Facebook Miscrits Battle Arena Guide

Facebook Miscrits Battle Arena Guide by Koli Xela

PVP Basics

Build your team – Like all strategy games your chances to win or lose depend most on your current build. If you want a solid chance at the weekly prize then you need to have a solid team. Here are some team building basics, you should already know the basics but they are here for review.

– Make sure your team includes 4 miscrits of the same level
If some of your miscrits are lower level there is a good chance that your opponent will be able to kill you in 1 hit and it’s also likely that you will have lower speed which will lead to the opponent getting 2 turns in a row

– Do not stack elements in your team
If your team has 2 miscrits of the same element that makes the opposing miscrit powerful against you. If you have any of the new miscrits I would highly suggest a team of 1 fire, 1 water, 1 nature and either Poltergust or Fossilia, this makes it so your opponent has no miscrits that are effective against more than 1 miscrit onyour team and potentially gives you a miscrit that is effective against 2 or more of theirs. Additionally I suggest placing the New element as your final miscrit. This reduces the chances of a 2 hit kill for the final matchup which is what kills a lot of win streaks

– Prioritize miscrits based on stats
Simple enough but a lot of people skip doing this. If you have 2 water miscrits at the same level check the stats. High speed makes it more likely to get the first hit, Sleep or Confuse is better than not having one for the occasional hit, High Elemental Defense, High Speed, High Physical or Elemental Attack make a powerful miscrit

– Miscrit order
When designing your team setup based on what you encounter in PVP, currently fire miscrits seem to be the most common starter, for that reason I run my starter as water. Since it’s my first miscrit I run one with high speed, high elemental attack. This makes it good for severely injuring the opposing miscrit to get the miscrit swap and attack with a strong element.

– Miscrit level
If your aiming for a win streak and you dont have a ton of gold it’s a good idea to remember that a level 8-12 team has a smaller HP pool, less extreme attack sets and there are a few miscrits overly powerful at that level.. Blazebit (with good stats) can 1 hit a nature miscrit with bombard, snatcher has devil’s snare which can easily lock your opponent while giving you the ability to boost your elemental attack with flourish or drop the enemy with weaken. Snatcher has been able to successfully kill 3 miscrits in a row at lower levels, including a fire miscrit, when properly played and with luck using Devil’s snare
A low level team has less flashy moves and less HP, these matches can be completed with more consistency. This tier also tends to have players that are less experienced. If your having trouble maintaining your streak you may wish to make a team at a lower tier. You will gain less exp on this tier but that is the penalty you pay for getting your win streak

-Second String
Miscrits get hurt, miscrits die. It’s a combat game, it’s to be expected. Having a few backup miscrits can be a life saver (or a streak saver in this case). Be very careful with swapping out miscrits, if you replace a miscrit that is critical in your team with one that can’t do the same damage, provide a similar speed or take the same hits you may end up losing your streak. It’s better to wait an hour and protect your streak instead of swapping miscrits and losing from an inferior replacement.

-Red team, Gold team
Instead of (or in addition to) replacement miscrits you may wish to run some additional teams. 2-4 teams seem to be a good number. Organize your teams so that you have a good solid set of miscrits on each team. It’s completely possible to make 3 solid teams at level 10 and 1-2 at level 20 with the current mix of miscrits. Three great teams is a hundred times better than four good teams, expect that everyone you fight will be running your best team. If you don’t think a backup team would at least have a fighting chance against your best team, don’t use it.

PVP Strategy

PVP was recently changed, instead of a 20 win streak the weekly prize is won at 10 wins. This makes it a lot easier to accomplish. If your going for the win streak, there are a few tricks that apply to any match and a few that apply to maintaining your streak. I will note that It is completely possible to get 20+ wins WITHOUT using magic, however it is significantly harder.

Basic PVP Rules – Applies to any match
– Don’t depend on sleep or confusion
With the changes to how sleep and confusion work (now only lasting 2 turns instead of 3) it is suggested to use them ONLY for specific situations. Use these attacks when you are facing off against someone who uses magic (can’t cast magic while confused or asleep) or someone who is spamming potions. Do this ONLY against a potioner to get a defense debuff in play and immediately 1hit KO them after the debuff. The only other place I can see these being useful is if your miscrit has < 3 hit points left and you have no chance to kill the opponent with a normal attack. Even then I will normally just use a regular attack.

