Facebook Battle Stations Scout Build Guide

Facebook Battle Stations Scout Build by NGeneration

Level: 123
Class: Scout
2nd Class (If applicable): NA

Craft: 262
Gun: 0
Nav: 292

Ship Upgrade level: Level 7

Sail: Charge of Darkness
Engine: Pulse Engine
Stabilizer: Aerofoils
Hull : Kraken Shell
Crest: Star Trail Crest / Defender Crest

[Defense] [*Don’t activate the skill “Outmaneuver” since it would lower your damage, besides your speed is already 50]
Sail: NA
Engine: NA
Stabilizer: Reverse Thruster
Hull: Kraken Shell
Crest: Defender Crest

Basher Bow [x3]
Hull Razor [x3]
*Damage: 24,000~33,750 [I was able to fully utilize my capacity]

Advantages of this build: My build is good for all [PVP/Clan Wars/Exploring] and also it is not costly [Just buy it at different port], Medium-High Ram Damage [+146% Ram Damage] + Medium-High HP[Got 116,790 (Star Trail Crest) / 116,890 (Defender Crest)]. You could sink a Mechanic who activates the skill “Fortify” and have a 130~140k HP.

Disadvantages: This build doesn’t have high damage since it does not equip rare and crafted items like Dark Blade +3, Combo Breaker +5 and Demon Clever but it would really help you if you don’t have money to spend a lot for these strong and expensive items

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