Runes of Magic Housekeepers Guide

Runes of Magic Housekeepers Guide by Dragonchampion

Alright. I have a complete guide to how to use a housekeeper to its fullest extent. (I love making things to help people)

To mods: Sorry that this is a self-split, but I thought that not many people would see this on the 5th page of “What do the new housekeepers do?” so I made a new thread.

This is the basic info screen for housemaids. This can be accessed by pressing the far right button in the house information window.

There are six panels for people’s faces, and as such, the maximum nomber of Maids that can be in your house is 6, no matter your house size.

Note there are four buttons on the bottom. this allows you to control your Housemaids.

The first button is to “summon” your housemaid. This makes the housemaid appear in frount of you, facing you. Place it where and how you wish.

The Second button is to recall a placed housemaid. this allows you to hide any housemaid that might not have an outfit, or one that you just dont have room for.

The third button is the dismiss button. this PERMANENTLY removes the person from your House Maid roster.

The fourth and final button is to hire more housemaids. Click this to bring up the next window, with information on all available maids that can be hired.

this screen is the House Maid recruitment window. you can see tabs on the right, that may or may not be greyed out. Greyed out ones are hired maids- you CANNOT hire them.

From the top, you can see some basic information about the person you are recruiting. Including birth datae, sign, and more. This has no effect in the game as far as I have seen.

Next is the stats. Not that most stats are capped at 80. HOWEVER, each maid has ONE skill that is capped at 100, their “Chosen Profession” this means that if you buy the housemaid, you will be able to train them to level to 100, and they will make superior items.

The first stat from the top left is what i call “Attunement” this means how much the person is willing to server you. Chatting raises attunement, but once you get past 80, it sometimes takes 5-10 chats to raise it by one! Attunement is VERY imortant; as it govern’s the maids ability to train skills. A maid with 22 attunement can only train her skills up to 22! This is why chatting with your maid until she is at 100 Attunement is highly reccomended.

The second stat is Charisma. Although I have yet to see it ingame. Charisma is raised when Attunement is raised, meaning this will be filled the more you chat with them as well.

The Third stat is Fatigue. When this bar fills, they will no longer be able to perform any duties until they rest. Mind this at all times!

UPDATE: Before going to Hoto, I got 4 stacks of potions from one maid, and they where fatigued. I got all the buffs/supplies needed, and then went and did Hoto. Upon returning an hour later, the fatigue was reset to 0. I do not know if it is a bug preventing some people from losing fatigue, but it seems that they lose some on either a 5-30 minute basis, or else reset every hour, like the respawn things for hiring.

The fourth stat is Magic. this skill is used to place a magic buff on you when you wish. This stat, when at level 80, gives 1050 Magical Attack and an additional 2% added onto that; and it lasts 2 hours. At level 100, this is capped at 1575 Magic Attack and 6%, with a 4 hour duration! Also, they have a second buff that raises Magic critical by 210 at level 100 for four hours!

The next column, from the top is the Battle stat. this stat gives you a boost to your Physical attack, good for rogues and scouts. At level 80, it is the same as Magic, with 1050 Attack and 2% added on and a 2 hour duration, then at level 100 it is 1575 Physical Attack and 6% added on and a 4 hour duration. Also, from repeated clicks, itsometimes removes the buffs and gives a Physical Critical buff instead, with same numbers above.!

The next is Defense stat. this is for tanks and those who want HP. This stat gives HP, like the others give Physical attack and Magical attack. Once again, at level 80, it is 1050 HP and 2% Additional with a 2 hour duration, and at 100 it is 1575 and 6% additional with a 4 hour duration. Sometimes gives a physical defense buff instead of the HP buff.

The next stat is the Cooking stat. This means you will no longer have to worry about sneding your heard earned gold on food! (Well, most food anyways.) This skill allows the maid to cook for you, making the following items:

levels 1-20
Salted Fish with Sauce
Bacon with Herbs

levels 21-40
Caviar Sandwich

levels 41-85
Spicy Burritos
Swamp Mix

levels 86+
Unimaginable Salad
(Unknown. I am a tank, it gives me ONLY unimaginable salads, might be different if you are a magic user)

NOTE: All Maid items have a 24hour expiration date! If you do not use them within 24 hours, they disappear forever! You can just go and get more from the maid tho, so don’t fret if this happens.

