Facebook Dynasty Saga Lv 1 – 100 Walkthrough

[Game Guide] Lv.100 Regions Walkthrough

Lv.100 Regions Walkthrough

Regional Walkthrough: From Level 1 to 100!

Section 1: Pingyuan

1. After logging in, use your Gold to add a building team and two training slots.
2. Upgrade your City Hall, Residence, and Armory to Lv 2.
3. Defeat Guan Hai.
4. Upgrade City Hall and Residence to Lv 4, and your Training Grounds to Lv 2.
5. Upgrade City Hall to Lv 6, Armory to Lv 5, Residence to Lv 6,and Training Grounds to Lv 5.
6. Upgrade Treasury to Lv 4. Enhance weapons and armors to Novice 5. Train starting General to Lv 4-5 using Rigorous Mode (120% EXP,2 Gold).
7. Beat Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao. Train one of them to Lv 4-5 using Rigorous Mode (120% EXP,2 Gold).
8. Upgrade City Hall and Armory to Lv 9. Enhance two pieces of gears to Novice 9. Train Generals to Lv 6-7.
9. Defeat Zhang Jiao. Below is the order of armies in Zhang Jiao Stage: Outpost 1-2, Guan Hai, Vanguard 1-3, Cheng Yuanzhi, Deng Mao, Zhang Liang, Main Force 1-4, Gao Sheng, Gong Du, He Yi, Liu Pi, Pei Yuanshao, Zhang Bao, Zhang Jiao

Recruitable Generals (Name/Unit/Gambit/Stats/Cost):
1. Zhang Liang, Scimitar Warrior (High damage), Full Onslaught (Attack all enemy targets). 68, 50, 49. 500.
2. Zhang Bao, Spear Hurler (High damage), Subterfuge (Decrease target’s Morale to 0). 43, 69, 63. 800.
3. Zhang Jiao, Raider (High Initiative), Ambush (Cause enemy troops to panic)..63, 42, 81. 1000.

Train Zhang Bao to Lv 10 but not past that. He can be dismissed after you defeat and recruit Hua Xiong.
Stage reward: Obsidian Sword (White)

Section 2: Luoyang

1. Upgrade City Hall to Lv 15. Buy grain at a low price in the Granary and then resell it at a high price to earn extra Silver.
2. Upgrade Residence and Training Grounds to Lv 15. Don’t collect Taxes if you already have enough Silver.
3. Defeat Xu Rong, dismiss Zhang Liang, and recruit Xu Rong.
4. Upgrade Diamond Form to Lv 2. Upgrade your Armory, Granary, and Treasury to Lv 15. Upgrade your Marketplace only when your Daily Exchange Quota is maxed out and you need to trade more Grain.
5. Use 10 Gold to train Xu Rong to Lv 6-8 with a 24-Hour Session and Intense Mode (150% EXP). Then, defeat Hua Xiong.
6. Don’t recruit Hua Xiong for the time being. Spend your Silver to upgrade the buildings in your city. Upgrade the first four Research items, Diamond Form, and Serpent Form to max level.
7. Dismiss Zhang Bao, recruit Hua Xiong, and use 10 Gold to train him to Lv 12 with a 24-Hour Session and Intense Mode (150% Exp).
8. Buy two sets of four pieces of Lv 12 Gear for your starting general and Hua Xiong. Enhance the new Gear to Novice 5. Buy Xu Rong a Lv 12 Horse and Cloak, and give him the two pieces of Fighter Gear you have.
9. Equip your starting General with Lv 8 Gear when they are Lv 9. Upgrade the first four Research to the max level when your city is Lv 15. You should be able to easily defeat Dong Zhuo when Xu Rong and Hua Xiong are Lv 8-9. You will probably need to upgrade you Lv 12 Gears to at least Fighter 5 to finish off Yuan Shu. The three dropped Gear in Luo are not essential. Below is the order of armies in the Dong Zhuo Stage: Outpost 1-3, Fan Chou, Xu Rong, Vanguard 1-4, Hu Zhen, Guo Si, Hua Xiong, Left Wing 5, Li Jue, Li Su, Li Ru, Main Force 1-4, Niu Fu, Yang Feng, Zhang Ji, Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo and Dong Zhuo Legion

