Facebook Battle Stations Mechanic Build Guide

Facebook Battle Stations Mechanic Build by YouCntSeeMe

Level 90
Class Mechanic

Craft: 241
Gun: 0
Nav: 164

Ship: Ice Breaker.
Ship Upgrade level: 6
Skills activated: Evasive Action, Battle Repair, Fortify and Damage Control.

Attacking Build: Blast Barrier, Heavy Alloy Chasis, Cyclone Sail, Air Blades MK2, Energy Amplifier
Defending Build: Blast Barrier, Heavy Alloy Chasis, Reverse Thrusters

Attacking & Defending: 2x Demon Edge & 2x Burning Blade & 1 Chainsaw Blade


How to use this build:
Increased Armor for fort Defenders will also decrease damage delt to me from other attackers.
On Defense most of the time during Clan Wars. Basically set my speed to as low as possible(50) and when attacking, max speed with fast parts(>1000 speed). More HP is favoured better for Mech Defenders due to stat distribution(1.5mech+3stat points)(my ratio 2:1 stat allocation in Craft and Navigation). Active Defender for clan, Defending against other captains 3-5 levels higher than me without sinking in clan wars.

I rarely attack unless the clan needs Fatties like me to clear the way for attackers to hit fort. I have no recent PVP replays so had to make do with an older replay when I was level 86. The person i was attacking is 8 levels higher than me and i survived the attack!


Advantages of this build:
Stat ratio of 2:1 -> much hardier HP than other captains
Pretty balanced for Defending and Attacking(50 for Defending max speed for Attacking)
5 weapon slots, more than 25-30k damage per volley more than enough to sink anyone less than 80k HP
Anyone who cannot sink me in their 3rd volley they are most likely sunked on my third volley.

Disadvantages of this build:
Not much diadvantages for me as I can pretty much sink anyone below 80k hp.
Disadvantages are that if I were to meet other fat rammers, I will not have enough ramming power to sink them due to their higher levels and more HP.

I am pretty much balanced with stat ratio of 2:1 allocation. Able to go on both the Offensive and Defensive and sink almost anyone with less than 80k HP. :P
Successfully Defend for the clan but only few who can sink me(im cocky)(lol). I do not bully but let others come to me to get sunked. I also do not boast about sinking others with far less HP. I only am happy of sinking those that are of a higher level than me. And people with the same range of HP or higher than me. Higher HP players pose a challenge for me as it is difficult to sink them. As a Mech, my main priority is to survive the PVP and also to sink the other person.

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