Aika SEA Crusader Skills Guide

Aika SEA Crusader Skills Guide by Esau

The crusader is a tank job.
They can take so much damage that I wonder if they’re masochists.
Unlike their Warrior counterparts, they can be even more MANLY. (Cringe moment)

-Crusaders have high HP and defense, making them the hardest to kill in all jobs.
-They have high attack speed.
-They have elegant horses as mounts.
-For some strange reason, they can heal.
-They have skills to draw mobs away from others.
-They have skills that adds special ability on their attacks.

-They have the second lowest damage of all jobs.
-They need to buy an extra piece of armor (Shield).
-They can solo dungeons, but are slow due to their attack damage.
-In any situation, you’ll be the one standing in front and taking a bulk of the damage.

Here’s the skill breakdown and analysis.

E: PvE
P: PvP (1v1)
T: PvP (Group PvP or Nation Wars)

First Tier

Rote Shield
Smash the target over then head, causing a stun 3~4 seconds, depending on level. It has a level in it by default.
E,P: Even if it does help, you should leave it at level 1 as the damage won’t add up.
T: You won’t use it, you’ll focus more on tanking.

The Crusader’s heal. Weaker than a priest’s, but can actually save someone.
E: If you solo a lot, maxing it would help.
P,T: Leave it since you’ll be tanking, let the priest do the healing.

Shoots a spear of light and slows down the enemy for 6 seconds.
E,T: It won’t help much, so leave it.
P: You can use it to stop enemies from running away, but leaving it at level one is enough.

Mess Incite
Does something strange to attract all monster’s attention in a 4m radius, activates on using the skill, and won’t walk towards the targeted enemy if out of range.
E: This is a crusader’s job. But you’ll have to max it for results, though.
P,T: Completely useless.

A 10 minute selfbuff that increases overall defense but decreases evasion.
*Take note, it won’t stack with Bless or other defense increase buffs.
E,P,T: It can help you last longer. But here’s my tip: Max it. But when El Aegis is available, reset it to zero and focus on El Aegis.

Holy Blood
Adds Leech ability to your attacks, absorbing some HP from the damage you deal. Duration depends on level. The cooldown is 2 minutes.
E,T: It can be used to help you last longer, but you have to find the correct time to use it, as the cooldown is longer than the duration. Max it for results.
P: It can’t help much, so leave it.

Second Tier
This is where the role of a tank gets serious, as you get more provocation and defensive skills.

Lock On
Deal teeny weeny damage but makes a target completely focused on you, sounds romantic? No.
*Does not work on bosses.
E: If you tank a lot, this is quite a useful skill, but level one is enough.
P,T: Completely useless.

Point Defense
Passive skill that increases threat level for doing anything, including normal attacking.
E: This would help party runs a lot, but you need to max it to see results.
P,T: Completely useless.

Passive skill that increase max HP and MP.
E,P,T: Maxing it will help you in almost all situations.

Divine Union
To be used on party members. Some of the damage they receive will be shared with you. Only for the most masochistic crusaders.
It lasts for 3 minutes, and has a 20 second cooldown, meaning you can keep using this skill until your whole party has Divine Union.
E,T: Very useful for helping priests, and night magicians, you can leave it at level 1, or max it, in conjunction with your remaining SP.
P: Very useless, it only helps in parties .

A skill, once used, gives you guard counters, as long as you have these guard counters, hits and damage on you are blocked completely. It would be absolutely h4x if not for the 5 minute cooldown.
E,P,T: It makes the enemies completely helpless, what’s more, it lasts until you dc/log off. Max it.

Third Tier
Here, a crusader will gain her 1st AoE and some unique buffs. Go, and protect those you care about!

Divine Emission
Calls upon light, damaging all enemies within 4m and silencing them for 3 seconds. Has a 12 second cooldown, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?
E,T: It will be useful for the decent damage and nice cooldown, so max it!
P: It won’t be practical, but some use it for the silence, so leave it at level 1.

Reflect quite a lot of the damage received for one hit, used before those high-damagers use flashy skills. Has a 20 second cooldown.
E,T: Not very practical, since you’ll be fighting a lot of enemies at once. Leave it.
P: Right before the enemy uses a powerful skill, using it can help, but level 1 will suffice.

El Tycia
The crusader’s strongest healing skill, the healing amount depends on the amount of MP you have left.
For instance, level 1 El Tycia has 100% conversion, so if you have 350 MP left, you’ll heal a person for 350 HP.
The conversion amount increases along with skill level.
E,P,T: I would recommend leaving the healing tasks for the priests.

El Laster
This 30 second selfbuff increases resistance to debuffs and threat produced for the whole duration. Has a 2-minute cooldown.
E: May be useful, but the buffs from before may work better, max it or leave it.
P,T: The resistance will be good for avoiding debuffs, but leaving it at level one should be enough.

El Thymos
Increases attack and move speed. Similar to a warrior’s berserk but it adds splash element to your attacks. Splash means that every time you attack, it causes a mini-AoE around you. The buff lasts for 40 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown.
E,T: If you use it at the right times, it can mean destroying groups and groups of enemies, max it.
P: It does have a use, but some may not use it for pvp, so max it, or leave it.

El Aegis
A 40 second buff which increases overall defense and gives a crusader a very scary amount of regeneration. Has a 3 minute cooldown. This can make a crusader pretty much invincible.
E,P,T: You must choose the correct time to use it, in conjunction with El Thymos, it can spell disaster even to the most strongest enemies. Max it.

Tips time!
-As you can see, a crusader has a lot of high cooldown buffs, it means you must be extremely strategic.
-Crusaders are recommended to leave the healing skills alone, since tanking is more important.
-In a way, crusaders are all rounded, and must be used as wisely as one can.
-Crusaders are not recommended to fight Dual Gunners, as they can use Instant Shock to bypass your defensive buffs and destroy you in the matter of seconds.

-Remember to use taunt skills frequently to keep monsters off your party members, if you do your job properly, a crusader and priest pair and destroy almost every dungeon without sweat.
-If you solo more, picking up healing skills and focusing on increasing HP instead of DEF would be recommendable.

PvP (One on One):
-The stun is always useful, use it whenever you can.
-Using Protect then buffing yourself leaves an opponent helpless.
-Be headstrong, as most jobs can’t finish you anytime soon.
-Keeping calm and analytic while trying to make your enemy fall into a nervous state is the best way to defeat an enemy.

PvP (Team, War or Mass):
-Try to distract enemies, and wait for AoE support from Night Magicians and Warriors.
-Make sure they don’t attack the priest, as they can keep you alive indefinitely.
-When surrounded, use all your El buffs after using Protect, then pray to Lady Luck while splashing enemies while waiting for support. After 30 seconds or so, you’d better run while the El buffs are still in effect.

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    i used crusader lvl 50 my normal damage is 200+ y is that? i see less attack skill and more on defence and buff what should i prefer?..


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