APB Reloaded Armas Marketplace Guide

APB Reloaded Armas Marketplace Guide by Ephesus

Though APB Reloaded is a Free2Play game, like all our games at GamersFirst, we do offer unique upgrades and gear on the Armas Marketplace. For players new to APB Reloaded we’ve put together a small guide on how to use the Armas Marketplace.

First off, to access the Armas Marketplace simply log into the game and select a district. Once you are in the game world hit the “ESC” key to bring up the main menu. At the top of the main menu you will find “Armas Marketplace”. Pressing that will launch the Armas Marketplace.

Alternatively, you will find links to the Armas Marketplace through-out the game’s UI. You can also access the Armas Marketplace while not in-game here (NOTE: While in the Armas Marketplace and not in-game you will be unable to purchase character specific items).

Once in the Armas Marketplace simply enter the G1 account name (typically your email address) and password to the account you are currently logged into the game with.

Welcome to the Armas Marketplace! At the top of the browser you will find 7 tabs. Each tab hosts a number of items from that category:

The Featured tab includes items that are either new to the Armas Marketplace, on sale or are top selling items. The Premium shows more details regarding our Premium service. The Weapons tab includes all the currently available guns for sale – including the unique Armas only guns. On the Vehicles tab you will find our vehicles and vehicle kits. In the Gear tab you can find vinyls, symbols, fonts, costumes and emotes. Finally the Services includes Character slots and other account level services.

To see what is in other tabs simply click on them.

When you’ve found the item you would like to buy, click “add to cart” to add the item to APB Reloaded Cart – located on the right of the screen. Alternatively, you can hit “Learn More” and see additional information about that item – including an extended description and other duration options (if any).

NOTE: Weapons and Premiums are all sold for 30, 90 and 180 days. From time to time we may offer weapons that are permanent. All other items are always sold permanently.

After you’ve selected all the items you’d like to buy, simply click “Buy Now” at the bottom of the APB Reloaded Cart to move to the checkout page.

On the checkout page you can see the items you selected to purchase, their duration and their price. Also this screen shows the total price for all items and any discounts applied. All prices are in G1 Credits.

If you have enough G1 Credits to complete the purchase you can simply click “Complete Purchase” and your items will be mailed to the character you are currently logged in as. If you would like the items to go to another character, you will need to leave the store and go back to the character select screen to select that character.

If you do not have enough G1 Credits to complete the purchase you will need to buy more G1 Credits. The checkout screen will show several different G1 Credit packages and payment options you can use. Payment options vary such as PaySafeCard, Visa and Mastercard.

If you’d like to see all of our payment options you can always go to www.GamersFirst.com/marketplace and purchase G1 Credits there!

We also have partners such as PlaySpan and Shattered Crystal who sell KESN ( K2 Network Electronic Serial Numbers) codes you can use on our GamersFirst Marketplace to get G1 Credits!

See ya in San Paro!

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