Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Anti Bully Guide

Facebook Dragons of Atlantis Anti Bully Guide

What to do when you are getting farmed?

This being a war game, there is no limit as to who or how many times you can attack or be attacked. Kabam strictly forbids any mods or support personnel from getting involved in player disputes provided the Terms of Service are not being violated.

If you are being farmed repeatedly, your best bet is to hunker down until it stops.
~ Build up your Storage Vault whenever you can
~ Reduce your tax rate to 0% while offline so attackers get no gold from you
~ Do not upgrade your fields as production will only be feeding your attackers
~ Always Keep your Army in Sanctuary to protect them.

When attackers are getting little to no resources and not killing any troops they will get bored and move on.

While you are online, raid small inactive player cities nearby for the resources you need to upgrade and leave none behind for others to take. With a higher level vault youll be able to keep several hundred thousand in resources to continue upgrades while under fire. Dump all extra resources you have before logging out so your attackers dont get any payoff for their attacks. You are not the first player to experience constant attacks, so ask others for advise or help. The system was set up to allow you to grow even when you are being farmed.

You will grow slowly, but you can grow. Continue to build your army and upgrade your Sentinel so you can see whats being sent at you. When your army is big enough, watch your Sentinel warnings and wipe out the attacks you can while online. Defense has a big tactical advantage in this game, use it wisely. I would also suggest you build LOTS of Longbowmen as they are devastating defenders. BDs are the best troop type statistically, Minos are the best standard melee, Giants and Fire Mirrors are fantastic all around but they are expensive and take a long time to train. Forget about Conscripts and Halberdsmen, they will do you no good at all. That leaves only Swifts, which I wouldnt recommend for defense.

– Hope that helps

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Some additional notes:

Do Not Attempt To Retaliate against a bigger player who has begun farming you. Doing so will almost guarantee you incur their wrath and they will likely keep coming back to farm you out of spite. Also, if they overpower you and you attack, what will you do when they defend and wipe out your whole army? Then youll be completely defenseless and will be a prime target. You also wont be able to farm extra resources to replace those lost.

Try messaging the attacker, especially if you are being repeatedly farmed. Most players dont want to make the game miserable for newbies. If you are being hit often, the attacker may believe you are inactive. Send a simple and polite message letting them know you are new and are trying to build up your city. Ask nicely for them to find another target and they likely will. Screaming, cursing, and insulting them will just make it worse.

Alliances are for just this purpose. If you are up against a player who wont stop farming you, look for an alliance that can help protect you. Assisting and protecting each other is why Alliances are there. Even though you cant beat your attacker doesnt mean others cant. And if the farmer just wont quit, there is always the option of letting your new allies reinforce you to form a defending army that can wipe out your aggressor without having to wait while building it all yourself.

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There are also the Item assisted recourses:

– Will move your City to a random location on the map. This is useful for getting out from under the thumb a farmer. Its hard to farm those you cant find. Just be sure not to send random attacks or spies at your old nemesis or theyll just end up getting your new coords. Warp and move on.

– If it is your Outpost being farmed, you can use this wonderful device to move it wherever you want. Prime locations will be within a few minutes of your city so you can reinforce easily but not so close that it makes finding your OP a given after they locate your city, or vice versa.

– This can provide a temporary reprieve from constant attacks or can be used tactically to help kill your aggressors army. Keep in mind, the CFs prevents additional attacks from being sent for 12 hours, it will not stop attacks already on their way.

Note: These items can all be bought in the Shop or won from Fortuna.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi its a nice post but the defence depends on what ??

    You said swift dragons very bad for defence but it has got more defence than long bow man

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don't forget the tender spots. Wildernesses and outposts are hard to defend. I find that when a player attacks me even if I have no resources, liberating his wildernesses and letting his neighbors know what is going on can give him pause. Most players would rather not spend time re-conquering wildernesses for little or no gain.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Heya. I am having a HORRIBLE problem with one player. It is a genuinely nasty player who is farming me for no reason.

    He farmed me countless times until my alliance made a pact with his. Even after, after warnings, he attacked me again and possibly set off an alliance war….simply to farm me.

    I asked the leaders of my alliance to serve a lesson to this person because I have a much lower power level than the farmer.

    If this person a troll? Or just having a cruel joke by using a game to pit people against each other? Or just getting a kick out of farming me…even if it means his alliance kicks him and gets a bunch of farmers on his own back?

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