Fiesta Online Kingdom Quests Guide

Fiesta Online Kingdom Quests Guide by redassassin

1.King Slimes Counter attack:

Basic Information

Map of King Slime’s Kingdom Quest.Level Requirement: 5 – 16
Number of Participants: 15
Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Lives: 2

You have to kill ALL of the monsters on each level to open the gate and progress to the next.

Once King Slime spawns, the tanker (usually the fighter with the most HP) will take the hits, the cleric heals and mages and archers stay back.

After a certain amount of damage, King Slime will begin to spawn slimes, starting with 3 power slimes, then 3 fire slimes, 4 iron slimes, and finally 2 prince slimes and a queen slime. Kill the king and all his spawns and you’re done!

When you are teleported to the quest area, party up with other people as fast as you can and try to get a balance of clerics, fighters, mages, and archers. All the groups run to the same place to backup other parties just incase another party needs help. The fighters head for 2-3 monsters with clerics close behind to heal and fight. Mages and archers are behind the fighter and cleric. Finish the monster off and head a litle bit foward to find the next monster and so on, until that group of monsters is finished. The whole group then moves to the next grup of monsters. Continue until you finish all the monsters in that “ring”.

Move through the rings until you get to the King Slime area. On the pathway to get in, stop and go into your homes. Clerics should heal the others and themselves and then use potions or stone to recover sp. When everybody is ready, organize the group with the fighters in the front, clerics behind them, and archers and mages in the back. Head foward to the boss fight.

The King Slime fight is fairly easy, but can turn bad quickly if the spawned slimes are not controlled. Before beginning the fight, be sure to designate a main tank. Have the tank focus on the King throughout the entire fight, and a few healers focus on keeping him alive. When the slime adds spawn, have everyone except the main tank break away from the King and focus on killing the adds. Once they are dead, refocus damage on the King until the next wave of adds, and so on until the King is dead. By doing this, you will avoid the problem of having to deal with multiple waves of slimes at once. Also ensure that there is at least one cleric keeping an eye on the health of the offtanks when dealing with the additional slimes. If additional slimes are not killed immediately, then clerics could die (monsters are attracted to lights so they usually aim at clerics) which mean tankers die, then the king slime run at all the other members and everyone dies.

For the main tank, your job is pretty straight-foreward. Primarily, make sure you keep taunt on the king during the fight. Also, slow (bone slicer) and stun (concussive charge) throughout the battle to minimize damage taken. He can often demolish a good chunk of your health in a single hit, so do not hesitate to use a potion or stone to keep yourself alive if the clerics aren’t doing a good enough job.

The best way to ensure success is to ensure everyone understands the plan. Before rushing the King, stop everybody and discuss the strategy. A single ignorant player can often unintentionally ruin the fight.

Monsters Encountered:

Power Slime
Jumping Mushroom
Crazy Imp
Iron Slime
Fire Slime
Brave Honeying
Silver Slime
Warrior Boar
Gold Slime
Prince Slime
Queen Slime
Boss Monsters:King Slime


EXP 1125

Level 15 Enhanced Weapon

Jelly Earrings (+25 HP)

Jelly Earrings (+25 SP)

Jelly Earrings (+25 HP, +25 SP)

Lucky Elrue

Blessed Elrue

HP Potion (Tier 1)

drops from other monsters like pets

2.Mara Pirates Rage:

25 years ago, two children and one mysterious woman were banished from Roumen village for involvement in a conspiracy with a Karasian Templer. Today the children who were banished have come back to Roumen village for vengeance. Mara the Pirate and Marlon the bandit have come to seek revenge for the exile and for the solitary death of their mother.”

Basic Information
Level Requirement: 17 – 25
Number of Participants: 15
Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Lives: 2
Monsters Encountered:

Mara Pirate
Mara Sailor
Mara Elite
Marlone Fighter
Marlone Archer
Marlone Megaton
Boss:Legendary Marlone (icon usually facing left, has horns).
Boss:Charismatic Mara (icon facing right with blue logo on the hat).


