Runes of Magic Yellow Stats Guide

Runes of Magic Yellow Stats Guide by mie2run and Atlas1458

StaminaDexterityMaximum HPMagical DefenseDefenseIntelligenceMaximum MPMagical Attack
Empowerment VI3060
Illumine VI3075
Limp VI3075
Mage VII4182
Exellence VIII2605294
Aureola VIII104
Flame of the Lost VII104
Lost Shell VII47104
Mystery of the Demon Dragon VII47104
Seal of the Lost VII47104
Water of the Lost VII104
Soul of Imprisonment VIII57114
Barbarity Of Imprisonment VII313114
Flame of Imprisonment VIII114
Flame of the Fear VII126
Demon of Competition VII66165
Aid of Competition VIII429165
Breakthrough of Competition VIII363165
Forest of Competition VIII165165
Secret of Competition VIII165
Wind of Competition VIII66165
Genius VII30
Restlessness VI3030
Seal of Bravery VII5732
Seal of Sacred Defense VII5732
Inquisition VII4141
Ability of the Lost VI43265
Seal of Ancient Wood VII3244
Seal of Holliness VII3244
Ability of the Demon Dragon VII47305
Earth of the Lost VII22147
Heart of the Lost VII4747
Heart of the Lost VII4747
Lost Work VII10447
Illusion of Imprisonment VIII37057
Ability of Imprisonment VII57370
Earth Of Imprisonment VII31357
Seal of Knowledge VII3257
Soul of Competition VIII36366
Spell of Competition VIII6666
Void of Competition VIII66
Defense of Competition VIII429
Skill of Competition VIII429
Moon of Competition VIII66405
Agility Of Imprisonment VII114370
Secret of Imprisonment VIII370
Fire of the Demon Dragon VII305
Fire of the Lost VII305
Lost Eternity VII47305
Moon of the Lost VII47305
Secret of the Lost VII305
Moon of the Lost VI43265
Mirage VII205
Assault of Competition VIII6456363
Protection of Fear VII293
Lost Guard VII221
Rage of the Lost VII47221
Ability of Competition VII165
Breakthrought of Imprisonment VIII
Candle of Fear VII274
Complement of Competition VIII363
Core of Fear VII365
Core of the Lost VII305
Day of Competition VIII363
Day of Imprisonment VII57114
Day of the Demon Dragon VII47104
Dedication VII235
Diamond Of Imprisonment VII57114
Diamond of the Demon Dragon VII47104
Empowerment VI
Frost of Imprisonment VIII57
Fury of the Lost VI43163
Fury of the Lost VII47221
Insensibility VI30
Lost Candle VII221
Lost Feather VII104
Lost Peck VII305
Poison of Competiton VIII66
Power of Competition VII6666
Ray VI75
Redemtion VII41
Repentance VI30
Repentance VII41
River of Competition VIII66363
Seal of Fear VII3257
Seal of Illusion VII4457
Seal of Potential VII4432
Snow of Imprisonment VIII57
Spirit of Competition VIII
Spirit of Fear VII
Spirit of the Lost VII
Star of competition VIII363
Stone of the Lost VI163
Streangth of Competition VIII66
Strike of the Lost VII
Tear of the Lost VI
Tear of the Lost VII
Thunderclap VI
Transformation of Competition VIII
Tree of Competition VIII429
Trial VII
Valiance of Imprisonment VIII
Water of Competition VIII429
Whip VII205
Wind of the Lost VII
Wing of the Lost VII47305

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