Divine Souls Slasher Combo Guide

Divine Souls Slasher Combo Guide by damvtecnik

How Do You Get High Combos as a Slasher?
In the dunguens, just run through the whole map to gather all the monsters together, they will follow you regardless most of the time since you already attracted them.

What Combo to Use Most of the Time?
I suggest left click+left click+left click+right click+left click spam and when you land just continue the combo over again. (Warning): Monsters will usually attack you from behind after you land so i suggest turning around and attacking the monsters that were behind u instead of the monsters that are down.

How to Solo Annoying Bosses Without Death/HP Loss
For annoying bosses like Hammer Hand and Saw Walker types, you need to attack them from behind always then attack either 1-2 times(3 times is risky but it can work sometimes) up close to prevent them from using range skills and running away from you so stick close to them as much as possible, afterwards you must quickly either run diagonally of them or the side of them to avoid damage, jumping helps too. If you want to play it safe just hit them 1 time before evading. (Warning): This technique is not 100% effective if your not fast enough or there are two bosses/mobs in the way such as Saw Walker+Hammer Hand or just the Boss+minions around.

Combos with Skills(BETA)
Alright here a new combo with skills involved. Im still testing this but it might work.
You Can try Cross Chain(Lv20 Slasher Skill)+Spiral(Lv15 Slasher Skill)+Left Click Spam(While in Midair Due to Spiral Skill). You can try to follow up this combo with the regular air combo of Left Click+Left Click+Left Click+Right Click+Left Click Spam.
(Warning): I have not personally tested this myself therefore i cannot guarantee this will be 100% effective as well as if its possible to follow Cross Chain and Spiral during a combo sequence.

If there are anymore questions feel free to comment
Or if you want to correct/add something feel free to comment too 

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