Aika SEA Warrior Skills Guide

Aika SEA Warrior Skills Guide by Esau

A good day to you all.
I’m Esau and I’m here to explain about one of the jobs of AIKA:
The Warrior!

The warrior is a beginner-friendly job to everyone.
They are the second manliest job of all jobs. The first being Crusader. (Irony cringe.)
Here are the pros and cons.

-They have a decent amount of HP. Able to tank if a Crusader is absent.
-They deal a decent amount of damage too.
-They are quite formidable at 1v1 PvP.
-Can can be a tanker, a buffer, a damage dealer, or a combination of all of them.
-AoEs, nuff’ said.

-Wrong skill build means lousy warrior.
-Warrior’s mount is a giant hamster.
-In group pvp/wars, they suffer due to the lack of defensive and crowd control skills.
-Warriors only have one long range skill can can actually get those pesky snipers and gunners.
-Our armor actually makes us look fat.

Here’s a little guide on warrior’s skills.
And some of my recommends.

E: PvE
P: PvP (1v1)
T: PvP (Group PvP or Nation Wars)

Basic Tier

A basic skill, can’t be upgraded. It can help healing when resting in a town or any non-battle situations.
E,P,T: Not recommended to be used.

Weapon Guard
A basic skill, can’t be upgraded. One of the most useful skills of the warrior. It completely blocks the next attack, giving you an advantage for those unexpected sneak attacks.
E,P,T: Keep it on cooldown, it’s more useful than you think.

First Tier

Basic skill, has a level in it by default. Fast cooldown, low MP cost, rubbish damage short range skill. Not recommended to be upgraded.
E,P,T: You’re better off using normal attacks.

A speed rush towards the opponent and stuns them for 3 seconds. Very useful. Able to chain into other skills.
E,T: Keep it at level 1.
P: You may upgrade it if you’re pvping snipers everyday. But my recommend is to keep it at level 1.

Armor break
A skill which breaks through defense. Has low cooldown and bearable damage.
E: A good skill against bosses especially when all other party members are nuking. Max if you like it.
P,T: Not so practical. Keep it at level 0.

A skill used to make all mobs attack you. Used when tanking.
E: If you want to take the job of a paladin, use it. Max it if you actually want to see results.
P,T: Completely useless.

Self-buff which increases P.Attack and Movement speed. But decreases D.Rate. Not that warriors had a lot to start with.
E: Very useful, max it.
P: You won’t have time to buff yourself much. Keep it at level 0.
T: Increase it so you can use Awakening (explained later).

Blade storm
Spin your weapon in a perfect circle. Deals damage within 4m. Deals decent damage. But the cooldown is just….
E: Max it, very useful when surrounded.
P: You may use it. Put in SP left.
T: Useful for the basic group nuking technique (explained later). Max it.

Second Tier

From here on out you will have some manly screams – I meant buffs and a few more attack skills. Sounds useful? You bet it is.

Howl Of Glory
Give a manly scream and inscrease HP, MP , HP regen and MP regen. Your teammates will actually thank you for this. It may also be able to keep you alive for a few seconds longer.
E: Max it, you’ll need it more than you think.
P: You won’t have time to scream anyways… leave it….
T: You may add it if you wish. But it won’t help much.

Give the enemy a bang to the head and knock them down. They are unable to do anything for let’s say…. half a second?
E,T: Very useless since it only hits once. Leave it.
P: I personally think 1 point is enough, it can help you chain one more attack, not much more.

A passive buff which increases Phy. attack and hit rate! Mhmm, do want.
E: May be useless since you may depend on your howls more. Leave it.
P,T: A warrior must make every hit count. and this can help, so max it.

Dragon Spirit
Another passive which increases your max HP and regeneration rate.
E: May be useful for those non-battle situation, since it heals like crazy.
P,T: Useless, leave it.

Howl Of Valor
A manly scream buff that increases STR, AGI and INT for your party, oh wow.
E,T: Very useful, since the other jobs don’t have a skill which actually adds base stats, max it.
P: Same reason as Howl Of Glory, leave it.

