Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Calculating Distance and March Times

Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Calculating Distance and March Times by Fill in the Blank

Many of us have noticed certain troops march faster or slower than other troops, but not many people know just how it is calculated. Thankfully, the formula is fairly straight-forward and simple:

March Time (s) = Distance/((Troop Speed * (Rapid Deployment + Dragonry))/6000)+30

Distance isn’t hard to calculate. Transport yourself back in time to basic geometry and recall the term “Pythagorean theorem”. Remember? It’s the equation for finding the hypotenuses (long side) of a right triangle:

a^2+b^2 = c^2

So, to calculate distance all you need is the originating coords and the destination coords. Subtract the X-Coords from each other for the X-Distance (a) and subtract the Y-Coords from each other for the Y-Distance (b). Add their squares and square-root their results to get your distance (c).

Originating coords: 100,200
Destination coords: 150,300

X-Distance = 50
Y-distance = 100
Distance = SQRT(50^2+100^2) = 111.8034 map tiles.

Troop Speed is just the Speed stat you can find in your Garrisons when you go to build a unit.

Notice that Rapid Deployment and Dragonry both affect troop speed of all types, even though you’d never guess that by their descriptions. So, Lv10 in both techs will make all troops move twice as fast.

Dividing the tech-modified speed-stat by 6000 brings the stat into units of distance over time.

Note is that all marches have a mandatory 30 seconds added to their length, so no matter how close and how fast your troops are, you’ll never see a march less than 30s.

Troop Type: Battle Dragon
Rapid Deployment Lv: 9
Dragonry Lv: 8
Origination Coords: 100,200
Destination Coords: 150,300

111.8034/((750*1.85)/6000)+30 = 8m34s

Special Note:
Because the map wraps, X and Y distances over 375 actually start subtracting from themselves. This means an X-Distance of 400 is actually 350 since the 25 distance over the halfway-point (375) subtracts from itself. An easy way of conceptualizing this is remembering that Coord 0 is only 1 space from Coord 749 on the map, not 749 spaces due to the wrap.

Using this information is not really practical on single coords, but where I’ve found it to be extremely useful when putting together spreadsheets for war. Having distances and march times allows for me and my alliance members to quickly sort our sheets and engage targets within a certain distance, keeping the risk of reinforcements to a minimum. Also really helps when trying to decide how far you want to march to hit farms, camps, and wilds efficiently.

Have fun, and happy hunting!

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I wish I explained the map wrap concept a little better, but I didn’t want to make the post any longer or confusing than it already is. For those who like what they read and want to read more, here’s some extra info that will help you calculate distances:

ABS = Absolute Value

X-Distance = IF ABS(X1-X2) > 375 THEN ABS(ABS(X1-X2)-750) ELSE ABS(X1-X2)

In layman’s terms, if your X or Y distance is over 375, subtract it from 750, and you’ll have your true X or Y distance.

Hope that clears things up.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just tried throwing all this into a spreadsheet and i'm getting much different values.

    Distance: 10.198
    Rapid Deployment: 4
    Dragonry: 2
    Speed: 150 (ATs slowest in group of LBM+AT)

    so that would be:
    10.198/((150*(4+2))/6000)+30=97.9869 or 1min 38s.

    But when I send the march in game, it takes roughly 5min 22s.

    Is the formula wrong, or am I missing something here?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there a change on the march speed calculation?
    the result kinda different now…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh I see it now. 1 for the base rate plus 0.05 for every level of dragonry and rapid deployment. 8+9=17; 17*0.05=0.85; 1+0.85=1.85

  4. Anonymous says:

    You've got me confused with the dragonry and rapid deployment. How did you get 1.85 out of 8 and 9?

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