Aika SEA Sniper Skills Guide

Aika SEA Sniper Skills Guide by Esau

The sniper is a skill-based job.
They are not MANLY but COOL.
Now remember that sentence in your brain, hurr durr.

-Them cloakers are evil.
-They fare VERY well in one on one situations, both monsters and players.
-They deal OMG damage, only second to Night Magicians.
-They use a big, long GUN!
-They have a bike as a mount.
-The range is evil.

-They burn MP like barbecue burns butter.
-They can’t tank / last long.
-They are in bad luck if there are more than one enemies.
-Being a sniper is hectic, and very money consuming.
-Them cooldown and cast times are looong.

Here’s the skill breakdown and analysis.

E: PvE
P: PvP (1v1)
T: PvP (Group PvP or Nation Wars)

Basic Tier

Knocks out a buff from the target, fast cast and costs almost nothing. Stays at level 1.
E: Mobs rarely have buffs, not very useful.
P: Ahaha, let’s knock the advantage meter towards us, shall we?
T: Run, and don’t look back.

First Tier

Implants an exploding bullet in your target, which blows after 3 seconds. Level 1 at default.
E,P,T: Not recommended to invest since the damage is crappy.

Fatal Flaw
Shoots a bullet and reduces target’s defense for 20 seconds. Similar to a warrior’s armor break.
E,P,T: Pretty useless since you won’t notice the damage change.

High-angle Gun
Your first damaging skill. It increases critical rate too, so it’s HAX for a Tier one. Takes 2 seconds to charge and the cooldown goes down along with it’s skill level.
E,P: Very useful, takes out targets in 2~3 hits, if you want, you could max it.
T: Hitting only one won’t help much.

Leg shot
Shoots the target under the belt (YES!), and slows them down, usefulness increases along with the skill level.
E: Nice if you are being chased around, keep it around level 1.
P: Best debuff skill, leaves your enemy CRAWLING towards you. Max it! Or keep it at level 3 or 4, the debuff duration with be just over the cooldown.
T: Aha, don’t mind, just run.

Turns invisible. One of the sniper’s more evil tricks. (Cool point +1) But beware of priests though, they can find youuuu. Unable to use skills for the whole duration. 2 minute cooldown.
E,P,T: Saves your butt, but keep it at level 1.

A 10 minute self buff which increases the attack of skills with over one second worth of casting time. Making them even DEADLIER.
E,P,T: Useful if you want the increase in damage. Max it if you want.

Second Tier
This is where a sniper gets their deadly buffs and debuffs, doubling their usefulness during one on one.

Cruel Chaser
A skill that causes bleed. Causes damage over time and decreases heal a mount.
E,T: Not very useful, leave it.
P: May be useful to use right before a hiding session, but still, keep it as low as possible.

A short burst one minute buff which increases your Hit rate and Critical Rate. Has a two minute cooldown, so use it wisely.
E: Very useful for bosses, max it.
P: Very useful if you want to make your opponents suffer more, max it or leave it.
T: Leave it, since it’s hard to find a good time to use it.

A very useful passive buff which increase hit rate and lowers chance to be interrupted by attacks while casting skills.
E,P,T: Max it or leave it, nuff’ said.

Critical Power
Increases your critical damage, very painful.
E,P,T: Max it, it goes well with High-angle Gun especially.

Your first AoE, sad isn’t it? But it’s very useful, shooting an explosive to a targeted area and silences for 3 seconds. Annoys the hell out of those Night Magician and Priests.
E,T: Very useful for crowd control, max it.
P: If you think you have time to aim, click, wait for cast and fire, do max it. If not, leave it at level 0.

First Encounter
While in hiding, deactivate it and smashes the enemy’s head with your rifle, must be in point-blank range. Stuns for 5 seconds.
E,T: Pretty useless. Use once every 2 minutes? *Sings No Thank You from K-On!!*
P: Very useful in pissing off your enemies or in strategies. But leave it at level one.

Third Tier
At this point, snipers gain VERY damaging skills, pushing their one on one skills to being one of the best of all jobs.

Closing Target
After skill activation, automatically shoots a target with HP lower than 25%, a sniper’s big finale (obvious Madoka reference), some may say!
E,P: Kills off something, very flashily, recommend, maxing it will do even more good.
T: If you see a horde of enemies and end up killing one, it won’t help. Leave it.

Sonic Blast
The straight line version of Detonation. Deals more damage, silences longer but you have to be good at aiming.
E: You would be using Detonation more, drop it.
P,T: The silence and damage is great for strategies, but keep it around one or max it.

Vital Spot
Alternate version of first encounter, same range, but hiding is not needed to use this skill. Stun duration differs on level.
E,T: Try running up to hordes, that’ll be the last of you. Leave it.
P: Very useful in strategies, but leaving it at level 1 is enough.

Mark of Pursuer
Decreases dodge rate and critical resistance, and increasing the percent of HP needed to use Closing Target. Works on only one enemy.
E,T: As it only aims one enemy, it isn’t very useful. Leave it.
P: It may be useful for wanting to critical, but you have to max it to see results.

X-14 Demolition
All hail funky names, which normally are given to more useless skills. This skill summons a tiny machine which attacks nearby enemies.
*Do note, this skill has a bug, if it gets the first hit of a mob, you/your party will not get any exp.
E,P,T: Due to the bug, it is not recommended to use it, you could add one point in it though, for fun.

Blow Back
The upgraded version of High-angle Gun. It has a higher cast time, but it deals almost ten times the damage and double the critical rate.
Too bad it has a one minute and a half cooldown.
E,P: Destroys almost everything, except bosses, warriors and crusaders in one hit, max it.
T: The cast time won’t help, leave it.

Now for the tips!
-The sniper takes a high amount of skill and patience to work.
-Snipers are not recommended to be hybrids, since the skill points will never be enough.
-Your worst enemy is the Crusader, keep away from them as much as you can.
-Do try and stay at the longest range away from your opponent as possible.
-Use Leg Shot on melee targets as much as possible.

-Let the tanker attract a monster’s attention, then take it out with a few hits.
-Going solo on dungeons are NOT recommended, as snipers have limited HP.

PvP (One on One):
-This is where a sniper excels.
-Leg Shot whenever you can, it has decent damage and slows down enemies.
-Use Terminate on enemies with about 10% HP, unless it’s a warrior or crusader (5% would work on these guys), it can be a one hit-kill.
-Use your buffs after Leg Shot-ing an enemy, at a safe distance.
-Elimination helps, trust me.

PvP (Team, War or Mass):
-The first thing to do is find a safe spot. High ledges will work fine.
-Play on the defensive, use Hiding whenever in trouble.
-Stay away from priests and crusaders, they are your worst enemies.
-Take out the Night Magician first, if possible. Their AoEs will get uber-annoying.

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