Impact Ground
Do a manly pose, then stab the ground, cracks everything up within quite a large range and slows them down for 6 seconds.
E: Very useful to keep mobs off the party for awhile. Max it.
P: You may not use it for the speed and nature of the skill, so leave it.
T: THE NUKE! This may leave crowds of enemies generating a slight need for your head on the ground, it can be fun, so max it.

Third Tier
This is where a warrior starts to get deadly from mob crowds to PK-ing to annoying the hell out of an enemy blob in wars. Love teh warrior. Very manly!

Howl Of War
Scream all your manliness out in one go! Deals very nice damage and stuns (duration according to level) all enemies within 6m. Very manly.
E: Very useful if you wanna run or kill everything off, max it.
P: Very useful, it can make your enemy go completely defenseless, max it.
T: Aha, use this to make emergency escape route or just annoy everyone, max it too.

An extension to Berserk which adds skill attack and critical rate. This is the killer, my fellow Aikans! The down side is Berserk has to be the same level or higher to activate this.
E: MAX IT, nuff’ said.
P,T: Depends on your berserk level, but increasing it can help a lot.

Stab the enemy in the guts and watch them bleed. Deals damage over time and reduces heal amount. Very useful on those with low hp.
E,T: Not very useful since it only hits one target, leave it.
P: Pretty useful, especially on those priests, add it as you want.

Howl Of Defense
Another scream buff which adds overall defense. Makes you HARDER. No strange thoughts, please.
E,T: May be useful to last another few seconds. Add it with extra SP.
P: Same reason as the other Howl buffs, leave it.

Death Wound
Deals OMG***BBQ damage to one enemy and silences (unable to use skills) for 6 seconds.
E,T: May not be useful since it only hits one target. Leave it.
P: Very OUCH skill, the silence is useful too, max it.

Jumps to designated area (yes, jumppppppppppppp Leeroy Jenkins style!) and blast a hole in the ground, damaging everyone within a very large radius.
E: May be useful as a preemptive strike, killing weaker mobs in one go, max it.
P: You won’t have time to point and click, sadly. So leave it.
T: This thing annoys enemy blobs, confuses them, attracts them, and softens them up, all in one click! Max it.

Well, that sums up my skill guide.
But a little more tips on the go.

-Try to take at most, only two battle factors for your skill build at all times. Taking all 3 factors leaves you with an UNmanly warrior, got it?
-Even if we have a lot of HP, we must depend on the party to be fully efficient, and play to our full potential.
-Use Weapon Guard whenever you can, it is a lifesaver.
-Snipers are your worst enemy, due to their Leg Shot, time Weapon Guard properly to block that, as Leg Shot means slow warrior.
Slow warrior= Dead warrior.

Tips for dungeons / PvE:
-Warriors can be a buffer, tanker, attacker all at once! So utilize your skills and give those mobs a hard time.
-A crusader and priest working together with you can give a smooth dungeon run, so find some friends, and CHARGEEE!

Tips for PvP (1v1) / PK:
A warrior must follow a few steps to destroy an enemy. Here’s how:
1) Dash enemies and stun them, throw in a skill or two to beef them up.
2) Use Stark or Howl Of War and throw in more skills.
3) When stun is over / enemy is trying to run away, use Death Wound.
4) Now you have a dead or extremely pissed enemy.
5) Try to avoid death and use skills once your cooldowns are over.
6) Repeat step 4 and 5 until one of you are dead.

Tips for Nation / Siege Wars or Mass PvPs:
A warrior can sow confusion, or attract enemies to an ambush spot.
Here are 2 ways to be useful in mass PvPs…

First way, the team technique:
1) Follow your party into enemy blob.
2) Unleash Howl Of War and AoE like crazy.
3) Run away and repeat if your team allows it.

Second way, the Kamikaze NUKE technique:
1) Use Dash or Halmont into an enemy blob.
2) Use Howl Of War and unleash all other AoEs.
3) Run away while praying they don’t hit you.
4) Get all AoE cooldowns to zero and repeat procedure.
(May lead to mass hate and mob crowds chasing you, not recommended for those without a sense of fun. Or manliness. or stupidity, whichever you prefer.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well this is a noob build since Warriors are needed in raids and dungeons to BUFF. And the war buffs are what makes a war wanted in dungeons and pvp as well. So saying not to Max buffs =saying a man to cut his dick.

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