Facebook Battle Stations Soldier Build Guide

Facebook Battle Stations Soldier Build by Vinct

Level (for this build): Level 92
Class: Soldier

Craft: 118
Gun: 250
Nav: 92

Ship: Gunship
Ship Upgrade level: Gunship Level 7
Skills activated: Evansive Action, Preemtive Strike, Take Aim, Feint

Parts: Cyclone Sail, Sonic Charger, Mach Blades, Super Alloy, El Toro Crest
Weapons: 2x Ancient Artillery, 2x Napalm Catapult, Cannon Mace, Demon Cannon, Yamato Prototype

How to use this build: [offensive fast ship sniping / defensive fishing & clan war defender smasher]


gunship > missile frigate

gunship has more capacity than the missile frigate. this brings out more damage from cannons even when missiles give me better stat multipliers as compared to cannons

when the gunship is at level 8, i will have more hp, more capacity, as compared to the level 2 missile cruiser.
i do not need the speed as missile ship gives too much speed and not enough capacity.
i can use my ship all the way to level 130 even with a level 8 in this case

cannon > missile

the use of cannons with/without take aim is best with upgraded ships

it makes full use of the capacity as missiles at this level cannot even fill up the missile ship to max capacity…

FAST defense = evade

people usually rush to soldiers with missile or with max speed rams.

missile users go slow trying to kill me in 2 attacks. so they discover that after the first attack, hp becomes 99% and on the 3rd attack, the speed become different. cos i never leave my ship on defense unguarded.

max speed rams will regret it every time. cos they get 2 volleys of cannons and discover that they cannot manage to sink me in 1 hit.

fast offense sniper

scouts need to chase up to enemies so they will equip with max speed. after they attack anyone else, they lose protection and i will be there to poach these fast scouts. even if they repair, their ships are not fitted for defense so a sink is sealed

clan wars defender smasher

at max speed, i rush into the fight and reach the defender who is usually a missile defender using the same parts as me so our speeds will keep us in cannon range. if they are not, it is even better than me. cos i will hit them.


missile defense is not advisable. cos u barely hit them due to the lack of slowdown in missiles at this level

mid craft means low HP and i can barely survive 2 hits from my pursuers. which is why i am aiming for 1.3 craft per level @ level 100

this build requires a lot of online activity. if you happen to have nothing to do and would like to do some fishing, this is actually the build for you.

with the lowering of the gunship hp end of this month, it is hinting to me to change ships at level 100

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