Facebook Miscrits Selective Breeding Guide

Facebook Miscrits Selective Breeding Guide by John Moorhous

Whats up guys, I know how frustrating it can be when you have gone through lots of hard earned TP trying to level your favorite miscrit all the way to the fourth evolution just to discover that the stats suck at the end. I want to hopefully disseminate some information that may be useful in helping you reach a more favorable outcome when it comes to leveling. The key idea is to take multiple amounts of the same miscrit and level them together, cataloging their growth, and make a decision about which horse to bet on before passing level 10. Of course this process can be carried further beyond level 10, and with lots more miscrits, but for TP conservation sake (and FB Credit conservation for extra skill slots), I will keep the example down to leveling 4 miscrits.

When going through this process, there are two main things to consider: Overall stat count, and stat distribution. The total stat count of a miscrit can be a good guideline for where your crit sits in the spectrum of possible growth. Generally for miscrits, 150+ at level 10 is what you want to shoot for. Anything less I would release. The other aspect of this process, stat distribution, deals with the balancing of stats. This can weigh heavily upon decision making as well, because if your crits level 30 attack is a physical one for example, and your PA is sub par, then its really not going to work for you when it comes time to battle. So make sure you do not have any deficiencies in areas where you will want a surplus. Also keep in mind that when dealing with tanks, a deficiency in speed is a blessing from God because it is something that wont be used by your crit yet the stats that didnt get put there will be redistributed to the rest of your stats!

Before beginning the leveling process, I prefer to name my crits with numbers for ease of reference. For this example, I will use Dark Prawnja. All crits will start out with the same stat count, in this case it is 48.

Dark Prawnja #1 48 – 57 – 71 – 82 – 94 – 103 – 116 – 128 – 138 – 152

Dark Prawnja #2 48 – 58 – 70 – 83 – 94 – 104 – 115

Dark Prawnja #3 48 – 56 – 69 – 78

Dark Prawnja #4 48 – 57 – 68 – 80 – 92 – 103 – 115 – 123 – 134 – 147

From level 1 to level 4 it costs 1 TP per level. At level four, I make my first decision about which one to drop first. As you can see, Dark Prawnja #3 was not keeping up with the pack so I released him and got back some TP. From level 5 to level 7 it costs 2 TP per level. At level seven I make another decision to cut. This time, the total stat counts are all about the same, so my decision is based on stat distribution. The physical attack of Dark Prawnja #2 was deficient, so I released him and gained back some TP. From levels 8 to 10 it costs 3 TP per level. After leveling to 10 it is clear to see that Dark Prawnja #4 is starting to fall behind Dark Prawnja #1 and the stat totals show a favorable outcome for Dark Prawnja #1 at the level 10 checkpoint reaching over the 150 stat point goal. After double checking the stat distribution of Dark Prawnja #1, I decide to drop #4, gain back some TP and continue on with fully leveling Dark Prawnja #1.

After calculating the amount of TP spent, with the returned TP from releasing the rejects, the total TP investment to discover a crit worthy of leveling was 33 TP (as opposed to the 155 TP it costs to level to 30). If you have copious amounts of TP burning a hole in your pocket, the best way to discover a strong crit is to take 100 of them, level them to level 5, take the top 50 and drop the rest. Then level them to level ten, take the top 25 and drop the rest. Then level them to 15 and . . . you get the picture. But if you are like me, TP deficient, then I suggest sticking to the 4 crit method and enjoying the fruits of your labor!

I hope this has been helpful, feel free to add anything you may feel would improve this method.

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