Run all the way to the area before the first two fake boss monsters are – there is a safety plank right before there. You can run past ALL the monsters. There is no need to kill any of them. But the leader of the pack should be a fighter with high hp. Do not bother with any other char leading except a high hp cleric… the fighters jobs is extremely important. It is to get the attention of all the monsters so the majority of the monsters won’t attack the rest of the group, so use mock if you can with a group of enemies… of course don’t just stand there trying to attract every monster, the thing about this map is that after running just a bit, most monsters will give up and do nothing unlike the regular map.

Kill the first fake boss monsters one at a time. Don’t try to take them all at once, they both have a type of AoE, so be careful. You need a fighter with 900+ hp to tank and at least 2 or 3 types of clerics to heal (1 if its level 23+)

After defeating the two fake bosses, run to the boat and clear one side of monsters (its better to clear the right side of the boat).

Then get a archer or mage to go to the next side of the boat and bring out ONE of the real bosses and bring it to the free side of the boat, this is where the fighter taunts it then tanks it, everyone else stay FAR away if you can. Of course archers/mages, do not let it hit you, the male one has the ability to immobilize you so you better run away RIGHT after you attacked and fighters are the only ones that should be near it, and i mean FAR FAR away. At the max distance you can stay with being able to cast a spell.

After defeating the first real boss, get the second real boss with the same method. Then your done! Congratulations, you won 1.9k exp and a quest box.

Want to know how to tell the real boss from the fake? Well…

If you click on them, their picture is different. The real Mara has a Blue Sign on her Hat and looks to the right side. Marlone looks to the left and has horns on his head.

OK there are two ways to do this quest:

1) Fight all the enemies all the way to the fake Marlone and fake Mara. (Keep in mind this will tank alot of your time that you WILL need to kill the 2 fakes and the 2 reals at the end)

2) RUSH: This is when you get your parties together and run! all the way till you get to and empty platform next to the fake Marlone and Mara. (Important: if you rush. WAIT for everyone to castch up, use this time to heal in your mushroom and get scrolls on, ect.)

Figure out who is tanking, who is healing. Mages, archers and clerics need to stay in the back on the platform.

The best way i found to do this, is first take out a few of the enemies around the two fakes, to open it up a bit. Then the tanker needs to lure which ever fake first (I usually go for marlone first).

Take out Fake Marlone then Fake Mara.

You can rush again to the ship, or kill enemies yoru choice.

When you get to the ship there will be a bunch of enemies at the stairs and just below them. STAY TO THE RIGHT ON THE SHIP. Don’t bother killing the left enemies they don’t get in your way.

Once you clear out the right side, heal up

You’ll see another set of stairs and just over those are 4 Marlones, 4 Maras and other enemies (IGNORE THE OTHER UNLESS THEYA RE IN THE WAY!) and get an archer (preferably) to lure the REAL ONES.

The real ones are:
Legendary Marlone (When you click the marlones you will see pictures of them, the one looking to the LEFT is the REAL one) Charismatic Mara (When you click the maras you will see pictures of them, the one with the BLUE LOGO on her hat is the REAL one)

Take out Marlone and Mara. (Remember Archers, Mages and Clerics in back) And your done!


EXP 1986
Level 20 Enhanced Weapon
Level 20 Enhanced Armor
Sign of Mara (+40 HP, +40 SP, +1% Critical Rate)
Sign of Mara Earring (+40 HP +40 SP)
Sign of Mara Earring (+40 SP, +1% Critical Rate)
Sign of Mara Pirates Earring (+40 HP)
Sign of Mara Pirates Earring (+40 SP)
Lucky Elrue
Blessed Lix


3.Gold Hill adventure:
“The Golden Hill is known for its abundant supply of gold. From time to time this area becomes filled with people with dreams of becoming rich.

1. First dig ores with the pickaxe and search for the key that opens the Ice Door
2. Open the Ice Door and avoid an attack from the monsters trapped inside
3. Move to the next floor and look for the gate to escape Golden Hill”

Note:This quest is the hardest quest to participate in because it is mainly full and it is limmited to 3 quests only, so keep on the watch.