– Use status effects to your advantage
In the event that you use a status effect attack and it hits use it to your advantage. There are a few things to remember about the status effects. Poison does not follow a miscrit swap, so if they swap miscrits the poison is removed, since poison hits at the end of the turn(?) they can switch miscrits most times without taking ANY damage from your poison. A good rule of thumb with poison is use it when: your miscrit is about to die and your next miscrit has high speed, or the enemy cannot swap their miscrit (such as when you are going to get 2 attacks due to speed or they have no other miscrits alive) . If the enemy is confused you want to add poison as the next attack, this will give you a free turn of poison damage they can’t avoid and pressure them to switch miscrits once the confusion wears off; if they are asleep poison only if you think poison + 1 attack will kill them, you want to pressure them to change miscrits or they have only 1 miscrit left. Poison as your first action, this will not break the sleep because poison triggers after a miscrit’s attack which has been lost by sleep already. Another thing to watch is miscrits with high speed and the poison ability (such as Lumera) and miscrits with attacks that cause poison, sleep or confusion (currently hedgebagger has Devil’s Snare that has low nature damage with a 50% chance of sleep)

– Against magic users sleep, confusion and poison are king
Agaisnt a magic user you will be at a disadvantage but there are things you can do to fight it. Mostly anything you can do to stop them from using magic for 1-2 turns will help. If you’re getting killed in 1 magic attack nothing you do potionwise is going to help. Aim for a sleep or confusion. Once you hit either one drop some effects, a negate elemental advantage makes a magic attack more or less useless. So if you need to win against a magic user get them to sleep or confuse, cast negate elemental advantage, cast Mythical Fortify and Mythical Defiance (you can substitute your miscrits ability that boosts defense instead) Once your defense is moderately high and you have elemental advantage in place protect that miscrit, don’t let it die. Keep em healed when you have the chance to and spam whatever attack works best for you, elemental or physical. Most players who use magic will only use their highest EA miscrit as magic damage is determined by the miscrit’s EA. An attack debuff can help if you don’t have any potions to use.

– Watch your opponent
Finally watch your opponents reactions and react accordingly, some players will attack without regard to elemental type, when you are fighting someone like this it is a good idea to swap out to the opposing element, if they continue to attack it should be fairly simple to beat them following elemental strengths.

If your opponent continues to swap miscrits for elemental advantage AND you have a max/high speed miscrit in your lineup wait till that miscrit is swapped in, you should be able to get 1 hit, eventually you will drop their miscrit low enough that a high from your miscrit with the wrong element (the one they have advantage against) can kill it in 1 hit. If you can get them down 1 miscrit just keep pressing. It takes time but you can win.

– If you have less than 5 wins (and your aiming for 10) it may be better to just let your opponent win
If your aiming for a 10 win streak WITHOUT using magic it will likely cost you a lot of money in potions. For your early matches just try to win using strategy like listed above, if you can’t successfully get to 5 wins using your best team then you’re going to spend a LOT of potions to get 10. Determine how many potions you need to get 1 win, then calculate it out for a full 10, add about 2 more (for harder fights) and this tells you how much gold you need to farm for the week.

– If you use magic
If you have the credits for magic it’s best to carry a full set of magic, a 25 pack of each should provide you the added boost you need to get to 10 wins for 3-4 weeks without refilling. This is assuming you use no more than about 3 magic in a given fight. When it comes to magic you must remember that your miscrit’s elemental attack value will determine that attack value of your magic so setup your magic user as your first miscrit, set another strong miscrit as your second magic user and try to get a strong physical / elemental defense miscrit if needed. Most matches I ran with week with magic I used on average 2 spells for the entire fight. If you follow the rest of the info in the guide to fight and only cast a spell when you are at a disadvantage you can secure a good string without using many spells. For a 20 win streak I completed the whole streak using an average of 7 spells of each element.

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