Facebook Battle Stations Pirate Build Guide

Facebook Battle Stations Pirate Build by francis_fynx26

level (for this build):68
class: pirate


ship:battle royal
ship upgrade level: 6
skills activated: evasive action, ambush, broadside barrage

parts: blade sail, imperial ship drive, air blade MK-1, bullet hull, jade lion crest

weapons: 5x shuriken cannon

how to use this build: pure offensive ranging cannon

attack from far closing in into enemy like a true PIRATE!

sinking them before i can reach them is my best trait!

advantage of the build:

1 ranging allows the pirate to enter combat with some free volleys before getting hit
with this i boost my already higher offensive advantage. dealing more damage than i am supposed to and saving even more gold from repairing.

2 affordable all can be found in auction in abundance
3 still has space for black/demon/aqueous cannon if you happen to have any.
4 the parts are pretty long term

5x shurinken cannon (2 x level 60 – 75 3 x level 60 – 80)
blade sail 10 levels
imperial ship drive 10 levels
jade lion 20 levels
bullet hull 20 levels
air blade mk1 10 levels

5 enough HP to survive 1 shot from the Big Ass Cannon so even at low levels clan wars is possible

6 the 1.6 craft per level will give me hp to take 2 hits from regular enemies and 1 hit from a full nav and full gun

7 Skills can be used to chase up enemies with faster speed than me. when the enemy is too fast, i can switch on ambush and move in. it brings me to 400 range and this time i may not even get hit.

good for sniping people who are online and chasing other ships with high speed gear.

Disadvantage of the build:

1 Pirate skills are not effective if wrongly used

Ambush brings me too close which kills me instantly.
as you can see if i was another 600 distance away the subcannon would not have hit me even once.

Broadside barrage is for subcannons and subcannons at this level is not for sios use. too light and not enough damage. Does not bring out the true damage of a pirate.

2 no nav means slower than many other classes like soldier and scouts. ( to counter this, we pick who we fight. and always take out slightly slow opponents with speed 400-600 so we will reach them after 2 volleys OR extremely slow opponents with speed 50-300 where we reach in 1 volley)

3 Offensive type means we do not like to meet anyone attacking us.
due to the fact that withstanding 2 hits is a problem, in defense dealing 1 volley is only possible and that is not enough to sink ships. ( to counter this, never log out until we get sunk by someone while in offense. Firstly, we will know never to attack that person ever. Secondly, this also prevents us from entering defensive modes. )

4 Gunship is 2 levels away. so it would have been a waste to upgrade to level 6 battle royale. so if there is no heavier cannons, level 4 battle royale is enough to bring you through.
if u happen to own some rare items, level 3 is enough.

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