Shaiya Fury Noble Gear Quests Guide

Shaiya Fury Noble Gear Quests Guide by Stwag

This guide will tell you how to find the best noble armor for 1-15 PvP for every class. It includes the lvl 9 Boots, lvl 10 Pants, lvl 11 Chest, lvl 15 Gloves and Weapons varying in level from 11-14.

As far as I know there is no other guide dedicated to this and this one is accurate. If you notice any errors please respond and I will update the guide.

Ok, here is the map, instructions for each piece can be found below.

1) LEGS: This quest becomes available sometime around lvl 10ish. To start this quest talk to Limpers Pellum in Aridon, he is a guard next to a tower on a hill.(he is located to the left of the large square walled structure) He will tell you to to talk to Mosen Kiesto, who is nextdoor in the large walled in area. Mosen will then give you a quest called Mosen’s Favor, it tells you to go to the Blood Labs and meet Mosen Ordo. Mosen Ordo will give you a quest to go meet Dratt (located at #1 on my map). Dratt will give you the quest StonePeg Goblin Family(part 1). It requires you kills 10 StonePeg Goblin Fighters located to the west of Dratt. Then kill 3 Clan Leaders and 5 Goblin Warriors located on the other side of path from Fighters. Next is to kill Jardo the named Goblin, you can find him if you stay on the side with Fighters and run to the back of the camp, hes located at the very back. Return to Dratt with the head of Jardo and receive your choice of… *drum roll* Mighty Noble Legs for Oracle/Pagan, Assassin/Hunter, Warrior/Guardian

2) CHEST: This quest becomes available at lvl8 in Frontier Village from the NPC named Sasru. The quest is called Thorough Revenge and has 3 parts. The first part requires you to attain a “Keepsake from Roman”. It tells you to kill WedgeRock Kobolt Guards but those do not exist, they really mean to kill WedgeRock Kobolt Watchers, they can be found in front of Artlum Mine. Part 2 and 3 are easy, just return to the same mine, for part 2, kill 7 WedgeRock Kobolt Fighters, and for part 3, kill the named kobolt Grill in the back of the mine. Return and get to choose your magnificent armor from Warrior/Guardian, Assassin/Hunter, or Pagan/Oracle. You get your level 11 Noble Chest Peice.

3)WEAPON (Warrior[lvl 12 Dual Axes], Guard[lvl 11 1Handed Axe], Hunter[lvl 13 Bow]): This quest starts from Slo, He is located in Frotainer Village. He tells you to go meet Sant (at #3 on my map). Sant gives you a quest called Punishing Thief Puma, which requires you to kill Short Black Hair Puma located at the blue dot on my map. Return to Sant for choice of the deadly Warrior[duals], Guardian, or Hunter[bow]

4)WEAPON (Pagan[lvl 11 Dagger], Oracle[Noble Staff], Assassin[lvl 13 Reverse Sword]): This quest becomes available at lvl 11. Its located at the #4 on my map from the NPC named Ahera(professional trader). She gives you the quest Punishing Thief Wolf. It requires you to kill 10 Steel Teeth Grey Wolf. They are located slightly west of Ahera. Return to Ahera for choice of the sleek and shmexie Pagan/Oracle/Assassin weapon.

5)BOOTS: This quest is available in Gliter at lvl 8 from the Weapon Merchant named Vank Jerad(near blacksmith). He wants you to kill 10 Black Claw Succubus’s. They are located on the first sharp curve on the path heading east from Gliter. The red dot on my map marks the spot. After killing 10 return to Vank and get to choose your mighty lvl9 Noble Boots!! Warrior/Guardian, Assassin/Hunter, Pagan/Oracle are your choices.

6)GLOVES: This quest becomes available at lvl 14, you get it from the NPC named Zaite in Frovaton Vill. The quest is called BlackSkull Family and requires you to get 10 Blackskull marks. You get these marks off of BlackSkull Kobolt Soldiers and Blackskull Succubus. They are both located at the green dot on my map. Return to Zaite to get your final peice of gear, choose from Warrior/Guardian, Hunter/Assassin, Pagan/Oracle.

I for one am tired of trying to remember what quests you need to do to get your noble 1-15 set.


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