Recruitable Generals (Name/Unit/Gambit/Stats/Cost):
1. Xu Rong, Siege Tower (Single target attack), No Gambit. 62, 51, 51. 2000.
2. Hua Xiong, Shield Guard (Reduced damage from Archers), Iron Will (Maximize defense for one round after activation). 62, 87, 38. 3000.
3. Li Ru, Thunder Caller (Low success rate, High damage), No Gambit. 46, 35, 88. 3000.
4. Dong Zhuo, Sharpshooter (High Critical Strike rate), Thunder Strike (Deal a high damage attack to a single target). 61, 80, 28. 4000.

Xu Rong can be leveled up to Lv 15. To defeat Dong Zhuo you will need a good tank like Hua Xiong or Zen whose defense is better than Jade.
MF: Dusk Nightblade, Nebula Sword, Maelstrom Halberd (none are essential)
Stage Reward: Dusk Nightblade(Blue)

Section 3: Beiping
1. You should upgrade your important buildings and first five Research to the maximum level. If you run short on Silver, buy and resell Grain in the Marketplace for generous profits. Focus on upgrading a Formation that suits the fighting style of your starting General, and upgrade your Diamond Form to prepare for facing Yuan Shu. Recruit and train Gongsun Zan before moving away from Beiping. Don’t forget to stock on Battle Points in Campaign, too!
2. Upgrade your Counting House and Armory as slowly as possible after they reach Level 25; Yuan Shu can be defeated easily after your Residences are upgraded to Level 30.
3. Grind diligently in Renegade Forces Stage until you get 2 blue bows. Keep an eye on the reset times of the armies in Campaign. Equip the bows after you have thoroughly enhanced them.
4. You can defeat Yuan Shu easily when your starting General is Level 19-22, and your other Generals are Level 17-21. Your Research should be upgraded until the first 5 are all maxed out, and your important Gear should all be at least Fighter level.
5. If you have the time and energy, you can participate attack other players to earn Prestige.
6. Stop attacking other players after you equip your fifth General. Why? Because your buildings will be demoted if you lose. (Don’t worry though, you only get your fifth General after your City Hall and Academy are both Level 50 and you have accumulated 15000 Prestige.)
7. Dispatch Scouts for advanced horses. It’s better to upgrade your green horses instead of wasting your time with blue ones.
8. You can tell the quality of a Gear by the color of its name. The colors are listed below in increasing order: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple.

Below is the order of armies in Gongsun Zan Stage and Renegade Forces Stage, respectively: Outpost 1-3, Jia Fan,Vanguard 1-4, Lun Zhi, Yan Gang, Main Force 1-4, Yang Zuo, Gongsun Kang, Gongsun Gong, Gongsun Zan, and Gongsun Zan’s Legion. Outpost 1-2, Cao Bao, Chen Deng, E Huan, Kong Rong, Liu Dai, Jia Xu, Main Force 1-2, Pan Feng,Tao Qian, Wang Yun, Wu Anguo, Zhao Fan, Hu Cher, Guan Lu, Cai Yan, Hua Tuo, and Renegade Legion.
Recruitable Generals (Name/Units/Gambit/Stats/Cost):
1. Gongsun Yuan, Charger, Ambush. 89,77,47. 4000.
2. Gongsun Zan, Spearman, Spearhead. 77,78,48. 6000.
3. Jia Xu, Pyromancer, No Gambit. 33,28,93. 5000.
4. Cai Yan, Dancer, No Gambit. 43,29,87. 7000.
5. Hua Tuo. Medic. No Gambit. 68,30,103. 9000.

