Facebook Miscrits Turn Advantage Guide

Facebook Miscrits Turn Advantage Guide by Jacky Wu

Dont think a lot people has touched on this subject so i think i should just put it out there…

a lot of people dont understand the concept of how speed works in this game…when i fight in the arena people just blindly swap crits that has elemental advantage over mine and thats all there is to it….

But knowing how spd works on top of that in this game gives you a tremendous amount of advantage and guarantee victory over someone who doest understand it.

before i get into the details some of you might notice that in arena play:

* people getting double turns…
* sometimes when you change crits you get to have a turn right away…


basically there is something called the ‘turn advantage’….during arena battles TA gets traded between the 2 players causing this to happen

the general rule to take the turn advantage is when you change out your slow crit to a faster one….(slow being ur crit must be slower than ur opponent’s…and fast being ur crit is faster than your opponent’s crit currently on the field)…when that happens you will gain a extra turn even after you moved. (its like having an invisible dealer button for those who play Texas hold em’)

NOTE: – you can ONLY take turn advantage if your opponent is in possession of it…otherwise you wont get an extra turn even the process above happened.

– ALSO, whoever has the possession of TA also means that their turn is the start of a new round (this plays a very important factor for effective poison usage since ‘poison turns’ is calculated at the START of a new round….(one round ends after both players had their turn)…but i wont get into that since its another whole new level of play

The turn advantage is FIRST determined by who had the faster crit in the first slot at the start of any battle hence they would get to go first. After that players battle it out in an ABAB manner. TA doesn’t come into effect again until:
-One decides to change crit
-or a crit dies

Say: you had the faster first crit (TA on ur side of the court by default) and you change to a crit that is slower than ur opponents (NOT SLOWER THAN UR PREVIOUS CRIT) TA gets transferred to ur opponent. Opponent’s turn: he/she attacks you. ROUND ENDS. New round commences: and since TA was freshly swapped to your opponent’s side last turn, he/she gets to go first. From a far, it looked like he got a double turn (AND ITS UNFAIR! I KNOW)…but behind the scenes, this was the process which determined it. ON THE UP SIDE, THIS PROCESS GOES BOTH WAYS. AND YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE IT AGAIN AFTER YOU LOST IT
Since you lost the TA, and just copped ur opponent’s double turn. He WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER 2 TURNER until he gives up the TA to you and regain it again. At this point he will only lose his TA if he changes out his crit to a slower crit than yours OR if you swap yours for a faster one than your opponents.


When you or ur opponent gives it up by changing to a slower crit…you give ur opponent a chance to 2 turn you because of the process mensioned above.
BUT When you take the TA by force (swapping to a faster crit when TA is on their side of the court) YOU WILL NOT GET A 2 TURNER…you will just have ONE turn straight after the swap. THAT IS BECAUSE YOU USED UP THE FIRST OF THE TWO TURN FOR THE SWAP.

SO HOW DOES KNOWING THIS STUFF USEFUL U ASK? Knowing this will allow you to exploit a whole new area of strategy and tactics beyond just blindly chaining elements…not to mension know what team build to go for….




The best way to play this to your advantage is taking TA when you are swapping to a crit which has ele advantage over your opponents so you get to attack right away without giving them a turn. (e.g swapping lumera to ur opponents elufina when he/she the one who possesses the TA) The effect would be like the same as sleeping your opponent so you get a free pot shot your ur opponent after a swap except sleep has a 50% acc….if using the TA rule as a substitute for sleep ; you just have make sure the TA advantage is at your opponent’s side of the court before the swap. Otherwise you wont get a free turn at ur opponent and you will miss the window of opportunity to attack with element or stat advantage.

when giving it away, make sure you are swapping a crit that has ele advantage over your opp so they would be force to used up their double turn for a swap…and if this new crit is slower than yours after the swap then TA bounces back to your court so you get a double turn again. But they then would have the element advantage so it is up to decide what to do next: swap or fight etc. (Fight, will you get to turn two turn ur opponent, swap you might give your fresh TA away until you find a new strategy to break the chain to your favour.)



By Putting a slow crit like steampuin first you would definetly know that you opponent would have the TA or you would have given ur TA away….NOW SAY: opponent swaps to prawnja…and even though steampuin is slow and prawnja has medium spd…ur opponent will not get a free shot at your steampuin IF: your opponent already has the TA since previous rounds ago, otherwise you have cop a 2 turner. But its ok~ because despite elemental disadvantage to you….prawnja have med EA and STEAM have strong ED…so damage received is not too bad…(flue or drilldent would be a better choice to tank these hits in this situation but steampuin makes an easier explanation because it has slow speeds)

NOW: next step is to swap for flowerpiller…TA GETs transferred to you so you get a free shot at prawnja dealing massive damage cuz its max EA hitting medium ED with elemental advantage…Afterwards swap back another slow/tank crit to give the TA away and repeat the process until you kill the prawnja. Your steampuin WONT RECEIVE A SINGLE SCRATCH from the prawnja if you had given the TA previously…which is why when running a slow crit it should have another slow crit thats not of your main elemental family. (gemma/forest team). Once prawja is dead steamguin is dead weight…so you can use it to trade pieces, tank damage for another TA team combo etc.

Hope this frees up any questions with people having double turns and getting turnafter swaps.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a query
    There is a lot of difference between the health of same miscrits. This is the reason i lose in arena sometimes
    Why there is a lot of difference between heatlh.
    For ex Mine afterburn health is 101
    and opponent afterburn health is 128
    Why is it so
    They nor use relic neither help of trait
    I asked to mt friend did you use trait he said no
    So i was confuse please help me

  2. Anonymous says:

    very nice guide,earlier i was using slow/fast/slow/fast order but didn't really understand double turns in detail..now i know it a little better!!thanks.

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