Translation: Jolin Tsai – Xu Yuan Chi De Xi La Shao Nu

蔡依林 – 许愿池的希腊少女
Jolin Tsai – Xu Yuan Chi De Xi La Shao Nu

左岸的一座 白色环形阶梯
浪人正在 用和弦练习忧郁
on the Rive Gauche, beneath a white spiral staircase
the wanderers practice their melancholy on the chords

晨曦下的少女 听着吉他旋律
在许愿池边 巴洛克式的叹息
under the glimmer of dawn the maiden listens to the guitar’s melody
beside the wishing pool she sighs in a baroque style

少女手中 的银币 想要爱情
她的秘密 地中海湛蓝色的希腊婚礼
the silver coin in the maiden’s hand wants to find love
her secret wish, a greek wedding in the deep blue mediterranean sea

蒙马特邱陵 叼烟斗男性
低头穿越 前方蜿蜒的孤寂
on the Montmartre hill, a man smokes with the pipe in his mouth
passing through with his head bowed low, the meandering loneliness ahead

对着空气收集 他新诗的下一句
远方少女 跟他一样在犹豫
looking to the air to gather the next line for his new poem
far away the maiden is hesitating just like him

少女手中 的银币 沉入池里
她的表情  像涟漪那么透明美丽
the silver coin in the maiden’s hand sinks into the pool
her expression is transparent and beautiful like the ripples

吉他 换成 了快乐 的圆舞曲
诗人决定了标题 许愿池的希腊少女
the guitars changed into a merry waltz
and the poet decided on his title: The greek maiden by the wishing pool

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