Shaiya Magic Resist PVP Guide

Shaiya Magic Resist PVP Guide by hypnos34

Given the DMG multiplier topic that is growing, I thought it might be informative to examine some mitigation aspects in reference to magic damage.

How much magic resistance is enough for PvP? What do I need to stand a chance against Luc and Int offensive caster builds?

I have done some testing on mitigating magic dmg from a pvp perspective. I wanted to find out how much MR was enough to be able to easily mitigate magic damage whether Luc or Int based builds. This is what I found out so I thought I would see if others could verify or share their experiences with magic resist.

100+ MR will enable you manage the damage. 125+ MR renders most casters… even noss’d gimp. The issue becomes you only have so many slots to put in MR Dual and by doing so you have opened yourself up to heftier amounts of melee DPS.

150+ MR serves well, but as opponents start to specialize their gear to maximize DPS… so do you. 200+ MR will bring most 20-30 PvP casters to their knees. This is easy for those with dread helms to obtain, but can take up significant resources to pull off with standard slotted gear.

400+ MR is sufficient and would be considered over the top by some. 450+ MR would make high end caster feel small. As with 20-30, dread helms play a key role in obtaining that level of MR. To do it without the benefit of a dread helm would require you to use both duals w/MR in all your gear plus weapon.

I have been able to conduct tests of these levels as i do have the benefit of a dread helm. I do feel MR is important in all PvP zones. There are always exceptions and ele lapis can play a factor. The numbers above are what i feel is a basis in PvP to enable you mitigate magic dmg well enough to increase sustainability on the battle field.

I run a battle priest and Luc archer in 20-30, both of which sit at 225MR. I do have dread helms and supplement them with a combination of duals w/MR. Obviously, my priest has a few tricks up the sleeve for casters, but even w/o those available I take little dmg from casters. Some of the harder hits I have sustained from Int / Luc builds were only in the 400’s. Rarely does a caster touch me for 500 and regular hits might be in the 200’s. I don’t build Rec builds or lapis for hp in PvP… I go only for mitigation. I sit around 3k – 3.2k hp on my builds. It would take more than six crits or 15 normal shots with me using no pots for a caster to take me out. All that is excluding any natural regen while running around. Most of the good pk’rs I know don’t stand still and go “toe to toe.”

I made a 50 UM BattleTank with 450MR. I did tests with and w/o a water chest. I found the highest int and luc builds to run some tests. With the water ele chest on not one single caster spell could break 1k save the obvious earth related spells. Turbulence and Storm Choir hit for 600-800. Normal hits were for 300. W/o the ele chest on damage increased slightly, but the 1k plateau was still very tough to achieve. Of all the “alpha strikes” I had casters lay on me the Crit build was the only one that succeeded in taking half(4k) of my battletanks health.

Often I read or see mages talk about how much dmg they can do instantly. ****, I have a caster in 20-30 that hits enemies with no MR for 1k-1400, but its easy to spot the ones that do have resists. Resists will make or break a good group as they provide the necessary seconds for a group to react and take out threats. Maybe this can give some reference point as to how to deal with casters and increase sustainability in PvP.

Defense is a whole other issue… I will make another thread on that, but I can’t give much input from end game perspective in relation to PvP.

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