Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Build Guide

Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Build Guide by Arick

Like many of you when I started I read the guides and happily plodded off to build up my great army. Well… after awhile, with the help of some others along the way, I realized these guides, while they are ok middle road builds, leave a lot to be desired once you actually understand the game, how idle pop and taxes work, how food works, camps etc.

So I figure; just for kicks I’ll jot down the the build I used for my 2nd time around. Its not exactly for everyone… and you’ll have to play each day to keep your troops building. But its far more powerful than your vanilla build.

Lets start with the concept of not building farms. Sure in the beginning its nice to not have negative food/hr, but reality sets in and you realize everyone with a high power rating is at negative food and the output of your farms might not be worth the hassle considering you can raid a lvl 5 camp for 500k+ food. So we’ll build 3, only upgrading them enough to get your first batch of LBM that can hit a lvl 1 camp out. Then let them sit.

Stone? We’ll go with 3. You’ll need a couple to do upgrades until your Mercantilism is up and running so you can trade Ore and Wood for Stone – and/or food if your lazy like me.

The idea on the field side is to make only Wood and Ore. You can easily sell a bit of Wood or Ore for Gold. And when Wood and Ore are at 3g per unit, Stone might be around .5g per unit. So selling 100k Ore can net you 600k Stone or better. Its win a win situation.

So basically I’ve discovered you only need like 11 lvl 9 lumber mills and 11 lvl 9 mines to make more than enough resources to constantly keep turning out troops at even the most break neck of speeds (37.5s battle dragons.. but most wont see that low).

Alternately, you can build more mills and mines, but you should just keep your base production before bonus (as found in the fortress screen where you set your taxes) no higher than 50k. That’s all you need to turn out about 200k wood and 200k ore/hr. if you need more wood than ore, shift your wilds more to wood and vice versa. So since your only making wood and ore, obviously all your wilds will be split up between those two.

Why not make more than 50k base rate you ask? it needlessly eats up population that you’ll need to build troops. This is important as the field build fits tightly with the city build and fewer houses.

So Field Summary:
~ 3 stone (have 1 now.. only kept it for.. well i dunno.. I just kept one i guess)
~ 3 farms (only have 1 now.. only kept it for same reason)
~ 11 mines
~ 11 lumber mills

Leave the rest open to keep your options open if the game changes at some point.

City Build:
Here is where the rubber hits the road. Garrison garrison garrison. No, 10 lvl 9 Garrisons is’t the cap. My Battle Dragons training at 37.5seconds lays that to rest. Most know this, not all.

This is also where you have a few options:
5 houses, with that field build, will support 24+ hours worth of battle dragons in idle pop with your taxes set to zero. I say 24hrs + because you’ll get far more than 24 hrs until all your garrison are lvl 9 or 10 and that takes awhile. You’ll be a bit short of a full day of LBM building, but you won’t be building LBM forever and at some point will probably mostly be making Battle Dragons, Giants, and Fire Mirrors which actually eat up less idle pop per day. So 5 houses.. if you get done building battle dragons at some point you can get by with even less when your just building Giants. I got 3 CG’d houses and I can queue up over 24hrs worth of giants. Before I switched to giants I had 4 CG’d houses. Not many players will be doing that, but I’m just throwing it out there.

No Theater, it is worthless. It provides a little extra Gold, but you won’t need that. If you do need Gold, just sell off some of you extra wood and ore and you’ll be filthy rich.

Vault? I recommend one – but I opted to not have one. At a certain point the 1mil resources it protects becomes not so important when your making 200-300k/hr. The extra Garrison space it frees up is valuable increasing training speed.

Officers Quarters? Well the story on that is once you got enough generals hired you can blow it up with no issues and you keep the Generals. Do I advise that? Not for everyone, but I’ve done it.

So now your looking at:
~ 5 Houses: 4 if CG’d to lvl 10.
~ Vault: Recommended but optional. When your turning out 200k ore/hr, the 1m Vault cap only holds 5hrs worth of resources.
~ Theater: Just say no!
~ Officers Quarters: You can blow this up after you hire the Generals you want, but I don’t recommend it unless you have the means to put it back just in case they change the game so you need it for something.
~ Garrisons: As many as you feel comfortable having. I have 19. Thats pretty extreme though. 15 or 16 is in the “safe but good” range. If you need more houses because you can’t play every day, then this is not the guide for you.

First things first: You need to do your research until you get Mercantilism up. This is very important for this build. You’ll either need to raid other cities for stone and food or trade for stone and raid camps/trade for food. I raid camps for all my food thats why I have 100k LBM. I send out attacks to 10 different lvl 5-6 camps. Once they all get back home I begin the days builds. Small hassle but its really worth not having to raid other players and make a lot of unneeded enemies.
**There has been caution put out with recent updates on using LBM on camps. While I have attacked hundreds and hundreds of lvl 5-6 camps since this update with no issues, this doesn’t mean there may not be a problem. Recent wisdom suggest dragons and fire mirrors are a more reliable option**

Why not attack other players? Well i attack inactives. But attacking active players winds up being more trouble than its worth. They attack back… you lose resources and you really don’t need wood and ore – which is the main reason people attack each other – since you already make enough. Sure you can go the other route; not make enough wood and ore and have to pillage for it. But I’m not willing to have my troop queue go quiet even for a couple hours. That’s a loss of a couple thousand power right there… thus you fall behind, so to speak.

And trust me, when your not out attacking other players all the time you don’t get attacked as often and wake up to surprises like no resources left.

You should know that your resting tax rate should be 50%. And you only drop it to zero when you need idle pop to queue up more troops. Then you set it right back to 50%.

And the reason you make so much wood and ore is because your wilds are only split between two things instead of 3.. or 4, I guess.

But what if they change the fact that nothing happens when your food reaches zero? (yeah that’s right..your troops don’t die when your food reaches zero) Well if they do change that, then a HUGE number of long time players will be really screwed and I don’t think they will do that. AND, between a little camp raiding and trading extra wood/ore for food, I can keep a positive food balance up to -2m food/hr with out a huge effort.

I hope this guide is useful to players. I spent a good deal of time doing calculations on every aspect the city and field when doing this so everything fits really nice and you can turn out troops at a high rate.

PS. Oh yeah, when your collecting food you can put it up for trade at a very high price so nobody will buy it. Then your army will not consume it. You can cancel it and instantly have food. Sort of like a store house your army cant get into. It costs a little gold but the price is reasonable.

Arick’s end Build:
~ 3 CG’d Houses
~ 19 garrison
~ 11 mines
~ 11 lumber mills

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  1. lord of war says:

    good thing i am a veteran

  2. Anonymous says:

    i was told to build a lot of farms and so i did now i am making 586360 food/h and i an doing quite well only problem is my ore max is 3830k i found if my sell my food i make 10-20 gold per food on average and i just buy some ore (i train battle dragons so i only need food and ore) so my main problem is that i do not like spending 5000 gold/1 unit of ore. does anyone know how i can improve my max ore without destroying other building for space.

  3. Anonymous says:

    CG = completion grant, meaning that it is level 10

  4. Audi says:

    whats a CG'd house?

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey i am so new to this game so this may sound stupid but do you build a lumber mill? thanks!! :)

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