Grind Prestige,upgrade titles,and recruit Wang Shuang(or Zhang Bao in Shu Kingdom)
MF: Obtain Mystic Bow and Silver Gambaison (if possible) Double Dragon Cuirass,Shadowstrike Bow (not essential). Silver Python Spear,Numina Sword,Tortoise Blade:inessential。
Clearance Reward in Renegade Forces Stage:Ebon Spryhoof(blue) Clearance Reward in Gongsun Zan Stage:Clever Hare Cloak(blue)

Section 4: Nanpi
1. Upgrade your generals higher than Lv 30 and enhance your green and blue gears aggressively.
2. Grind green gear from Elite Armies in Campaign. Then, enhance and equip your Generals with the new Gear. Downgrade inferior Gears and sell them off.
3. The stages of Liu Biao and Yan Baihu will be unlocked when your City Hall is Lv 40. Your Research items and generals should all be higher than Lv 30
4. When you start having trouble collecting significant amounts of Prestige, it’s time to move to the next region.

Below is the order of armies in Yuan Shu Stage and Zhang Lu Stage, respectively: Outpost 1-2, Zhang Xun, Chen Ji, Chen Lan, Lei Bo, Vanguard 1-2, Han Yin, Liang Gang, Liu Xun, Qiao Rui, Yang Hong, Ji Ling, Main Force 1-2, Yu She, Yuan Shuo, Yuan Shu and Yuan Shu Legion Outpost 1, Yan Pu, Main Force 1-2, Yang Ang, Yang Bai, Yang Chou, Yang Ren, Zhang Lu and Zhang Lu Legion

Recruitable Generals (Name/Units/Gambit/Stats/Cost):
1. Lei Bo, Immortal, Ambush. 43, 67, 33. 3000.
2. Ji Ling, Equine Natator, Subterfuge. 31, 79, 30. 3000.
3. Yuan Shu, Tortoise Tank, No Gambit. 68, 58, 37. 5000.
4. Zhang Lu, Ballista, No Gambit. 59, 57, 41. 3000.

Yuan Shu will perform powerfully once senior gambit defense gears are equiped, normal attack researches and 3 defense researches are at high level,and generals selection matches Formation very well

MF: Tortoise Cuirass, Crescent Blade (not essential). Rhinoceros Armor, Sparrowtip Spear (try to get them if you can). Demonhead Blade, Tailfeather Mail (not essential). Tigerprint Lorica (have high drop rate,and can be sold for Silver).
Stage Reward in Yuan Shu Stage: Wu Tse (Green)
Stage Reward in Zhang Lu Stage: Rhinoceros Armor (Green)

Section 5: Daixian
1. Grind Yan Baihu for Battle Points,and other Elite Armies for rare gears. Enhance the excellent ones and sell the inferior ones.
2. Upgrade Residences to Lv 50, Caravan Post and Custom House to Lv 20, and the first six Research items to the max level.
3. Stock Gold to train generals with 24-Hour Sessions and Intense Mode.
4. Buy and sell Grain, and enhance gears as much as possible.
5. Dispatch Scouts for a yellow Cloak and a yellow Horse. If you get green or blue ones, just sell them because you should already have stronger, enhanced ones.
6. Buy Cai Yan a Lv 24 Scroll and equip her with a cloak taken from other genreals , a Red Copper Hare Totem (6000 Silver), two pieces of Lvl 1 Fighter Gear. and a Lv 8 Horse. (Enhance the white gears.)
7. Level up Cai Yan.
8. Four excellent gears can be collected in Liu Zhang Stage when your strength reaches that of an average Lv 50 player.

