Fiesta Online Frequently Asked Questions

Fiesta Online Frequently Asked Questions by redassassin

1)Item Enhancment:
1. What is Item enhancement system?

1. This system is for users to strengthen their own equipment, and Users can
refine to maximum 9 stages.
2. Depending on Item enhancement level, weapon and shield have special
graphic effect and it makes game characters’ weapons and equipments
look better.

2. Preparation

1. Strength
Every equipment has strength.
Higher level weapon has higher strength.
From strength 1 to 5 equipment
Strength of needed materials to refine items should be accord with strength of items to be refined.

2. Materials
It is necessary to refine equipment to refine item.
All protection items including shield can be refined as well as weapons..
After preparing equipment, Enhancement stone is needed too.
Enhancement stone is divided into 3 stages as well as strength.
The types of stone are Elrue( 1~3 grade), Lix( 4~6 Grade), Xir( 7~8 Grade), and you have to apply enhancement stone depending on strength and current Item enhancement status of equipment.
There is modifier enhancement stone that are even the same kind of enhancement stone.
In case of modifier word [blessing~], success rate is higher than ordinary refine stone, such as Blessing Elrue, Blessing Lix, Blessing Xir.

3. Item enhance

1. You have to visit Smith in the city with Item enhancement materials to refine your items.
2. Click smith NPC, and select item enhancement in the window.
3. In the Item enhancement window, you can see 1 slot at the center of window, 8 slots at an outer ring and 3 slots at the bottom of window.
4. Open item enhancement window and put the item on the slot at the center of the window.
5. After putting item to be refined, put the material 1 of 8 slots as stated above.
(Strength of item has to be in accord with the strength of material.)

4. Success and fail

1. Basic Success
If you succeed to refine item, the item will be upgraded 1 level.
The rate of success depends on formula, such as stage of strength, Item enhance stage, trial times and level.

2. Lucky success
Lucky success means that item refined 2 level when you succeed in Item enhance
You must use the refine stone which has modifier word [Lucky~] to do.

3. Fail
Fail means common fail and the item maintains current status even fail to refine.
Of course refine stone will be consumed even when fail to refine.

4. Fail to downgrade
In case of fail to refine, item status may be downgraded from current status.
This fail to downgrade is applied to over 1 level.

5. Fail to Critical
This means item being destroyed when you fail to refine and broken item cannot be recovered.
This fail to critical is applied to over 0 level.

5. Additional Slots

1. You can see 3 additional slots at the bottom of Item enhance window.
2. In these slots, you can put special items which can help you succeed item enhancement.
3. These are called red slot, gold slot and blue slot from the left, and applicable items are different.

Red Slot : You can put Red Eye and Perfect Red Eye on this slot, and these will prevent from failing to critical.

Gold Slot : You can put gold nine on this slot, and it will raise success rate of Item enhance.

Blue Slot : You can put Blue Mile and Perfect Blue Mile, and these will prevent
from failing to downgrade.

6. Functions

1. Raising Capacity
The main purpose of Item enhancement is raising capacity of weapon and protection items. Attack capacity will increase for weapon and protection capacity for shield.
Higher Item enhanced stage gives more capacity for attacking and protection.

2. Effect
Item enhancement effect of equipment is applied to over 3 upgrade stages.
You can see more splendid effects in higher stage.

1.Weapon titling & License

1. Weapon titling
Weapon titling is that improvement for capacity of weapon items by
registering certain monster’s license onto items.
2. License
Weapon title license enables weapon item to have additional capacities

2. Getting License
You can get license by buying at the license NPC in the city or hunting monsters. And you can make your wepon stronger than before by registering and hunting appropriate monsters.

3. License Registration
Visit license NPC in the city and select license registration. And then put the weapon item at the top of weapon title window, and put monster license just beneath the weapon item, click sculpture knife like the icon. You can confirm improved effect tool tip of license registered weapon.

