League of Legends Kikis Jungle TF Rune Page

League of Legends Kikis Jungle TF Rune Page by HuzzLoL

For the last 15mins or so I was making my test Jungle TF page by using the ESL stream for reference (looking at the stats of the TF at level 1)

I’ve found a rune / mastery combo that gives me the same stats as Kikis had in the match last night.


Runes http://imgur.com/APpabhx

Red: x9 Attack Speed

Yellow: x9 Armor / Lvl

Blue: x9 CDR / Level

Quints: x3 Attack Speed

Masteries – 21 / 9 / 0 – http://imgur.com/ykCFlpe


Runes http://imgur.com/jxUygIM

Red: x9 Hybrid

Yellow: x1 Armor x8 Attack Speed

Blue: x9 Attack speed

Quints: x3 Attack Speed

Masteries – 21 / 9 / 0 – http://imgur.com/eI8W6EA

Both give the same level 1 stats kikis has, but doing further research (thank you commenter’s) It seems that SET UP 1 is more likely than 2.

Most likely going to do a TF Jungle guide in the upcoming days on my YouTube channel. Which you can find as its the same name as my summoner name from the screenshots.

EDIT: ALOT of people have been asking about will the armor be enough, but you have to remember you use the soft reset jungle method with ranged junglers like twisted fate, so you’ll find if you jungle correctly you’ll take 0 damage.

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