Aika SEA Dual Gunner Skills Guide

Aika SEA Dual Gunner Skills Guide by Esau

Dual Gunners are the counterparts of snipers.
As the site says, they attack with speed instead of fatal one-hits.
If a word could explain Dual Gunners, it would be Elegant.

-Dual Gunners have the highest attack speed out of all jobs, sounds nice?
-They have a lot of debuffs, reminds me of Force Bladers from Cabal….
-Their AoE skills deal even decent damage during one on one.
-If they crit during their gun spasms, it’ll be painful.
-They have a white bike as a mount. Slick.
-They have the highest dodge rate out of all jobs.

-They do not boast of HP, and are easily killed.
-For some reason, the flash, bangs, and lights always attract trouble in both PvE and PvP.
-They waste bullets like Misaka Mikoto waste coins.
-They are quite weak in early game.

Here’s the skill breakdown and analysis.

E: PvE
P: PvP (1v1)
T: PvP (Group PvP or Nation Wars)

Basic Tier

Dodges the next attack completely. Similar to a warrior’s Weapon Guard. It has a 24 second cooldown. It has a level in it by default, and can’t be leveled. Costs almost nothing.
E,P,T: Similar to Weapon Guard, it can save you during sticky situations.

First Tier

Almost the same as the sniper’s countdown. Shoot a bullet to a target and see it explode after 3 seconds. Deals very low damage.
E,P,T: Not recommended to invest since the damage is crappy.

Venow Spine
Roots (unmovable but can still perform attacks/skills) an enemy target and poisons the enemy. Duration depends on skill level.
E,P: Useful for rooting targets while you barrage on them, max it or leave it at level one.
T: Unpractical, leave it.

Prompt Action
Increases movement speed and dodge rate. Duration depends on skill level. Has a long cooldown, perfect while fleeing.
E,P: Really useless, leave it.
T: It may help when enemy hordes approach you, but level 1 is enough.

Increases attack but also increases the rate of durability drop. It’s like an adrenaline rush. It lasts as long as you want.
E,P,T: If you hav ea lot of gold and time for repairs, using it may be good. If not, just ignore this skill.

Turns invisible. Elegant. Priests can detect you with their basic skill though. Same thing as a sniper’s hiding, really. Has a 2 minute cooldown.
E,P,T: May be used for escaping nor sneaking behind enemy lines, but keep it at level 1.

Wild Fire
Your first AoE. Does some kind of elegant dance while firing away. Hits everything around you randomly for random amount of hits.
E,T: Very useful against hordes, do pray that it crits, as it will deal very scary damage. Max it.
P: Some people use it, some don’t due to the time used for firing. Max it or leave it, it’s your choice.

Second Tier
Here, a dual gunner gains debuff skills and a few passive skills, enabling them to be able to stand up to jobs with high HP.

Slow Poison
Slows down an enemy and inflicts damage over time every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.
E,T: Not very practical, so leave it.
P: Useful, especially against warriors or crusaders. But level 1 is more than enough.

Bypasses the target’s defense and add a fixed amount of damage to every hit you do. Devastating to characters with high defense. It lasts 10 seconds.
E,T: Not very practical, leave it.
P: This one is good, it ignores defense for you. Max it, no doubt!

Sharp Gaze
A passive which increases critical rate and damage, really nice…
E,P,T: Max it for significant critical damage.

Graceful Motion
A passive which increases dodge rate, not that they need anymore….
E,P,T: Max it to make opponents gawk as they hit you much more occasionally.

Black Rose
A powerful 2 minute buff which increases critical rate. Has a cooldown of 4 minutes. Very nice if paired with your fast shooting AoEs.
E,P: Very devastating for short bursts. Killing almost everything during skill duration. Max it.
T: If you think you can find a good time to use this, max it. If not, just leave it.

Mana Poison
Shoots a bullet which burns away mana from a target every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Has 12 second cooldown.
E: Mobs have infinite MP, so don’t mind. Leave it.
P: Very useful, as you can restrict jobs with low MP, like warriors and crusaders. Max it, so they don’t have a chance to fight back.
T: Impractical since it only hits one target. Leave it.

Third Tier

Bloody Smoke
The upgraded version of wild fire. Dance elegantly while shooting, deals randomly high damage to all enemies around within 5m. Has a 40 second cooldown.
E,T: Very useful against hordes, do pray that it crits, as it will deal very scary damage. Max it.
P: Some people use it, some don’t due to the time used for firing. Max it or leave it, it’s your choice.

Instant Shock
This shot sleeps one target for a duration, but wakes it up with the next attack. The wake up hit deals additional damage.
*Does not work on boss.
E,T: Not very practical since it only hits one person. Leave it.
P: You can use this on an enemy, buff while the opponent sleeps, then unleash your strongest skill for uber-damage. Leave it at level 1 or max it for wake up hit damage.

Flash Explosion
Shoots a flashy bullet to a targeted area and blinds all nearby enemies. Blind dramatically decreases accuracy. The players hit by it also get a black and white screen, panicking newer players.
E: Quite useful for blinding monsters, but most people don’t use it anyway. Leave it.
P: You won’t have time to aim and shoot, but the blind may help. Leave it or keep it at level 1.
T: Standing on top of the battlefield and shooting random flashes is good. Max it or keep it at level one.

Anti-Heal Poison
Implants a special poison in an enemy which deals damage when they’re healed.
E,P,T: Pretty useless for all situations, so leave it.

Rapid Fire
After activation, resets all your cooldowns to zero. Allows you to do another dance, and destroy the enemies! But has a five minute cooldown.
E,P,T: It’s a unique skill, only for Dual Gunners. It allows skill spam. very useful, but keeping it at level 1 is more than enough.

Heart Ripper
What an elegant name for a skill. It does high damage and gives a debuff that every time the target is hit with a critical, they are stunned for three seconds, it lasts for 10 seconds, with 40 second cooldown.
E,T: Pretty useless since it only hits one target.
P: This leaves your enemy almost completely defense less, pairing this with your fast shooting skills and Rapid Fire means instant death.

Tips time!
-A dual gunner has two type of builds:
-The debuffer, which focuses on debuffs and are really powerful in one on one situations.
-The fast shooter, which focuses on their passives and fast shooting AoEs, they specialize in crowd control.
-It is not recommended to be a hybrid, although you can try.
-Your worst enemies are warriors, since their stuns can prove fatal.

-Allowing the crusader or warrior to attract the mob’s attention first, you can then rush in and unleash your AoEs.
-Try not to solo.
-You won’t be able to help much in boss battles, so try not to get killed and support from the back.

PvP (One on One):
-This is what a Dual Gunner is made for.
-Rooting your enemies are essential, do it once the cooldown is over.
-Buff, if you want, after using instant shock.
-When your enemy is rooted/stunned, that is the best time to use your skills.

PvP (Team, War or Mass):
-A Dual Gunner is weakest in this situation.
-Standing somewhere where no one can reach you and letting off Flash Explosions and long ranged skills are the best plan for now.
-Or you could try using Hiding, sneak behind enemy lines, and unleash your AoEs, this is not recommended though, it can easily get you killed.

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