4. Wepon Skins:
Yes ,Wepon Skins, Lets go back to the old days if we all remember [GM]Steam, when he used a giant X-Mass tree, well that aint a wepon but a LV50 Sword Desguissed as an X-Mass tree.well..
This feature is a feature that would be introducesced untill the relese date of Fiesta,It is a good feature the same like custumes, well this is also a sort of custume for your wepon.

The Types of Skins:
(Lamps, Kites, Stop lights, Sign Boards, Murasame, Alexanders, X-Mass tree, Baton,Giant Fish, Saw, Katanas, Harpoon Guns, Riffles, Tree, Branch..etc)

Does these Skins hold any powers?
1. They do infact, Inspire allot of players, also it makes one eunique.
2. Increase in DMG, DEF, M.DEF,Crit.

Do they expire?
Yes, Every Wepon has a durability limit of 20K points.
if expired , you need to buy a repair Kit from Fiesta Shop to fix it.

5. Effect of weapon title

In the additional effects, attack capacity is applied only to appropriate monsters and critical capacity is applied to all kinds of monsters. You can evaluate effect of weapon title by license registered monsters and get relevant nick names as well.

However, improved attack capacity by stage is only applied to appropriate monsters, there is some differentiation in monster number to be needed and added attack capacity depend on type of license.

3)ALCHEMY & GATHERING :———————————————————————–
First Alchemy:1.What is Alchemy system?
In the Fiesta, players can produce various special items (Potion, Scroll, Enhancement Stones..etc!!) using Alchemy skills with some materials from hunting and gathering ,Thats performing Alchemy in Fiesta!!

2.How to produce
1. Before producing items, players have to choose the 2 alchemy skills
categories players want to produce among 5 categories (Potion, Scroll,
Enhancement Stone, synthetic materials and Material decomposition)
2. Attention : After choosing categories, Player cannot change these any
more !!.
3. Buy or get various Alchemy Skills – Buy skill scrolls from NPC, Monster
dropping skill scrolls or buy skill scrolls with honored points from NPC.
4. Learn each alchemy skills which you buy or get them by clicking right
mouse button
5. Press “K Key” and find then right click Alchemy Category Icon (Each
Alchemy skills you learn are not shown in this window, It only shows
Alchemy Category Icon)
6. Alchemy list is now opened. Only the yellow lined skills are available to use
because you learned only these skills or limitation of expert point.
7. Click the yellow lined Skill with left click, then Character will automatically
start to produce the items if you have the proper materials in your
8. Each Alchemy skills have limitation of expert points to learn.

3.How to use produced items.
1. Click right Mouse button in the inventory
2. Enroll the items on Quick Slot window and press shortcut key
3. Player can enroll Alchemy Skill Categories Icon on Quick Slot Window too.

Second Gathering:

1.What is Gather system?
To produce some items by player himself in Fiesta, Player should gather woods, herbs, ore and so on.

2. How to gather materials

1. Buy a Gather skill scroll from skill master and learn it.
2. Buy the pick from NPC store.
3. Double click the target materials(Wood, herb, ore and so forth) by mouse
right button,
4. At that time, Gather Bar comes out, if you click the gather bar when the
movement comes across the line at the right time, you can gather all
stuffs faster than when you don’t match it

(Ever wonder what thoes slots were for around your equipment screen?)
1. What’s the Mini Mon?
Mini mons or dolls as we all know it are small monster figueres that floats by
a characters shoulder, that you can get from battlefield monsters, or random shops available all around Isya towns, that increase all stats depending on the type of doll it is.2. Equip mini monster
1. To Equip mini monster, just open the Inventory (I key) and right click.
2. Each Mini monster(Doll) has special ability to increase character capacity.

(U may know it, its thoes flying teleporters, wooder horse,zebras..etc)1. What’s a Mover?
1. Movers are special transportation in Isya Continent.
2. There are many kinds of Movers in NPC stores or events.
3. Each mover has different speed and user’s level limitation to use
4. Plus you need to learn a skill how to ride one (500copper).

2. Recall the Mover
1. To ride and use the movers, Player should first of all learn the Riding Skill.
2. You can put riding skill and general mover in the NPC store in each Cities
but there are Mover sales NPCs in each cities and they are selling different
3. Mover can walk and run, Moreover, even show special actions.
4. Z key has toggle function for running and walking Movers.