Below is the order of armies in the stage for Liu Biao Stage and Yan Baihu Stage, respectively: Outpost 1-2, Fu Xun, Cai Mao, Vanguard 1-3, Han Song, Huang Zu, Yi Ji, Left Wing 1-3, Huo Jun, Liu Pan, Wen Pin, Main Force 1-5, Liu Qi, Liu Zong, Su Fei, Wang Wei, Wu Ju, Zhang Yun, Kuai Liang, Liu Biao and Liu Biao Legion Outpost 1-2, Chen Heng, Vanguard 1-3, Fan Neng, Liu Yu, Sha Moke, Main Force 1-5, Zhang Ying, Zhou Xin, Yu Fan, Yan Baihu and Yan Baihu Legion

Recruitable Generals (Name/Units/Gambit/Stats/Cost): 1.Cai Mao, Phoenix Crossbow, Thunder Strike. 72, 58, 43. 4000.
2.Yi Ji, Corps of Drums. No Gambit. 47, 58, 77. 4000.
3.Wen Pin, Dragon Knight, Special Forces. 73, 82, 30. 6000.
4.Liu Biao, Corps of Drums, No Gambit. 69, 43, 72. 6000.
5.Sha Moke, Woodland Ranger, Linebreaker. 52, 93, 30. 5000.
6.Yan Baihu, Inferno Squad, Demoralizing Shout. 62, 87, 38.8000.

Wen Pin can be recruited if your starting general leads infantry. His Dragon Knight can be strengthened to release heavier damage with Cai Yan’s help Sha Moke’s Gambit hits 2 emeny generals at a time. Yan Baihu’s Gambit is invalid to the arms who have no Gambit

MF: Comet Bow, Golden Gambaison, Crimson Cuirass (try your best to get them). ??? (a random item, cross your fingers!) Phoenix Doubleblade, Hellion Spear, Imperial Sword (not essential). Lionhead Cuirass, Firmament Bow (try your best to get them).
Stage Reward for Liu Biao Stage: Firmament Bow (Yellow) Stage Reward for Yan Baihu Stage: Bronze Knight (Yellow)
Section 6: Tonglin
1. Use gold to train your Generals with 24-Hour Sessions and Intense Mode.
2. Upgrade Residences to Lv 60 (If other buildings are degraded, it costs a lot of time and Silver to rebuild). 3. Upgrade your City Hall to Lv 60 with one building team, while you use the other two to upgrade your Residences.
4. Grind Yan Baihu for Battle Points while you continue to upgrade the buildings in your City. 5. Upgrade the first six Research to Lv 60 one by one. Upgrade Training Grounds and Granary. Buy and sell Grain for profit and continue to enhance your Gear.
6. Defeat Liu Zhang, and grind the armies that offer the most Battle Points

Below is the order of armies in the stage: Outpost 1-2, Dong He, Leng Bao, Vanguard 1-3,Huang Quan,Lei Tong,Li Yan, Li Hui, Left Wing 1-3, Wang Lei, Meng Da, Liu Ba,Liu Gui,Wu Lan, Main Force 1-4,Xu Jing,Yang Huai,Zhang Ren,Zhang Song,Yan Yan,Liu Zhang and Liu Zhang
Legion Recruitable Generals (Name/Units/Gambit/Stats/Cost):
1. Leng Bao, Shadowrider, Linebreaker. 52, 82, 19. 3000.
2. Li Hui, Fire Ballista, No Gambit. 70, 58, 61. 4000.
3. Yan Yan, Iron Ram, No Gambit. 71, 73, 49. 6000. 4. Liu Zhang, Assassin, Spearhead. 65, 29, 57. 3000.

MF: Gold Impaler, Violet Mist Blade, Skywolf Spear (not essential). Setting Sun Bow, Dragon Spear (try to get them if you can).

Section 7: Puyang 1. Very similar to strategies for Tonglin Region 2. Fight Elite armies in Ma Teng Stage to collect two or three rare Gear

Below is the order of armies in Ma Teng Stage: Outpost 1-2, Cheng Yi, Ma Dai, Vanguard 1-3, Cheng Yin, Hou Xuan, Liang Xing, Han Sui, Main Force 1-4, Zhang Heng, Ma Tie, Ma Wan, Ma Teng and Ma Teng Legion.