Basic Information

Level Requirement: 20 – 32
Number of Participants: 15
Time Limit: 35 minutes
Lives: 2

Monsters Encountered:

Crazy Kebling
Crazy Grave Robber
Slanderer Mage Book
Gold Miner Marlone Clan Archer
Gold Miner Marlone Clan Megaton
Gold Hill Bat
Skeleton Archer
Gold Miner Marlone Clan Fighter
Mini Boss Monsters :Gold Miner Marlone
Boss Monsters :Gold Robber Boss


Strategy :

The map is subdevided into 5 sections. In every one you need to find a keyYou need to mine for it to open the ice door, so you can progress to the next Area.

At the start of section 4 Gold Miner Marlone is waiting, so you should wait with opening the door ’til the whole group is there.

Fight him is standard, a tank take the aggro, and the others hit him. Clerics and Fighters should only attack from behind, since Marlone has a AoE Skill.

After another key search you are at the boss, Gold Robber Boss. The strategy is the same as for the mini boss.


3318 Exp

Enhanced Weapon

Enhanced Armor


Refinement materials: Elrue, Lucky Elrue, Blessed Elrue, Lix

Potions : HP and SP potions [tier 2]


4.Milenium Robo :
“The Soul Stone discovered by Roumenus has disappeared. Roumenous and others have adventured all over Isya in search of the missing artifact. Finally it was discovered in the possession of Millennium Robo in the Moonlight Tomb.Recover the Soul Stone from Millennium Robo before Elderine’s backup forces arrive. You must stay alive in the allotted time.”

Basic Information:

Level Requirement: 33-45
Number of Participants: 1-20
Time Limit: 30 minutes


Phase 1: The Start
It is key to note that unlike other Kingdom Quests, you do not win by killing a boss. Rather, you win by simply surviving for 30 minutes. At set time intervals, waves of monsters will spawn across the whole map, and then beeline for your group. Waves typically consist of 10-15 copies of the same monster.

You enter the Kingdom Quest in the middle of a large octagonal room. Common trend is for parties to hurriedly form as everyone rushes to the southern end of the room. This is because monsters have already begun to appear and they need to be killed as quickly as they appear for the majority of the event. The first minute of this Kingdom quest can often be the most hectic as groups will not be optimally set up, and your team will be facing 2:1-3:1 odds worth of monsters.

After the first three waves are controlled, you will have small intermissions to swap people around to create more balanced groups.

Points to note in Phase 1 (first few waves especially):

Fighters must pull monsters off the other classes as often as they can.
Mages and archers should use area of effect(AOE) skills as much as possible, even if it means dying. If you are not able to clear the first few waves fast enough, the entire group will be wiped because the clerics simply will not be able to heal everyone fast enough.
Clerics should throw invincible and restore on the fighters tanking.
All classes must be prepared to use stones and potions to keep themselves alive. Every player counts in the first 3-4 minutes.
It is strongly advised that players be at least level 36 with full set of level 36 gear before joining. The monsters in this KQ hit extremely hard. If a majority of players are 36 and below (33-36), it is very likely that the KQ will fail.

Phase 2: Trudging Along
From the fourth wave on, the monsters are fairly controllable and easily dispatched. It is suggested that a tank or two be assigned with grabbing monsters that are funneling in from outside and tanking them in the doorway.

Skeleton Warriors appear at 18:54 both in the south room and other rooms. They will take a while before homing in on the party. These must be also be dispatched quickly as they can interfere with the next wave.

One notable wave of monsters at 16:54, the Dark Skeleton Knights, can cause a lot of damage to your group. They hit for very high damage, and place a tier 2 bleed on anyone they hit. It is suggested multiple tanks gather up the aggro quickly or clerics and mages will enjoy very quick deaths, but it is also important to note that using an AOE taunt is usually a death sentence for said tanks.

