Facebook Battle Stations Explorer Build Guide

Facebook Battle Stations Explorer Build by Yllaine-chan

Level: 131
Class: Explorer
2nd Class (If applicable): NA

Craft: 220

Ship: First try on an Assault Destroyer. Currently used on interdictor
Ship Upgrade level: 0

=Quite a juggle between speed and HP parts.=

Sail:Charge of Darkness
Crest: Lunar Ribbon
Engine:Inferno Thrusters
Stabilizer: Gravitic Boosters
Hull: Stealth Sheath MkII
Etc: Red Valkyrie

Engine: Shield Battery
Stabilizer: Emergency Chutes
Hull: Heavy Mount Assembly
Etc: Red Valkyrie

Sail:Charge of Darkness
Crest: Lunar Ribbon
Engine: Shield Battery/Inferno Thrusters
Stabilizer: Gravitic Boosters
Hull: Heavy Mount Assembly/
Etc: Red Valkyrie

=Also a juggle between ram and missile sets.
Missile: Vertex Missiles(x7, x6 if speed mode), Whirlwind Missile(1x, to replace 1 Vertex for weight.), Storm Bolt(2x)

Advantages of this build: [e.g. Against what kind of build will you own; What is it good for? Exploring, PvP, Clan war, defending?; etc]=

= If there’s any advantage I guess it’s the fact that I could switch between missiles and rams during PvP. If I could get close as possible, I use my rams(Engies beware! Though I’d 2 hit you guys before you get sunk. >.<).

As I upgrade my ship, I could fit the better rams, usually maximizing the dmg I give and outdamaging the missiles(sorta. but at least I still get a higher min dmg with rams). It usually relies on Blitz for more damage as well as Ramming Speed and Evasive action for additional armor during offensives.

For Defensive, I get more speed, that’s why I’d strap my missiles on and do a hit and run.

Disadvantages: [What cant you do with this build]
At low ship levels, it’s a juggle. You have to think of which parts and weapons will suit the enemies. Missiles do not have that much damage as that of commanders, but thanks to Blitz, it’s remedied for a bit.

And, did I mention that it’s still THAT GLASSY? I’m usually 1-phased by fellow missilers(just wait till I get my CVRs and I’ll spank you guys!).

Current relevance of this build: [e.g. No longer good with new skills introduced]
No reports so far. Loved it since the new skills helped a lot. Ramming speed during ram offensives is great! I could outrun missilers and beat the crap out of ’em(sometimes. if strafe doesn’t activate that is. Please give sabotage for explorers please! >.<)!

I just turn off Outmaneuver for defense however. Do not want to suffer less damage, and the speed usually helps reduce the damage.

Any other side notes:
This build still on a research. Been searching for a clan to help me collect battle data. If someone could donate me CVRs(maybe at least 2 for the SB. Thanks!), I’d probably get more dmg and range, or maybe 2 burning blades(That’d be too much! REALLY! SO MUCH THANKS!) for chaos blades.

I guess I’m too farfetched. >.<

No ‘choing for me for now. Dun have enough money to spend and got to flex out my allowance, though I still try to save a few.

Well, that’s all I could share for now. ^o^

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