Recruitable Generals (Name/Units/Gambit/Stats/Cost):
1. Ma Dai, Thunder Catapult, No Gambit. 48, 69, 34. 3000.
2. Han Sui, Magma Launcher, Spearhead. 75, 62, 57. 6000.
3. Ma Teng, Mounted Bowman, Desperate Measures. 84, 85, 38. 8000.

Use Ma Teng only until you get Lu Bu.
MF: North Star Blade, Polar Scimitar (not essential). Phoenix Bow (try to get it) ???(you can grind it if you have time…)

Section 8: Beiping
1. Unite with others to grind Ma Teng Legion and gain a ton of Battle Points. Defeating other armies in Liu Zhang and Ma Teng Stages will also give a lot of Battle Points. So get grinding!
2. Meng Huo stage is very hard. Make sure you are well prepared for the storm. 3. Use Gold to train your Generals with 24-Hour sessions.
4. Exploit Grain trade to gain Silver and enhance your Gear.
5. Give priority to your offensive researches,then, unit addition researches, and, lastly, defensive researches.
6. Be patient and grind the elite armies in Meng Huo Stage to receive three or four rare Gear.

Below is the order of armies in the Meng Huo Stage: Outpost 1-2, Ahui Nan, Tuwu Gu, Vanguard 1-3, Meng You, King Mulu, Yang Feng, Zhu Rong, Main Force 1-3, King Dailai, Dong Tuna, King Duosi, Golden Ring, Meng Huo and Meng Huo
Legion Recruitable Generals (Name/Units/Gambit/Stats/Cost):
1. Tuwu Gu, Crusher, Iron Will. 70,101,36. 8000.
2. Zhu Rong, Rattan Infantry, Full Onslaught. 68,80,43. 6000.
3. Meng Huo, War Elephant, Demoralizing Shout. 87,77,37. 8000.

Tuwu Gu is an “enhanced” Zen, while Zhu Rong is a better version of Orchid. Tuwu Gu and Meng Huo both can sustain and have high defense, so they are generally used as tanks.

MF: Green Dragon Armor, Imperial Cuirass, Tortoise Blade (try your best to get them)

Section 9: Lvl 100 Regions
1. Lu Bu wait for you in the first round

Below is the order of armies in the stage: Vanguard 1-2, Cao Xing, Zhang Liao

Recruitable Generals: Zhang Liao

About Kingdom-Specific Generals:
Wei Kingdom: Wang Shuang, Chen Lin, Hao Zhao, Xun You, Xiahou Ba, etc.
Shu Kingdom: Zhang Bao Wang Shuang, Lion Brigade, Thunder Strike. 37, 92, 59. 7000 Chen Lin, Inferno Squad, Ambush. 52, 19, 79. 3000 Hao Zhao, Fire Ballista, No Gambit. 73, 68, 63. 8000 Xun You, Storm Lord, No Gambit. 54, 33, 93. 5000 Xiahou Ba, Phoenix Crossbow, Linebreaker. 65, 66, 26. 3000 Hua Xin, Stone Bowmen, Full Onslaught. 79, 79, 80. 4000 Cao Hong, Crusher, Full Onslaught. 57, 78, 41. 4000 Wen Yang, Blitz Cavalry, Linebreaker. 52, 89, 30. 5000 Li Dian, Tortoise Tank, No Gambit. 77, 59, 52. 6000 Zhang Bao is a stronger version of Dragon. If you are short on Silver, you can always complete some Missions. Normally, buying and selling Grain can get you enough Silver to get by. It is recommended that you collect a lot of Silver before moving to new regions, especially for the Lv 60-70 Region when Gear Enhancement is particularly expensive. Throughout the game make sure to pay special attention to your Gear, Formation, Research, General Selection, and Gambits!

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