3. Hungry Bar
1. Movers are always becoming hungry when they are recalled.
2. If the Hungry bar runs out, Movers cannot run. Please check the hungry
bar in Mover window
3. To fill up the hungry bar, you have to feed the Movers but you have to
buy the right food for movers at NPC stores.
4. Movers sold in Cash Item mall don’t need food.

6) PVP Challenges
——————————————————————1.What is PVP? (A.K.A. PKing?)
Pvp is a short term of Player Versus Player or in most cases known as Player Kill, Guilds offer you a choice of having a PVP system on or off, but you may
have a chance of trying to become a Pker.

2.Where do I experience Pking?

If you want to feel the challenge, try going to the Battle field, check your map from Elderine you can go there, but you must be aware that.
1-Monsters are not too strong,also in HP but got a lot of Exp. points.
2-When you enter you have the abillity to kill other players.
3-Monsters here drop equipment more often.
4-Shadows of yourself will appear.
5-Best place to Level-Up.
6-Names of players will not be identified (You cannot see them )Making it
even posible to kill your friends.
7-There is no teaming up when entering battle field.
8-When teamed up you cannot participate.

7)Fields Information—————————————————————————
Click the image to open in full size.1.What is Field Information?
The Field Information is an information post I added here to know the type of fields available in Fiesta and if you die you go back to the city that hosts the field.

2.The fields.
(When you die at each of the fields you are revived back to the cities that
Hosts this fields)

1.Roumen Field.
A. Sand Beach
B. Forest of tides
C. Forest of Mist
D. Echo Cave

2.Elderine Field.
A.Burning Hill
B.Vine Tomb
C.Sea of Greed
D.Moonlight Tomb
E.Collapsed Prison
F.Goblin Camp
G.Concealed Prison 1F
H.Concealed Prison 2F
I. Windy Cave
J. Graveyard of the dead.
K. Marlone hideout
L. Luminous Stone1F &2F
M.Scafold Execution Ground
N.Sand Hill
O.Abyssmal Summit3.Uruga Field.A. Ancient Elven Woods
B. Forest of Slumber
C. Golden Cave
D. Burning Cave
E. Burning Rock
F. Swamp Of Dawn
G. Temple of Spirits
H.Trumpy Remains(Dungeon)
I. Land of Trials(Dungeon)
J. Dragons Den( Dungeon)
K. Forbidden castle(Dungeon Field)

4.Special Fields.
A.Shadow Corridor
B.Golden Hill
C.Mara Ship
D.Battle Fields 1, 2, 3
E.Mini Dragons Den
F.Cyclone Hill
G.Abyss Fields in Luminous stone.
H.Underground grave
I. X O Field

8)Competing Area
(Ever wanted counterstrike but fiesta caracters?well here is a similar thing)1. Competing Area
Competing Area is the area where users can check their class, level, skill, statistic, and item’s strength and weakness by fighting each other. There is no experience loss, even though a user dies. In addition, a user can get points when they win the fight. You can check “Kill Points” in the downside of the character information window.

2. Facts of Competing Area

1. Users are able to enter the area by entrance guard.
2. There is an NPC – which sells HP/SP stone – in each Competing Area,
3. There is no experience loss in losing the fight.
4. Users can get “Kill Point” in winning the fight.
5. Resurrect in competing area when users die.
6. Users cannot use “Mover” in the Competing Area.

3.Where do we find this places?

1.Roumen:Talk to (NPC) entrance guard near the Guild master.
2.Elderine:OPen Map NPC is in the South Western area road talk to him.
3.Uruga:Talk to NPC guard under the post guard,west of Uruga.

*Now for some questions answering…Q.How do I check when the server is down?
Answer :When the server is down by Server Maintenance there will be a
notice sign in the main screen.And in case of emergency server
maintenance, after completing the patch and input your User ID and
password there will be a server selecting screen.
(You Can check the server status from this screen, if it is closed)

Q.Can I play Fiesta Online from a Laptop?
Answer : I cannot guarantee 100% that Fiesta will run smoothly even if
your laptop’s system is higher than the requirement.

