Divine Souls Item Enchantment Guide

Divine Souls Item Enchantment Guide by tracelied

Since there seems to be a lack of actual guides and much of the information is out of date, I decided to try and spur some information sharing with a small guide on item enchanting. This is based all on personal experience and experimentation, so please point out any errors. Any additional information is also greatly appreciated.


Item enchanting is a process used to strengthen the attack strength of weapons or the defensive strength of armors. Item enchanting requiresDivine Stoneswhich are obtained by dismantling equipment. Both enchanting and dismantling functions are handled by the “Enchanter” NPCs, found in both the main town area and in each of the instance staging areas.

Location of the Enchanter in Elan Blude (main city)
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Divine Stones

Divine stones are obtained by extracting them from equipment or by buying them from other players who have done so. To obtain divine stones from equipment, talk to the enchanter NPC and select the “Extract Divine Matter” option. Place the item you want to extract from in the box and click “Start.” After being charged a fee based on the item’s level and rarity, the item will be destroyed and you will receive a random amount of stones between 1 and 4. Divine stones come in different categories of level and type.

The level of the stone is determined by the level of equipment the stone is intended to enchant. Dismantling a piece of equipment will produce divine stones of the same level. The level ranges are:

Lowest: Lv 5-14
Low: Lv 15-24
: Lv 25-34
???: Lv 35-?

The type of the stone is determined by the quality of the equipment the stone is intended to enchant. Dismantling a piece of equipment produces stones of the same quality. The types of stones are:




To enchant an item, talk to the enchanter NPC and select the “Item Enchant” option. Place the item you want to enchant in the box, have the required amount of divine stones in your inventory, and click “Start.” You will be charged a fee based on the current enchant level (+#) of the item and the item’s rarity. The results (success/fail) will be shown and the stones will be consumed (regardless of success).

The amount of stones required depends of the piece of equipment you are trying to enchant and increases by the same amount each enchantment level. The amounts are:

Weapon: 5
Top/Bottom: 3
Gloves/Boots: 2
Belt: 1

According to the in-game help menu, item enchanting is “safe” up until +3. While I have never personally seen an item lose enchant levels or break from a failed enchanting, keep in mind that enchanting items past +3 might result in losing the item.

Effects of Enchanting
Enchanting increases the attack power of weapons and the defense power of armors. This seems to be a percentage of the original value, so enchanting has greater benefits on stronger items.

Enchanting weapons also gives them a visual effect that gets more visible every enchant level. It starts off as a few sparkles, but at higher levels, there is a very bright glow. The color of the effect appears to vary based on weapon rarity. (Note: +1 and +2 do have visual effects, but they are fairly faint and hard to see in screen shots)

+0 Weapon
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+1 Weapon
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+2 Weapon
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+3 Weapon
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+4 Weapon
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+5 Weapon
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This effect doesn’t seem to affect armors though

+0 Armor
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+3 Armor
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Extracting is a fairly expensive process and the cost is dependent on the level tier of the item as well as the item’s rarity. The formula for the cost of extracting is: (6000 * Level Tier) + (1000 * Rarity Tier)

Enchanting is a relatively cheaper process, as it does not scale with item level, only enchanting level (+# next to the item) and item rarity. This means that enchanting a level 5 item will cost the same as upgrading a level 25 item with the same rarity and enchant level. The formula for the cost of enchanting is: (1000 * Current Enchant Level) + (1000 * Rarity Tier)

Level Tiers:
Tier 0: Lv 5-14
Tier 1: Lv 15-24
Tier 2: Lv 25-34
Tier 3: Lv 35-??

Rarity Tiers:

Tier 1: Normal
Tier 2: Magic
Tier 3: Rare
Tier 4: Epic

So for example, enchanting a level 15 Magic Top Armor from +1 to +2 would require 6 Low Magic Divine Stones and cost (1000 * 1) + (1000 * 2) = 3000 gold.
Extracting from this equipment would cost (6000 * 1) + (1000 * 2) = 8000 gold and would yield a random amount of Low Magic Divine Stones.

Final Notes/Tips
The maximum amount of divine stones gained by dismantling is dependent on the type of gear dismantled. This number seems to correspond to how many stones are required to upgrade the piece of equipment (So weapons tend to give the most and belts give the least). Level doesn’t seem to matter, only level range and item type, so the best way to get stones tends to be extracting from weapons of the rarity you want of the lowest level weapon in the level tier (5, 15, 25, etc.). However, the number is still random (seems to capped at 4), and weapons can sometimes only give out 1 stone as well. Belts are generally never worth extracting from, unless the price of 1 stone in the broker is more than the cost of extracting (since they almost always give only 1 stone).

Extracting is often a good option for your old equipment that you are replacing, since it is bound to you and the only other option is to sell it to the NPC. However, check the broker and compare to see if it would be cheaper to just buy the stones, and again, extracting from belts is usually not worth it. Necklaces and rings cannot be enchanted or extracted from (and they have red lettering saying so), but they tend to sell to NPCs for better values.

Enchanting is usually not worth the money on equipment below level 20, unless you want to make a character that is strong in PvP for a particular level bracket, due to how quickly you can level and the relatively small bonuses for the cost. Past that however, getting at least +1 is a fairly cheap damage/defense boost if you can pick up a good piece of gear, especially since good level 20 gear can last till level 30 (and it requires the much cheaper Low Divine Stones to upgrade, instead of the ones).

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