Runes of Magic Lyk Set Guide

Runes of Magic Lyk Set Guide by VISION

As you all know in latest patch we got new quest to receive very good rare set ,unfortunatelly its all in chineese but hopefully this guide will clear some thing up

In this guide im gonna show what mob drops exactly what piece and where is the monster located ,lets start with list of items needed for a piece ,necklace is a good example becouse it require all possible parts :

nr 1,2 ,7 and 8 are in Dragonfang :

nr 3,4,5,6 are in Sascilla steppes :

1. Gnolls . There are 2 spawns each with 20-25 mins respawn time ,they look like gnolls just a bit bigger .lvl 35 elite 11k hp soloable.

2. also Gnolls .similar to previous gnolls just diffrent spawn points.
3. Goats. Four goats with quite quick respawn time around 10mins .lvl 15-20 elite 5k hp .very easy to solo.

4.Ancient rune guardian .Blue elite construct ,afaik only one spawns but relatively quick respawn ,can be all around lake or even in middle of lake.

5.Poisonus weed fish .only one spawns but also quick respawn ,very easy to solo .there’s a rumor one spawns also at mistvass but never seen one there.

6.Pillage leader Cakarse .this one is tricky. while farming goats for quest item nr 3. you will also receive backpack expansions .if you collect 60,70,80,90 and 100 slotted backpack expansion you will merge them by right clicking into ‘basic skill reset stone’ ,this item name is misleading in fact its an item that summons boss if u use it at very end of cavern .boss is lvl 20 not very easy but some classes solo it without any problem.

7.Cyclop bosses .this is where quest starts to get hard. there are 3 cyklop bosses :

Hungry Hangare -spawns and patrols near entrance to agriza his only abilitity is massive damage ,he hits like a train basically u need 10k hp tank for him 2 healers and preferably 2 warriors using defensive formation in rotations .After you kill him he drops random blue item lvl 50 and 1 (one) quest item(1 for party not invidual) ,and yes you need 30 of those for a necklace.

Peacefull Angore – you need healer>healer >tank tactic for him ,he does powerfull aoe which cant be outranged even with 250 yards heals ,so you need 2nd healer to heal 1st healer that heals tank quite easy in fact easiest of those bosses but also 10k hp tank and tough healer are needed.

Stubborn Angore -havent tried this boss but he drops same loot as his brother probably

8.Ice Burst Lockley. Hardest part to obtain .this boss is a true test and hardest boss ingame (except ant queen).he has quite an arsenal of skills :
-powerfull aoe every 10 seconds ,hits for 8k players with leathers( its mitigated by physical defence) 4k damage to main tank with 8k defense.
-aoe freeze 4 seconds to everyone ,can be quite deadly if cast at bad time
-adds ,right after pull he spawns one add and at 50% he summons additional 2 adds ,adds hits for 200-300 but apply nasty dot that ticks for 200 every few seconds.
-at 25% hp berserk .a KILLER ,all his attacks do much more dmg even aoe do more

use line of sight to avoid aoe ,get warriors for defensive formation coz all his attacks are mitigated by defense ,use healer>healer>tank tactic and pray for no crits during berserk.

Rewards :
after u finish all this madness grind finally some rewards ,items are bound even if quest log doesnt show it and durability is created randomly ,stamina mod on those pieces is extra stat which is perfect for modding :

Have fun grinding

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