Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Water Dragon Outpost Guide

Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Water Dragon Outpost Guide by Dreddnawt Mettlehead

First off, what is an Outpost?
Your Outpost allows you to Produce goods, train troops, reinforce troops, and have a Water Dragon all separately from your Castle. Unique to the Outpost, you can now train Fangtooths as a special unit for having a Training Camp at lvl 10. Its like having a second city but the OP doesnt get cluttered up with Research and requirement buildings Like the Science Center, Rookery, and Sentinel. All production and training queues are completely independent from your main Castle.

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Create an Outpost:
Now lets talk about the requirements –
1) Youll need to achieve Player Lv 8, or more than 1280 Power.

2) You need to find a Water Dragon Egg. These are RARE drops found by successfully attacking Lakes lvl 5 and up, or can be bought in the Shop. The higher lvl Lakes have a greater chance of dropping the Egg. Click here for more information on Anthropus Items.

3) You need to conquer a lv 10 Plain. Technically, you can use any level of Plain, but the Plain level effects how many bonus Wilderness slots you get so 10 is the best.

4) When you meet all the requirements, click on the Empire tab and click Create under the Outpost icon. Your OP will take the place of your Plain. You can later move your OP to any other Plain you control using Outpost Warps. Until you meet the Requirements, Clicking Create will give you a list of what is needed for reference.

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The 3 Core buildings in the Outpost are the Dragons Keep, Wall, and Muster Point. Your Dragons Keep controls the number of Silos you can build and how many Resource plots are available in your Field. Upgrading your Keep also upgrades the level, stats, and abilities of your Water Dragon. The Wall gives the same defensive bonus as the one in your Castle but does NOT allow you to Sanctuary. That is a major difference between the Castle and OP defenses.

The MP is needed in order to host troops at your Outpost, some people opt to remove it but doing so limits your ability to reinforce your Outpost and can become an issue if they change the system to allow attacks to be sent from the OP. Troops reinforcing your Outpost, be they yours or someone elses, will eat food form your OP and will ALWAYS DEFEND. Again, there is NO SANCTUARY in the Outpost.

You have several options for building up your outpost. In the City portion, I recommend 5-7 Silos, 5 Houses, and the rest Training Camps. This build will give you plenty of Idle Pop to train troops, your troops will train very quickly, and youll have enough storage capacity to only have to Collect once per day.

In the Field, I suggest you plant at least one of each Resource Building type. I do this just for kicks really. How many and of what kind of resource fields you need is up to you. Just keep in mind that building up your Fields here takes away from Idle pop that can be used for training. You get additional Field spaces for upgrading your Water Dragon’s Keep.

Producing a lot of food in the OP means you wont have to farm from Anthropus as often and can be helpful not having to wait on troops to return in order to make quick or small builds. Producing mainly Wood and Metal is great for allowing you some production of essential materials even when you are regularly over your Capacity in your Castle.

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Alternate Homes Build:
If you want to maximize training times you can actually clear all the Houses from either your OP or Castle to make room for more Garrisons or Training Camps. Since population is shared, you technically only need them in one place or the other. But you need to make sure you have enough to support your Fields with plenty left over to train.

Putting 8 Houses in your Outpost should allow you to remove all the houses from your Castle and give you more room for Garrisons making your Castle training time much faster. Inversely, you can build 8 Homes in your main Castle in order to free up space in the OP for more Training Camps.

Doing this lets you circumvent providing the population for your Fields in whichever location you decide to remove the Homes from. That means you dont have to keep as many Homes overall to have the same Idle Pop for training and can build more Garrisons/TCs.

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Training Camps and Fangtooths:
Training Camps work just like Garrisons but are independent from your Castle Training queues. All troops trained in your TCs will immediately become available in your main Castle as if they were trained in your Garrisons. Training Camps work just like Garrisons, but are not connected to them in any way. Speed bonuses to training times, level requirements for troop building, and training queues are completely separate. Only Idle Pop and the Resources used to train are shared. You need to be sure to properly manage Population and resources to keep both queues running at all times.

Training Camps have the ability to train a special troop type not avaialble in the Castle. Fangtooths are unique to Outposts and can be trained when you have a Lv 10 TC and Fangtooth Respirators available. Each Fangtooth requires a respirator to be trained. Respirators can be found by attacking Lvls 7 and higher Lakes and Anthro Camps.

Fangs are nasty little troops with higher Atk then Giants, Defense comparable to BDs, Life double that of any individual troop type except Giants, and Speed beaten only by Dragons. Whats more, they also have a Ranged attack. Fangs cant attack nearly as far as other ranged troops – half the range of Bowmen – but some range is better than none.

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