There’s a possibility you may not be able to play Fiesta due to
overwhelmed heat from the laptop or other driver’s compatibility.

Also, even if Fiesta runs smoothly, playing for a long time may
cause your laptop to be overheated and damaged.

But I for one been playing Fiesta for like 16 hours so there is no
problems as far as I know.

Note: I have two laptops,Dell and Toshiba..Toshiba works fine and verry smooth
But Dell doesnt even though the specs are over system requirments.

Q.I can’t login to Fiesta Online because of the Firewall.
Answer : Firewall is a security system that filters the information transmitted
between network and internet from enterprise, organization and
accept, decline, edit them.

In industries and Schools or dormitories where the network is
constructed Firewall can be installed in order to prevent hacking
and virus infection or from the administrators to restrict unwanted
internet use.

If you cannot login to Fiesta Online then it is possible that the
administrator blocked the network and you should contact the
network administrator to solve this problem.

Q.How do I upgrade Direct X?
Answer : You need Direct x 9.0c or above to run Fiesta Online.
To check the version, do as below.

Start > Run

Type “dxdiag”

In the System info box you can check your Direct X version – If it is lower than that you must update or install it. The process is stated below.

< Install >
a. Homepage > Download > Graphic Driver > DirectX 9.0c and download.
b. When download is completed double click on the downloaded file(dxwebsetup.exe) and install.

* To run Fiesta Online you need a version higher than DirectX 9.0c which means you cannot run the game in Windows 95.

To install DirectX you need 55MB amount of space in your Hard drive.
After installation, DirectX file will use approximately 22MB of your Hard drive space.

Q.It says that a CRC error has occured.
Answer : CRC stands for Cyclick Redundancy Check which is a technology to
check if the files in the network come and go are received and
sent properly.

If the file downloaded from the network is different from its original file or moving a file or copying, error can occur on the medium such as hard disk and RAM.

First, check the hard disk error and it could be a caused by a damaged file downloaded to your PC so it may be troublesome but please download the Fiesta Online client again.

Also, it could be caused by virus infection so use V3 or other vaccine programs to examine whether it is infected or not.

Q.How do I get a horse?
Answer : you can purchase a wooden horse from Item Merchant Pey. In
addition to the mount, you will need to buy Floatation stones from
Item Merchant Pey and the riding skill from Skill Master Ruby. Right- click the riding skill to learn how to ride, then right-click the horse
in your inventory to mount and dismount from your horse. The
progress bar next to the wooden horse’s icon will decrease as you
ride it; right-click flotation stones to keep it afloat.

Q.How do I make my weapon and shield glow?
Answer : Players can make their equipment glow by enhancing it. For more
information on how to enhance items, press F10 to access the
game guide and select the ‘Items.’or it is mentioned early in this
thread. under Item Enhancment.

Note: there is a chance of downgrading or even destroying your items during
the enhancement process. so be always careful and better to try and
upgrade an upgraded wepon before you do it on your main wepon.:cool

Q.Is that a bug when verry strong monsters appear in towns suddenly?
Answer:No, Actually website sellers and spammers are being delt with and killed by this act, GM’s tend to activate such a sudden attack by spawning dragonsand or other strong monsters, Try Hitting the shift+z button to beat laggin and to concentrate and log out when that happens, or if you are in a
higher level like 50+ dont waste such a great chance to gain exp.

Q.How do I change my class?
Answer:When you reach Level 20, in the game you will recieve a message
that skill master in Elderine is waiting for you, follow this quest to the
end and you will be told to find the shadow key kill the phinofly’s and
or greenkies, boars and ratmen all drop the key or just kill any
monsters less than your level to avaoid any stress.
they will drop it! and now enter the shadow corridor and fight your
mirror (shadow).
You can also reach a new Class or Job, as you reach Level 60 and
also undertake this Level-up or Job-change quest.

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