APB Reloaded Stunning Advanced Guide

APB Reloaded Stunning Advanced Guide by n0oo7

My ingame name is Vivicide and I am a cop 15 enforcer on colby. I will assume that you already know the basics and the names of the wapons by reading that other guide. but I plan on doing something a little more advanced.

Weapons (o-0)

Stabba ccg.
The most used Stun gun of them all, 20 shots (without upgrades) and it will go as far as 26 shots (with upgrades).

Takes Six(6) to Eight(8) shots to stun depending on range. The trick here is at lower levels to try to land 2/3 shots on your enemy before they turn around and fire back on you. The basic stabba can be used sorta like a smg at close ranges while hs2/3 stabbas it would be preferable to crouch down and lay some fire down on an enemy. Avoid obeyas and obirs at range unless you get the jump on them or have hs2/hs3 (rush them up close though.) contrary to the other ltl guide a hs2/hs3 stabba WILL OUTSHOOT A basic star shot for shot (and hs1/ basic stabba has a small chance to beat it as well) This is my weapon of choice

Stabba nl9
The ltl “bean bag” shotgun, Good for people who knows how to strafe with a revolver or pistol (if you can strafe with a shotgun, try this and see how often you miss. It has a learning curve but it takes 3-4 shots to stun (based on range)

The trick here is to use this like an short range obir, taking cover where needed and leaning out and shooting and than leaning back in. A select few people could use this like a shotgun at close range but since it takes 3 shots to kill and it fires only one pellet you will most likely die from oca’s jg’s and other close range guns.

Ogpd Cs
The Ltl grenade launcher. Two bombs to stun, or One bomb and one Stun/prec nade or one bomb and two tg8 shots, etcetc. Perfect for assisting your team at a distance, Im pretty sure if it is shot over 60-75 m it will explode on impact but before that range it will land with a timer. At close range while running it’s wise to shoot this at your feet and make them follow you (than follow up with a grenade or your tg8) This weapon is perfect for tight quarters and teamwork. The only downside is most of the people you stun you can’t arrest yourself due to range or terrain difficulties.

Stabba pig
This is what will make you into a ltl pro, or will make you quit ltl forever. It takes two shots to stun BY IT’SELF but one shot from this and ONE SHOT FROM ANY OTHER LTL WEAPON WILL STUN THE ENEMY.

I usually hit them with this first than switch to my stabba and finish them off.

Stabba tg(something)
I really dont care about this weapon, the pig (although riskier) is so much more rewarding, but could be used if you want a leathal main and a ltl secondary. Unless you have the ltl nade launcher, This weapon is the only viable ltl secondary to pair with that weapon
**Just tested, one ltl launcher nade and 1-2 shots from this will stun**

This weapon does more stamina damage than health damage so it can be used to an extent as a ltl backup weapon in groups. (but it will still kill bfore it stuns)
With hb3 It will stun before it kills.

The stun grenade
This is the like the old conq nade, If it explodes within 1m of an enemy, it will AUTOMATICALLY stun them, if it doesnt stuns but lands near it will do various amounts of stun dmg (usually 3-5 ccg shots worth)

The Percussion grenade

It hits on impact, It deals stun dmg but it won’t stun on it’s own. wise not to throw both of theese out at a time cause you will just end up with a nade kill. One and a few shots from whatever else youre using (i think 1 nl9 shot/2-3 stabba shots/3 tg8 shots/1 pig shot will stun them well)

Weapon damage similarities,

(at optimum ranges) 2 stabba ccg shots=1 nl9 shot =1 dmr shot
1 pig shot=5.9 ccg shots.

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