After the Dark Skeleton Knight wave at 16:54 and the following Mad Zombie wave at 13:34, your team is treated to an unusually long period of no monster spawns.

Points to note in Phase 2:

Dark Skeleton Knights should be taunted and stunned as soon as they appear. They make VERY quick work of mages and archers.
It is a good idea therefore, for the mages and archers to be standing nearer the south wall to give the fighters more time to taunt the monsters.
Before attempting AOE taunt on the skeleton knights, it is a good idea to keep your clerics informed.
One method used is to designate one level 40+ fighter to aoe taunt the knights, while the clerics take turns keeping invincible on him.


Phase 3: Run for Your Lives
After the Mad Zombie wave, you leave the relative safety of the room your team has been fighting inside and move back into the main chamber. At 8:54, a small group of 4 Brave Skeletons will spawn in the southeast corner of the central chamber. These are easily killed. At 8:24, a small group of 4 Cave Kebings will spawn in the southwest corner of the central chamber. Quickly kill these to thin the number of monsters that you will have to face in the next part.From 8:00 to 6:30, a massive amount of monsters will spawn. A number far larger than can be handled. At this point, tanks and clerics with aggro begin running around the central chamber in wide circles (ideally hugging the wall all the way) with their trains of monsters behind them. Mages and Archers must quickly dispatch the Fire Vivis and Skeleton Archers to have a chance at surviving the barrage, because these are ranged creatures that take the shortest path to their targets and are very difficult to train safely.

Lots of people will likely die while the Vivis and Archers are mopped up, and the monster trains are slowly worked onto the fighters (using taunts to get them off the clerics who also have trains behind them). The important thing is to not let everyone die, as the Kingdom Quest can only fails if everyone dies, regardless of if people still had hearts left.

At some point your team will either all die, or things will stabilize. If your team got things under control, shortly after the Vivis and Skeletons have died, everyone should be revived and back to full health while the runner(s) are still leading their monster trains around the room. At this point, mages and archers will begin pulling monsters out of the train to the rest of the group to be killed off systematically.

Eventually, time will run out, and your team will get get your “Success!”, experience, and treasure chest. If your team did extraordinarily well though, you may have the chance to attempt Phase 4.

Points to note in Phase 3:

The runners’ role in this part is crucial. If there are no runners, it is very likely that the KQ will be lost as the monsters will pile up on the players one by one.
Everyone should be running in a constant direction. The current trend is for counter-clockwise(CCW).
It is very important that Vivis and Archers be taken down as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that as players die, the monsters will start training onto 1 target. If they are not taken down fast enough, there is a chance that the ranged monsters will take out the last runner, scattering the trained mobs back onto the rest, and very likely killing everyone.
While running, players should note the amount of monsters behind them. Those without any monster trains (or just a single monster) behind them should head towards the centre to regroup.
It is a good idea NOT to wait for revive during the running phase. The faster everyone shakes the monster trains and gets back up, the better your chances of success.
Melee monsters can be left alone if you are attempting Phase 4.
For running guide, please refer to the last section.

Phase 4: Boss – Millenium Robo
You’ve undoubtably noticed a giant werewolf with particle blades mixed in with the trains (or running loose killing people if he wasn’t controlled well) of monsters and wondering what to do with him. If your team cleans up the normal monsters and you still have at least 4:00 left on the clock, you can attempt to kill him. It is important to know that attempting to kill the Millenium Robo runs the risk of killing everyone in the Kingdom Quest, regardless of how well you handled Phase 3.

There is no special reward for killing the Millenium Robo inside the Kingdom Quest, but there is a quest in the Other Quests section called Stopping Millenium Robo 4 which gives 18500 experience for killing him.

Millenium Robo has no area of effect attack, but hits for around 1000-1200 damage with his melee attack, and has a fear skill. As his health goes down, he resummons waves of monsters in the same order they appeared previously in the Kingdom Quest. This means by the time Millenium Robo is at around 10% health, you are dealing will Skeleton Knights, Fire Vivis, and everything else you previously encountered all at once. These new waves do not despawn when Millenium Robo dies, so you want to time his death as close to 0:10 as you can since your team will be eventually overrun by the sheer amount of monsters.

