The basics on Dual lapis
A. Most of them can be put into any piece of gear save accessories.
1) A few are weapon specific
B. They have the same link % as a normal level 4 lapis (16% full bless).
C. They add a base +9 to a stat and add a secondary bonus given the level of the dual lapis.

2. Putting duals into perspective.
A. As stated above most duals fit into anything save accessories. Lets take a closer look at the list of what a standard dual will link into.

Dual lapis:
Upper Armor
Lower Armor

Now lets take a look at Normal Lapis and linking restrictions:

Normal Str lapis: No Gloves**
Normal Rec lapis: No Upper Armor
Normal Dex lapis: No Lower Armor or Shields
Normal Int lapis: No Gloves or Shields
Normal Wis lapis: No Upper Armor or Shields
Normal Luc lapis: No Gloves or Shields

Dual lapis stats:

Dual Craft1: +9 Str +8 Dex
Dual Craft2: +9 Str +12 Def
Dual Craft3: +9 Str +175 hp
Dual Craft4: +9 Str +175 sp

Dual Safe1: +9 Rec +12 Def
Dual Safe2: +9 Rec +11 Atk power (Weapon only)
Dual Safe3: +9 Rec +36 MR
Dual Safe4: +9 Rec +175 sp

Dual Shrewd1: +9 Dex +12 Def
Dual Shrewd2: +9 Dex +8 Luc
Dual Shrewd3: +9 Dex +175 sp
Dual Shrewd4: +9 Dex +175 hp

Dual Mystic1: +9 Int +8 Wis
Dual Mystic2: Unknown
Dual Mystic3: +9 Int +8 Rec
Dual Mystic4: +9 Int +195 mp

Dual Wise1: +9 Wis +8 Rec
Dual Wise2: Unknown
Dual Wise3: +9 Wis +12 Def
Dual Wise4: +9 Wis +36 MR

Dual Fortune1: +9 Luc +8 Str
Dual Fortune2: +9 Luc + 11 Min/Max Atk power (Weapon only)
Dual Fortune3: +9 Luc +175 sp
Dual Fortune4: +9 Luc + 36MR

There are a whole assortment of topic discussion that can come from this information. I just put it together so you can evaluate it and apply it to your templates and character builds.

Its easy to see if you can afford dual lapis then its nice to have, but presently in order to get to the one of the maps which it drops we have to control certain relics. This can be a challenge to even be able to get to one of the maps let alone farm dual lapis there.

The market on dual lapis has come a long way. Prices tend to average 4 – 5mil standard with a few exceptions reaching 9 – 10Mil. Naturally the sp and weapon only duals will see lower end prices. Dual lapis with +9 +8 (5 – 6mil) stat will command higher prices and Dual Wis / Int(4 – 5mil) have the added Rec bonus. Dual Rec Lapis with a magic resistance will see PvP prices and I suspect will command the highest $$ (10+mil). Duals that add Physical Def will create new and interesting templates.

Imo these are the best lapis in the game. Best value! Best usability! They have been the centerpiece of my PvP guides for some time now.

Let me give you a reference as to how Duals pair up to level 5’s for higher levels:

Dual Craft 3 (+9Str +175hp) 4mil/each X2 = +18Str +350HP
Craft level 5 (+20Str) 30mil/each + Life level 5(+360hp) 7mil/each = +20Str +360hp

Now, factor in the link chance of the Dual(16%) vs Level 5’s(8%). You would need 2X as many level 5’s or some OP hammers (65m/each) for the level 5’s.

Now, factoring in the cost of 16 Dual Craft 3’s to successfully Link two slots = 64mil spent. For the same amount of gold you can barely buy two Craft level 5’s or one OP hammer.


New Dual Lapis Guide by sfossil

Just a start to list the new lapis types. Feel free to post updates or discussion about use and value.

Linking Chance
All Duals lapis have the same Linking Chance like ordinary level 4 lapises: 16% at full bless. (at least with the same low chance like level 4 lapises)
They are not supposed to break gear in case of failure.

Drop location
Duals drop in the new maps dino and desert 1, not desert 2 (D2 drops the almost hard to use accessory lapis).
The Dinos/Crocos & the giant turtles in jungle drop
* Craft, Mystic, and Wise.

The Spiders/Scorpions/Tiamatt temple mobs in desert1 drop
* Safe, Shrewd, and Fortune.

linking to
They usually go with any gear or weapon, except Dual Safe2 and Dual Fortune2 which go with weapon only while increasing attack as second stat.
And YES, it is possible to link all Dual Lapis of the same main stat into one gear. (for example dread gloves with Dual Shrewd 1 +2+3+4)

Lapis listing & description

Dual Safe , REC+9, +
~ Lapis1 -> phys. defence +12
~ Lapis2 -> max. attack +11
~ Lapis3 -> mag. resistance +36
~ Lapis4 -> SP+175

Dual Craft , STR+9, +
~ Lapis1 -> DEX+8
~ Lapis2 -> phys. defense +12
~ Lapis3 -> HP+175
~ Lapis4 -> SP+175

Dual Fortune , LUC+9, +
~ Lapis1 -> STR+8
~ Lapis2 -> attack+11 (min+max attack!)
~ Lapis3 -> SP+175
~ Lapis4 -> mag. resistance +36

Dual Wise , WIS+9, +
~ Lapis1 -> HP+175
~ Lapis2 -> MP+195
~ Lapis3 -> phys. defense +12
~ Lapis4 -> mag. resistance +36

Dual Mystic , INT+9, +
~ Lapis1 -> WIS+8
~ Lapis2 -> HP+175
~ Lapis3 -> REC+8
~ Lapis4 -> MP+195

Dual Shrewd , DEX+9, +
~ Lapis1 -> phys. defense +12
~ Lapis2 -> LUC+8
~ Lapis3 -> SP+175
~ Lapis4 -> HP+175

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