Poppy 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Poppy 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Exhaust: For kills
2) Flash: For attack and to escape

1) Offense: Cripple, Alacrity, Sunder, Lethality, Havoc
2) Utility: Awareness

1) Mark of Desolation (Armor Penetration), Seal of Alacrity (Attack Speed), Glyph of Celerity (Cooldown), Quintessence of Desolation (Armor Penetration)

Champion Skill Priority
1) Diplomatic Immunity Level 1 (Ultimate)
2) Heroic Charge Level 1
3) Paragon of Demacia Level 1
4) Devastating Blow
5) Paragon of Demacia
6) Heroic Charge
7) Diplomatic Immunity

Item Build
1) Sheen
2) Berserker’s Greaves
3) Trinity Force
4) Vampiric Scepter
5) Phantom Dancer
6) The Bloodthirster
7) The Black Cleaver
8) Infinity Edge

Early Game:
1) Heroic Charge + Devastating Blow gives you high burst damage

Mid/Late Game:
1) During team fights, cast Diplomatic Immunity on a low threat enemy and then don’t attack that target. This will give you a full 6 seconds of Immunity to attack more high priority enemies.

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