If you kill him, congratulations, your team has beaten arguably one of the hardest Kingdom Quest bosses in Fiesta. If you run out of time, you still win the Kingdom Quest. If you all die, well, you knew the risk.

Good Luck in the Millenium Robo Kingdom Quest!

Points to note in Phase 4:

An additional runner, particularly a fighter(substitute tank), can be designated to run the monsters that Millenium Robo spawns away from the party, using aoe taunt and a cleric invincible.
I believe that fear can be dispelled, and should be, as soon as the main tank has been feared. If not, there should ideally be a substitute fighter to taunt Millenium Robo away from the other players.
Like all earlier Kingdom Quests, only 1 party will get the credit for killing Millenium Robo.

Monster Spawn Timeline

30:00 – No monsters in the map.
29:30 approx – 1st wave of 4-5 dark imps.
29:00 approx – constant waves, from dark imps to cave kebings to carnival wolves.
up to
25:00 approx – usual standard for good parties to have cleared most of the monsters.
up to
20:00 approx – spawns of skeleton archers, skeleton warriors, mutant zombies, rapid boars.
up to
18:54 – skeleton warriors.
16:54 – skeleton knights.
13:34 – mutant zombies.
up to
12:00 approx – mutant zombies and skeletons.
up to
08:54 – 4 brave skeletons
08:24 – 4 cave kebings
08:00 – more cave kebings
07:45 approx – rapid boars
07:30 approx – skeleton warriors/knights?
07:15 approx – skeleton archers
07:00 approx – fire vivis
06:30 approx – millenium robo
up to
00:00 success

Runner’s Guide To Surviving Millenium Robo Basics:

Runner(s) MUST have the speed scroll on to outrun the monsters, especially Millenium Robo. If not, each time you cut a corner, the monsters will gain ground on you, and you will eventually be overwhelmed.
Recommended to have at least Vitality, Shield, and Magical Defence scrolls on also.
Runners should only be fighters and clerics, and at most only 2 should be designated runners. Any amount larger than 2, and there is a high risk that if any of the additional runners get killed, the monsters will bungee back to the remaining runners, and generating a large spike damage that could kill them. Also, too many runners reduces the party’s overall ability to take out monsters.
Be prepared to use lots of stones and potions to stay alive, especially when the fire vivis and skeleton archers have not been taken out. There is no other option. Clerics must be instructed not to heal, or they run the risk of pulling the train off you, onto themselves, and possibly back onto the main party.
Runners should have at least 1300++ HP, the more the better. I have personally run with 1300 HP (with vitality scroll) as a level 40 cleric.

Starting in the southern sector, between the 8:54 & 8:24 monster spawns, move north at 8:05 to catch the attention of the 1st wave of cave kebings at 8:00. You should be near the center area, but not directly within the light. Head to the east, similar to what the rest should be doing, CCW direction. Linger around and grab the next monster spawn (rapid boars) between the entrance to the east room and the center. After this point, you should be heading towards the walls, ahead of the rest of the party. This will be a good location since, as the party gets killed by monsters, these monsters will not be cutting you off from in front, but trying to catch up from behind, thus joining the train. For the first round, try to run in smaller circles, about 3/4 the way from the center to the walls. Running at this 3/4 ring will enable you to grab most of the monsters, as you should cross them at about the same time that they spawn. Be very careful after you pass the skeleton archers, as the next spawn will be fire vivis. Do not let your HP drop too low, as you’re very likely to pick up Millenium Robo shortly after this. If at this point in time, Millenium Robo is coming at you from your side or front, you started running too late, or ran too wide a circle, thus putting yourself at high risk of getting killed by Robo and the ranged monsters.
Additional Strategy