ALSO NOTE: Unlike buyable food, Housekeeper food lasts only 5 minutes.

The next stat is possibly the most fun and useful stat. Unlike Cooking, which gives ripoffs of ingame items, Crafting makes Potions you CANNOT get ANYWHERE else! Some of these are novelty potions, and overs are insanely powerful! The list is as follows.

levels 1-40
Green Prince Potion – Turns you into a frog
Unbridled Enthusiasm – +15% Walking speed for 1 hour
Fullness – Turns you into a giant, like the GMs

levels 41-80
All of above
Galloping Gale – +30% riding speed for 3 minutes
Clear Thought – -10% Casting time for 1 hour
Lucky Target – THIS is the most useful potion for most classes. +75% Luck for 1 hour, CAN STACK with diamond luck potions!!!
Crazy Breakout – Allows you to jump 10 TIMES as high as normal. 1 jump consumes 1 potion.

levels 81+
All of above
Volatile Stench potion – BEST potion for tanks. +15% Aggro for 10 minutes
Godspeed Potion – +50% Movement speed for 8 seconds. Acts like the speed sigils in Arena!

NOTE: All Maid items have a 24hour expiration date! If you do not use them within 24 hours, they disappear forever! You can just go and get more from the maid tho, so don’t fret if this happens.

At the bottom right you can see the “Hire” button. this allows you to hire the currently selected maid. HOWEVER< if you see the red text “Hired” this means the have Already been hired by another player. However, when this happens, all is not lost.

Every hour, the people in the roster reset. This allows anyone to buy them. (The best thing to do is just camp in your house for an hour and wait till they are on sale again.)

Now that you have your Maid and have placed them (Using the button described above) you can start having them learn and train their skills.

To start with, you cannot do anything with the maids. they will NOT listen to you. To solve this, simply talk to them a few times to get their “Attunement” up.

Here is a screenshot of the chat window that opens up.

The first option, Chat, allows you to talk in ;/say with the Maid. (Well, they talk, you listen) this gives a +1 to Attunement and charisma. However, if the attunement is high (80+) you will need MULTIPLE chats to get One point of attunement!

The second option is “Magic Carriculum” This allows the maid to cast a Magic attack enhancing buff on you. Depending on her Magic level, the buff gets stronger. Chosing this option raises the maid’s Magic level by 1.

The third option is “Battle Curriculum” This gives the Physical Attack buff mentioned above. Again, this relies upon the battle stat. Choosing this levels the maid’s battle skill by 1.

The fourth option is “Defense Curriculum” This gives the HP buff listed above. This relys upon the maid’s Defense stat. This option, when chosen, adds 1 level to the maid’s defense stat.

The fifth option is Cooking. doing this will give you a random number of foodstuffs. This number gets higher the higher level the maid has in cooking, as well as better foods! My level 100 cooking maid gives me 62 Unimaginable salads!

The sixth option is Crafting. This relys upon the maid’s crafting skill to make potions. this gives you a random number of random potions. Unlike cooking, the number remains around the same no matter the level; the only change is the quality and powers of the potions.

The final option takes you into the Housekeeper attributes page, which tells you their levels. This also allows you to equip your maids how you wish!

Next to learn is the Housekeeper equipment screen. Not Only can you equip them with any look you wish, but they can also hold items for you!

The housekeeper comes with slots like a mannequin, but with one additional; you can even give them wings! equipping them has no visible function to the game, however. Maybe a possible future awaits where people can be attacked in their houses and their maids can fight to save them; who knows?

Anyways, unlike a mannequin, they can ALSO hold up to 10 ADDITIONAL items, making them a living chest! This means not only can you make them look good, but you can store anything you need to store with them.

That seems to be all of the current features of housemaids; Im glad you took the time to read this, and I hope it helps!

EDIT: Added in some new things, including what I have found about crit rate and pdef buffs!

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