APB Reloaded Radar Visible Actions

APB Reloaded Radar Visible Actions by Hark3n

To stop any confusion in the future:

Here are the actions you perform that DO cause you to show on radar:

Driving a car
Shooting ANY gun, with or without a silencer(Yes, that includes the DMR and Whisper)

Actions that DO NOT cause you to show on radar:

Throwing a Grenade
Climbing Ladders
Opening Doors
Knocking over trash cans/boxes/etc

Also, please remember that even if the action you are performing doesn’t appear on radar, it can still make a sound. Many times an opponent will know where you are coming from because he/she can hear you climbing that ladder, kicking that door open, knocking a trash can over, etc etc. Sprinting does make noise, although not as loud as other actions.

Hopefully this will help players old and new

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks man just what i was looking for, seeing as the manual is useless pretty much

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