Take note of the monsters trained behind you. If the fire vivis and skeleton archers are all bunched up, be prepared for a huge spike every once in a while. If they are seperated somewhat, you will have more time to react, since when they eventually catch up to you and shoot, the damage will be spread out more evenly, giving you more time to react.
Keep your fingers ready on hp stones and hp potions. Be mentally prepared to spend up to 5s worth of stones and potions and scrolls each time you step up as the runner. On average, I spent 2s worth each round, running for over 14 Robo KQs.
If You Die

If you die, and it does happen, do not worry. Use your heart/life, and get back up. Start running again and heal up as you go. Get your scrolls back on, starting with speed, armor, vitality and finally magical defence. Even if no monsters are on you now, chances are in about 30 seconds, at least half will spring back on you as your party starts staring at the floor and newbies will be thinking that someone trained the monsters into the centre! The most vital part of this is to run and run early. Monsters will be making a beeline for you the moment they finish up your party, and the earlier you pick them up on the train, the less likely you will get a whole pile coming in at once with a huge spike damage. Clerics can use max level heal spell a couple of times to aggro some monsters fast, while fighters can try taunting smaller groups. Remember, as long as 1 player is alive, the KQ will still continue!

Monsters Encountered :

Giant Mushroom
Dark Imp
Carnival Wolf
Brave Skeleton
Cave Kebing
Skeleton Archer
Rapid Boar
Powerful Skeleton Warrior
Dark Skeleton Knight
Fire Vivi
Boss Monster :Millenium Robo

~8000 Exp.
Level 40 Enhanced Weapon
Level 40 Enhanced Armor
Blessed Elrue/Lix/Xir (Tier 2)
Lucky Elrue/Lix/Xir (Tier 2)
HP Potion x5 (Tier 2)
Millennium Robo’s Dark Earings

Thanks to (Grexx / Avelyn) for this great strategy guide.

5.Mean Giant Honying:

–Info coming soon–


6.Mini Dragon :
Basic InformationLevel Requirement: 46 – 60
Number of Participants: 1 – 15
Time Limit: 50 minutes


This Quest does not request players kill all the monsters. There are four stages on the way to the boss Mini Dragon, each stage has a mini boss itself. Defeat the mini boss, then the monsters in current stage will disappear.

The Boss, Mini Dragon, has high hp and dmg. Since it can cast Fear on tankers, more than two high lvl fighters is recommanded. Mini Dragon can also summon mutiple monsters(a group of 10 – 15) 4 – 5 times and cast hp regen skill on its self 3 – 4 times. After defeat the Dragon, numbers of ores will be spamed around the area. Mini Dragon ring and other tier 2 – 3 mats can be found in these ores.


Monsters Encountered:
Boss:Mini Dragon


32000 EXP
Upgraded Armour Lv44 –> 50
Mini Dragon’s Tear (Earrings)
Mini Dragon ring (Ring)


7.Spiders Assault:

Basic Information

Level Requirement: 60 – 70
Number of Participants: 1 – 15
Time Limit: 30 minutes

Monsters Encountered

Madness Grave Robbers
Ultra spiders
Ice vivis
Archmage Books
Great spider (Boss)


This quest relives the spirit of robo, and the idea is basically the same.

Survive the 30 minutes, and any killing is considered an EXP Bonus.

Some notable differences :

Many More Bosses
There are about 5-6 Madness Grave Robbers that spawn.
Ultra spiders, 5-6 too.
Great spider, only 1 and will rarely be killed in time.
Ranged Monsters
Ice vivis – warning, they can cast a spell that slows you down alot. Runners beware.
Archmage Books – they can spawn in large quantities
There should be more than one runner if needed.


+2 Points exp extender.
5-10 Tier,2/3 Materials 30 of each. (Worth 50s usually)


8.King Kongs Phino Kingdom Quest:
The legendary monster that crushed elderine in the closed beta version by [GM]Dakkon, In TEVA server, it was spawned once before the end of the closed BETA and the power to spawn it transfered to [CSR]Cretz and spawned it again in the end of the christmas ball in 2007.

still information about this KQ is not will be posted soon.


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